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September 2014 Favourites: Beauty, beauty tools and decor

We’ve come to the 2nd instalment of favourites of the month didn’t we? 😀 . Just as I’ve explained in the previous August 2014 Favourites, all the items listed here has yet to made its way to the blog. I might or might not do an individual review after this. Some product yes, some don’t need to!

In this September 2014 Favourites, I have a good mix of beauty, beauty tools and also decor. I’m kinda into decorating mood at the moment. No surprise here since you’ve seen the amount of trips and time spent at home essential stores lately from my Instagram.

September 2014 Favourites
I thought of doing 10 favourites product every month but for this month’s favourites I am keeping it short as I’m having migraine for the past few days. When the migraine hit, all I want to do is to just sleep and whine. Nonetheless I’m going to present eight of my favourites to you. So let’s start with the beauty, shall we?

Ikea Random

Finally Reorganized My HELMER Drawer Unit

I was tempted to get another HELMER Drawer Unit a few days ago as my current one is already filled up. All six compartment. I need space to store all the makeup that I’ve done trying and review. But what should I get since my room is getting more congested. The new drawer must be able to fit in between my working area and vanity table. Such a dilemma.

A day before I plan to go shopping I decided to reorganize the current HELMER Drawer Unit. I want to at least find out if there’s any possibility that I can get more space without spending money and sacrificing space for another new unit. Let’s just say I made the right decision to reorganize the drawer.

Let’s take a look at what I did shall we?

What I like about HELMER Drawer Unit is the fact that it’s made from metal (love metal), it comes in red but if you’re not into red there’s also white, it has a whopping six drawers and it only cost RM139. It also comes with four wheels, a labeling slot and it’s pretty well made. Can I repeat again that it comes with SIX drawers? 🙂


Another Ikea Addition – LENNART Drawer Unit

I’ve been wanting to buy LENNART drawer unit for months. Everytime I’m at Ikea I constrain myself from getting it. I finally gave in last week lol. I need this to store all the stuff I bought from all the sales recently.

I only assemble this drawer unit 2 days ago. Here’s a peek at what I store inside. Nothing is firm yet. Just a preliminary arrangement. This whole unit is going to store my brand new makeups.


I Need HELMER Drawer Unit

This morning while patting the usual skin care to my face, I notice how my skin care bottles is now dominating my work desk as the skin care area is too congested. I then realised I need an Ikea drawer unit. Imagine my work desk which is meant for my lil printer, notebook, stationary stand and 3-tier tray is also occupying my skin care and body care. Immediately I went out to the living room and had a chat with mum and she too agreed that I should get a drawer for my beauty stuff but she wanted me to get something bigger.

This is what I wanted to get. HELMER drawer unit. 6 drawers with slot for label. What I like about this is that it’s made from metal and it’s red!

Product dimensions
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 43 cm
Height: 69 cm

Key features
– Slot for label on each drawer; helps keep contents organised and easy to find.
– With castors; easy to place where you want it.
– Practical storage that can be used in the workspace as well as other rooms.

Product description & measurements
Frame: Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
Basematerial: Steel, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating

Good to know
6 labels included for marking contents of drawers.

Care instructions
Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

I thought this would cost me at least 400 bucks but it’s only RM139! Cool! I’m gonna drag my mum along to Ikea this weekend.


Ikea Viva AmonCurry, Snille Swivel & Projs

Last Friday was a Public Holiday and I just had to go Ikea. This time I’ve made up my mind to buy a very simple study table for my laptop so that I can work properly. And of course I had to get a new chair too to match with my new table heh!

For the table hunt, me and mum just need to start from the bottom. We went browsing happily from section to section. I must say…I love their Christmas line of products this year! Just as when I started to get a lil bored and my eyeballs was on something else, mum grabbed my hand to stop me. It was a perfect white simple table just like what I wanted! I jotted down the name and where to pick up at the warehouse.

This is it…my new table.
Vika Amon Table Top RM55. Vika Curry Legs which is sold separately at RM10 each.
Total for Vika AmonCurry? Just RM95.

Happily, we continue our shopping. Then not far away, we stopped at business chair section. I was tempted by their varities of comfy chairs they have. But I had an idea of getting a white or pink chair to match with the white table. Mum and I was happy with Snille in white which is RM38 at an offer price. It was sooo comfy that you can feel your butt actually fits all in the chair! Then we tried Snille swivel chair. Same chair top just different legs. Snille swivel for some reason is even comfier! Snille swivel chair is priced at RM59. The pink ones is RM66. For a difference of RM7, I decided to get the pink Snille swivel chair. Mum couldn’t agrees more.

Snille Seat Top RM20, Snille Swivel Leg Frame RM46.
Total for a pink Snille Swivel Chair RM66.

Then Ikea have this brilliant desk pad; Projs. It’s transparent in colour and quite huge. More than enough for my lappie to be placed on. I just had to pick this up at the warehouse. Projs Desk Pad RM19.90.