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Tips: How to Clean Your Dirty Brush

How often do you clean and wash your dirty makeup brush?

I clean my daily eyeshadow brush everyday with Mac Brush Cleanser and deep cleansing once a week. As for the larger brush like finishing brush (also known as skunk brush) and face brush, I’m only deep cleansing it once every 2 weeks. Reason being is that the brush needed at least 2 days to dry and if it’s a rainy day I’m doomed lol.

There has been many questions on how to dry the brushes after washing ’em. I mean the proper way to do it. Do we lay it flat, hang it near the window, use a hair dryer, put it back to brush holder, towel dry and many more. I find myself in that dilemma too a few years ago until I found the best way for me.


I’m finally able to do this tips post when my larger brushes needed some “bath” last weekend. It’s not very dirty but it’s still dirty after using it everyday for the past 2 weeks.

Here’s the victim. As you can see from the picture below, the white bristles on the skunk brush is now in beige color.


From the side the blush brush still looks OK but not the skunk! Do take note that I’m using the skunk brush too apply my loose powder and the blush brush to apply my powder foundation.

(Note: Ignore my hand. I had burn and the skin on my left hand is peeling and reddish.)


DO NOT use Daiso sponge cleaner to wash your brushes! They are too harsh for the bristles and dries down the bristle. Some like to use home remedy like olive oil but I find Johnsons & Johnsons Baby Shampoo the best! It’s cheap, moisturizing and removes all the dirt too. Normally I’d wash the brushes twice. I find washing them twice can really remove all the traces.

After washing, use kitchen paper town to dry and squeeze all the excess water from the bristles. Here’s my clean brushes.


An extra step which I’ve been practicing for the past few years. I can’t live without The Brush Guard. It’s not sold in Malaysia but you can find these online for maybe RM23+ per pack of 6. In the US this pack is only selling for USD5.50. I think I got mine for RM22/23. Kinda useful IMHO.

Just slide The Brush Guard from the top of the handle down to the bristle. Do not do it the other way round or you’d spoilt the bristle. Leave a gap for the brush to stand.


Now. The most important part. How do you really put the brushes to air dry?
I would normally put the brushes bristle facing down in a glass cup to air dry. Why facing down? Well the water should be going off from the handle to bristle not into the handle as you’d spoil the glue which was holding the bristle and ferrules. The Brush Guard will help the brush to hold it’s original shape while drying. You’d be surprise that the brush will look like new after that.

That’s actually my scented candle glass cup but whichever works for me 🙂


Some extra tips:
1) Do not leave your wet brushes in a direct sunlight.
2) Preferably let dry in a open air.
3) Turn the brushes around once in a while to help the drying process.

Hope you find the tips above useful. However this is just my way of cleaning and drying my makeup brushes. There’s a lot more way to do it properly and right. Once you find your preferred way just stick to it.

Happy Sunday!


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  • Hi can I know which online shop to get the brush guard?

    • Hi Linda, I bought it from a forum many years ago and I can’t remember who is it. Sorry. I’m also in the search for more brush guard myself.

  • Hi girls! I got mine on Ebay. The one i got was 1 meter long and you just cut it yourself to the desired length. Some sellers sell them in bulk. Check it out! Have a great day ladies

    • Hi Ditas, thanks for the heads up. I’ll check out eBay 🙂


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