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September 2014 Favourites: Beauty, beauty tools and decor

We’ve come to the 2nd instalment of favourites of the month didn’t we? 😀 . Just as I’ve explained in the previous August 2014 Favourites, all the items listed here has yet to made its way to the blog. I might or might not do an individual review after this. Some product yes, some don’t need to!

In this September 2014 Favourites, I have a good mix of beauty, beauty tools and also decor. I’m kinda into decorating mood at the moment. No surprise here since you’ve seen the amount of trips and time spent at home essential stores lately from my Instagram.

September 2014 Favourites
I thought of doing 10 favourites product every month but for this month’s favourites I am keeping it short as I’m having migraine for the past few days. When the migraine hit, all I want to do is to just sleep and whine. Nonetheless I’m going to present eight of my favourites to you. So let’s start with the beauty, shall we?

September 2014 Favourites 2


Favourite Beauty Products

Revlon Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamel
When I found out that Alliance Cosmetics is having its yearly warehouse sales, I planned to just get two nail polishes. Somehow I ended up with five. I couldn’t stop because the colors is very attractive and it’s only RM10 per bottle. I was told in advance that these nail polishes are very watery and a few coats is needed to get an opaque finishing. So far I’ve only tried Apricot Nectar (orange), Surf Spray (blue) and Wintermint (green). I love Apricot Nectar and Wintermint but Surf Spray is so ridiculously watery. Wintermint on the other hand is a gorgeous mint green with shimmer bits in it BUT the bottle that I had was a used one. Sigh. The very main reason why I put this as my favourite is that the brush is super duper small and it fits nicely on my uber small toe nails. What’s not to love!

Maybelline Pure.Concealer Mineral Healthy Natural Concealer #01
I’ve been wanting this concealer for the longest time but I refuse to pay retail price of RM19.90 when I know OnlyBeauty will do a warehouse sales once in a few months. I’ve been to two sales but none of them carry this concealer, until the recent sales held at IOI Boulevard Puchong. I went straight to Maybelline section and search for the concealer. There was three left and luck was on my side when one of the three is the shade 01, which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve been using this concealer only since then for the under eye and on acne marks. It’s one of the best concealer I’ve ever tried. Covers well and only settles into the fine lines on my under eye just a tiny bit. I’m already 1/4 down the tube so far 🙂

September 2014 Favourites Beauty Products
Covo Fearless Waterproof Auto Brow Pencil #Cocoa Brown
As you know, I stock up brow pencil as I go through these pencils like no tomorrow. I’m also quite into doing my brows lately so I’m in the midst of sweeping all sorts of brow related products lol. It’s absolutely madness. Covo has been doing various 5-days promo lately and the most recent one is two of their eyebrow pencil for RM15. I opted for this Fearless Waterproof Auto Brow Pencil as it’s so much convenient and easy to use. To my surprise, these pencil is so slim that it makes it the perfect pencil to use to do small strokes mimicking brow hair and to create a fine tail at the end. There is only two shades to choose from. I bought all four that the counter had and one of it is for my friend. I should have gone to other branch for more.

ZA Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum
I’ve been slacking a little bit with skin care lately and this serum is exactly what I need. I love it for the fact that it’s a 2-in-1 serum, combining whitening with anti-aging at one go. I couldn’t find anything like this before last time and boy was I happy to see one being launched here. In fact this serum is just launched in September 2014. I also find that this serum is not sticky at all even if I use two full pumps. One of the best texture serum I’ve tried so far.


Favourite Beauty Tools

Daiso Clear Pierced Earrings
I got this from Daiso almost a year ago and it has been hidden in my drawer until I took it out recently. I always need to poke my earring holes whenever I needed to put on something fancy when I’m out. So to prevent that, I put this on. This is just like the stick thingamajig that kids or even you put on during the younger days. I never had those because I had my earrings on since I was 8 years old. The one I have comes in heart shape and there’s a stopper on the back as well, just like real earrings.

September 2014 Favourites Beauty Tools
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Tweezer & Scissors
I bought a Hello Kitty X Guardian 40th Anniversary Manicure Set for RM14.90 last month and my favourite has got to be the tweezer, scissors and the nail clipper. How often do you see Hello Kitty prints on these tools right? Tell you something funny. I was happily plucking my brow hair with the Hello Kitty tweezer when my mum asked “will you get prettier using Hello Kitty tweezer to do your brow?”. I blank out for a while trying to figure out what to answer. In the end I replied yes, much prettier than using normal tweezer 😀


Favourite Decor

Ikea Photo Frame
This stone phone frame is antique I tell ya. I got this nearly 10 years ago from my friend for my birthday but I have no idea what it was and what to do with it back then so it was under my bed for the past 10 years LOL. I wanted to throw it away recently when I reshuffled my room’s furniture but it still look so new eventhough it was covered in dust for the past 10 years (I clean it once in a while) so I took out some polaroid photos I have and voila! These people in the photos meant a lot to me. One is from Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy media event and one is from Street Love X StriVectin A Purplish Affair event.

September 2014 Favourites Deco
Backlight LED Table Mirror
Last but not least, a mirror that have gotten majority of you to purchase after I posted on Instagram and Facebook. It is the backlight LED table mirror that I bought from Groupon for RM55. I had in mind what mirror I want for my vanity table and I googled for it. Through googling, I found this mirror on sale in Groupon so I made a purchase right away. It was scheduled to arrive in 10 days but I gotten mine within four days. Talking about efficiency eh? I did hesitated a bit before purchasing as the mirror size is only 11cm. However there’s no other place selling this type of LED mirror so I bought it. It wasn’t as bright as I thought it would be but good enough for close-up. No regret. It’s beautifully done and looks better than the Ikea one 🙂

There you go! My most favourite products / items for the whole month of September. I think I have more but I’m going to save it for October because I’m going to use them throughout October so it makes more sense to talk about it next month. What is your favourite products for September? Any new discovery that I can check it out too?


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  • Ooo! Love this post! Everything is so cute, pretty and lovely, esp the Hello Kitty tweezer and scissors!

    • All I use now is my Hello Kitty stuff haha. So cute. The nail clipper is perfect for the handbag.

      • Hi-5! I’m also a Sanrio fan ^_^

        • ^5 Carrie 😀

  • I’m going to try the Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer! Too bad I missed the Onlybeauty sales in Melaka. i have missed it 3 years straight I think! They always held it when I am not in Melaka! 🙁

    • They’re going to have one in Bandar Utama starting tomorrow 😉

      • And I’m going back Melaka today!! T.T haiz

        • Oh nooo. Well, we will just have to wait for the next one. I wanted to go today but soooo lazy haha

  • Nice mirror! I live in the dark corner of the house so it’s dark even when it’s sunny. This would be useful.

    I have the same problem as you with the ear piercing. It grows tight quickly between earrings. Daiso has the answer to all of life’s problems for only RM5 lol

    P.S. We’re seeing a lot of your room! I can’t show mine – too messy!

    • The mirror is cheaper by a bit if you buy two 😀
      It’s weird how I had my ear piercing at the age of 8 and it still closes up if I left them unattended. Gotta love Daiso for all the problem solving stuff hehe.
      Every other part of my room is still messy. I’ve decluttered half of my old room and there’s still a lot of junk that I can’t throw away. Yet. Maybe in another 2 years time haha.

  • Ar, the polaroid pic of the StriVectin event!! What a memory 😀

    I love the Revlon nail polish too, the color so attractive, just right for the coming christmas 😉
    Too bad I missed the warehouse sale =.=

    • Oh yeah. The StriVectin event polaroid. Thank god I have two so I can put out one 😉
      It’s okay, there is a lot of warehouse sales nowadays. Let’s hope Sasa do one so you can get the nail polishes too!

  • Where is your rabbit glassware ??? Hehe….

    • Haha. Rabbit glassware just bought yesterday only 🙂

  • i LOLed when i read what you said about that Ikea photo frame, ten years?? hahaha!! i am very tempted when i saw Revlon Parfumerie but I dont wear nail polishes so it would be a total waste if I bought it. admire from afar jelah 🙂 that LED mirror is beautiful, I love how it helps you as a prop in product shoots, hehe!

    • Hehe. That photo frame is so darn heavy and not attractive. Basically it’s just wires on a stone LOL. But not it turns out good for my room decor. Not bad, not bad. Revlon Parfumerie bottle is like perfume bottle isn’t it 🙂 . I heard Inglot came out with one that is suitable for prayers? Henna is also a good alternative. Oh yeah! Nowadays that LED mirror is like my backdrop already haha. Everything is my backdrop now 😛


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