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Trying out Brazilian IPL for the first time at Bubble Gum Wax Casa Tropicana

Bubble Gum Wax Casa Tropicana

This may sound odd but whenever I’m under tremendous stress (an extreme one), I tend to go for something that involves pain. I have thought of tattoo before many years ago until I found out that not all people are suitable to have tattoo on and I fall into that category. I was once told to not have tattoo by someone powerful so tattoo is out of the question. Piercing however is a different story. I kinda was obsessed with body piercing (not that I have a lot).

Beautiful Body with the New Clarins Tri-Active Body Treatment

Rediscover the happiness that comes from taking care of your body. It is a treat to have an absolute well-being. Escape to a place where you can relax and recharge your body and mind. Wake up your five senses and feel good. A treatment at Clarins Skin Spa not only offers you the chance to lie back and enjoy a completely luxurious experience, it also delivers exactly what it promises and much more.