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Beauty Salon Spy – Clarins Skin Spa Parkson Pavilion

Last weekend I made my way to Clarins Skin Spa Parkson Pavilion to have my complimentary facial and eye treatment. This is my first time stepping in to the new Skin Spa ever since it was launched.


As soon as I reached the waiting area, I was fascinated with the comfortable setting. Then I was greeted by the friendly Beautician; Sok Hung. Sok Hung handed me a form to fill in as a part of their procedure before I was brought in to the treatment room.


The treatment room is slightly bigger than the one I visited before at Jusco Mid Valley. I like what Clarins did with the ceiling. The blue and white sky motives would be able to calm every one who is going for facial treatment at Clarins Skin Spa. I know it did calmed me down everytime I lied down underneath it.

Every setting is at it’s perfect state. The room is calming with soothing essential oil burning at the corner. The overall setup is kept at minimal and simple.


I like seeing yellow bottles of Body Treatment Oil as decoration around the room. It’s the golden yellow color that seems to attract me.


Treatment bed is also kept neat with simple decoration to spice up the overall look of the room. I saw how neatly the towels are rolled up. I was told everything need to be perfect.


There’s a cupboard for me to put my belonging. I was provided a half body robe to change into and extra hanger for me to hang my clothes. One thing I notice that’s missing is the comb. I remembered seeing a comb in the cupboard back at Jusco Mid Valley but I couldn’t see it at Pavilion Skin Spa. It doesn’t matter to me as I prefer to use my own comb :). There’s also a drawer at the bottom but I didn’t check out what is it as I prefer not to simply check things out without permission. So I’ll leave the drawer alone ya.


The choice of treatment I choose is The Lifting Face Shaper which costs RM248 and treatment time is 60 minutes. The Lifting Face Shaper is a face shaping treatment to refine, enhance and rejuvenate facial contours that promises to deliver younger-looking, brighter and more luminous features. This is the first time I’ve tried this treatment and I must say I love it very much! Although it’s stated as “facial treatment”, I like how the Beautician also massages my hands and foot as well as a super duper relaxing shoulder and neck massage although I’m not a person who like massages. Sok Hung thought I was in pain when she notice that my neck and shoulder stiffen during the massage. But in fact I was trying so hard not to laugh! Massages is always ticklish to me for some reason. Clarins is generous with the amount of product used on my face which I appreciate.

Another reason why I prefer Clarins facial treatment than other salon is that Clarins doesn’t do extraction and all treatment is done with hand and not machine. I prefer this type of facial as it doesn’t stress up my skin in long run.

After my facial treatment ended I changed back to my clothes and I went out to the lounge area.


At the lounge area I was served with a cup of freshly brewed tea while relaxing for a while before leaving.


I couldn’t stop myself from checking out the corner where the tea is brewed. Love that clear tea pot!


For customers who wanted to put on some makeup before stepping out of the Skin Spa, there’s a corner with full Clarins makeup range that you can use. How thoughtful :). I choose not to put on any makeup and went home with freshly done facial bare face.


I know you’re wondering what’s so special about Clarins facial treatment comparing with normal salon. Did I see immediate result? Well, yes I did! Look at how bright my complexion is after the treatment. My jaw felt firmer, face is more bouncier and hydrated. My eyes is brighter and “awake”. The best part is the migrain and stiff shoulder that I was having for the past few days is gone thanks to the shoulder and neck massage. That’s because unlike other salon that uses the same normal retail product for their facial, Clarins only uses CLARINSPRO Products which is more rich and intense than their normal retail product combined with Clarins Touch Massage Method. That explains the immediate result. Imagine if you went for their facial treatment in long run. I bet the result is phenomenal.


I was a fresher and happier girl when I walked out from Clarins Skin Spa Pavilion. I hope you do too when you visit Clarins Skin Spa! Try it to believe it. You’d fall in love with what they can offer.


Disclaimer: Complimentary facial treatment voucher is free with purchase of RM850 for early bird at recent haul at Jusco Mid Valley roadshow. Complimentary Luminous Eye Treatment is given as early bird registration for Clarins VIP Beauty Workshop 2012.

Note: Pictures are taken prior to permission from Clarins Malaysia a week before treatment.


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  • Something off topic to ask : what is the parking rate at Pavilion ? I know it’s Rm3 for 1hr on weekdays at KLCC. Thanks !!

    • I have no idea Bugs lol.

      What I can tell you is that I enter the parking 5 mins before 10am, I left around 3.20pm and paid RM15.


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