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I stumble upon Umecare from a Facebook link posted by a friend just not more than 2 weeks ago and as usual I was curious and I clicked on it. Not to worry, it wasn’t some spam link heh!

I contacted Umecare for a project which I’ll explain in future post and I registered for a sample pack. Just a few days ago my sample pack arrived. Umecare is kind enough to send all their sample pack using courier service.

Here’s a happy me posing with my Umecare sample pack.

The sample pack comes in a pretty box.

Upon registration, there’s a question on the most concern about the skin and also what troubles me more. I’ve chosen Aging for the first question and cocky neck, dry and crack hands and frequent sun exposure for second question. So the pack I received is Anti-Aging Range which was named Never Too Late :). Wait till you see what’s inside.

Tadaa! Here’s the sample bottles. So cute! All nicely placed in the box.

I received a total of 7 bottles of sample. They’re all customized accordingly to my skin concern.

From left to right – Neck Cream, Repairing Hand Cream, Body Sun Screen SPF30, Cleansing Milk, Anti Aging Toner, Anti Aging Serum and Anti Aging Moisturizer. All 3ml each.

There’s a postcard attached at the box which is already pasted with a stamp and ready for us to send out. That’s because Umecare believe little things like this is able to occupy the biggest part in one’s heart. How thoughtful! I can relate to that because every year I insist in buying those Christmas cards, Raya cards, CNY cards and post out to all my clients under my own expense using snail mail instead of sending online e-card. I remember someone did commented to me saying it’s the millennium world and no one send hard copy greeting cards anymore and I said to her that I want my clients to feel the sincerity and my thought upon receiving my card from the postman and I believe feelings like that cannot be achieved from reading an e-card! So if you had received a box of these sample pack from Umecare, do send the postcard out to that someone 🙂

A quick browsing at Umecare website; will leads you to various information as well as their current promotion on their skin care and beauty tools. I especially are interested with their Umeskin Analyzer and Care-Roll Derma Roller which both is also on special price!

If you wanna try Umecare skin care range, head on to and register! There’s a wide complete range to choose from.

P/S: I really do love their philosophy 🙂

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  • can i purchase the skin analizer on line?

    • Hi Chris, I’m not sure if the website is still operating though. You can try to contact them directly.

  • I would like to get a sample pack of umecare how can I get it

    • As far as I know, Umecare is no longer in business.


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