Tips: Simple Remedy for Break Out

Having break out due to monthly menstrual or reaction from new skin care? I’ve been through that all the time and each time I’m devastated looking at my face. Just when I thought I finally get those darn acne marks lighten…I had break out again and the whole process repeated. Again and again.

Throughout these years I’ve been searching and trying the best way to heal break out. After many many trial and error I finally settle with these 3 simple step. Most people regardless friends, relatives or even readers come to me saying they didn’t know what to do when they have break out. I always advise them to do deep cleansing mask a few times a week to cleanse the skin from the inside. This is very important. Although you don’t see if it works or not but you’d slowly realize that your skin is more clear. But none of them listen so what the heck 🙂

I’m not going to put you through 1001 ways to heal break out like what I’ve tried. I will just share with you 3 different product and steps that works for me.

Remedy #1 – Nexcare Acne Patch
This is a God-sent wonder product. I did a review on this just when I started blogging. Many people swear by it and I’m one of the many people too. Simply because it really do work and you can see it with your eyes. Its so simple to use and effective. Just put the patch on any acne before you sleep and you’d wake up with a patch full with cyst. After you’ve peel it off you’d notice that your acne actually shrunken. If it’s not fully shrunken yet just repeat the next night.

Remedy #2 – Clarins Pure and Radian Mask With Pink Clay
This deep cleansing mask besides being a deep cleansing mask, I was told its other benefit is that it can heal acne. I’ve tried this a few times. Some works and some don’t. The usage is also very simple. Just dot on the acne and that’s it. The times when it doesn’t work it will actually “cook” the pimple making it easier to pop oppss! You’re not suppose to pop any pimple but that’s what I experience.

However I still prefer this as mask 🙂

Remedy #3 – Clinelle Blemish Clear
I got this from Wonderbox debut box back in October 2012. The first reaction I get was “urgghh Clinelle Blemish Clear???”. I was determined not to use it until a few days ago when I was doing beauty box spring cleaning. I had a pimple on my chin. And because this is a clear gel I decided to try it and dot it on the pimple after skin care before makeup. I didn’t see any miracle that day because I was so sick that I had to detour and drove home. I removed all my makeup by 12noon and by night time I notice the pimple shrunken. And I didn’t reapply at all. Okay, this is a keeper now 🙂

There you have it. These are the 3 different solution and products that works for me when I’m on break out attack. By far I still prefer Nexcare. Can you imagine how happy I am to peel those acne patch in the morning and look in amazement lol. Sometimes I forgot about it and wash my face only to realize I feel something sticking hehe.


Have anyone tried any of the above yet? I’ve heard about Origins one. Anyone tried that before?


28 thoughts on “Tips: Simple Remedy for Break Out

  1. i’m having the same problem. By the time i manage to control my current break out, and planning on the next move on finding the whitening product to fade the scar, then new pimples coming out! It’s been a long time that i couldn’t get my face pimple-free and it’s so frustrating. except for the clarins mask, those other 2 items are my staple too. I’m using Origins Out of Trouble mask but yeah, it didn’t work wonder. I don’t think i’m getting any whitening product soon as i’m too busy managing my pimple T_T.

  2. I am so going to try the Nexcare and the Clinelle ones,my friend also suggest to me that Clinelle blemish clear gel when she got it in her October WonderBox,she told me it works for her 😛

    1. That good to hear that Clinelle one works for your friend 🙂

      Budget one are good sometime. I’m still not willing to spend on Origins one. I have my Nexcare with me will do.

  3. Yeah,i know what you mean by that,budget is really important to me so i won’t be buying things that is more RM100 already,especially Origins and Kiehl’s,their products are really expensive to me,and yeah,Nexcare looks effective,i will try that one out too 🙂

  4. I’ve used Clinelle’s blemish gel before and it was ok. I stopped some time later because it stopped working for me. Switched to another brand, prescribed by doctor.

    I am getting tired of breakouts. Initially, it was on my right cheek/jaw. Now, it’s on my left cheek/jam, and it’s worse than the ones on the right side. It’s either crazy hormones or wrong products.

  5. Hi, Fiona. I am not so if you have already know but I would just like to share some tips about preventing breakout. I am a medical student and we do learn about this in dermatology class. As the pathogenesis of acne (comedones and inflammatory “pimple”) is due to clogged pores secondary to hyperkeratinization (thickening of skin debris) and excessive oil production, the main key of preventing acne is by controlling/removing excess oil and clearing pores from excessive skin debris. Thus, we can prevent the comedones (black head/white head) from developing into big inflammatory pimples. Facial wash, oil blotter, frequent facial exfoliator (keratolytics) are good. Most common remedy that we can get over the counter at pharmacy or drugstores is pimple cream like Oxy and those that contains salicylic acid. Here’s the tip, those are keratolytics and should be used regularly all over the face (and not as spot treatment) because it is used to remove clogged pores but not to heal inflammatory pimple (although salicylic acid and tea tree oil do have anti-inflammatory function). So, we must read carefully what are the ingredients of the pimple treatment cream to understand the proper usage of it. And well, we know that acne can also be precipitated by hormonal stress, infection, etc., by preventing acne, at least we can reduced the flare of acne. I am an acne patient myself too, apart from antibiotics to help to solve the infection, the frequent exfoliation really helps me to greatly reduce the recurrence of acne. Hope this piece of info can help. And btw, I use nexcare too, and it is really awesome! Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks for the advise Yi Lian. Appreciate it. Mine is more to spot treatment :). Nothing fancy smancy 😉

      Hope those that have severe breakout can learn and benefit more from your advice. Thanks again

  6. Hahaha I also use the acne patch! I always poke a hole or pop a very ripe pimple and paste the patch overnight for it to do its magic. And voila! The pimple will be nice and flat the next morning! I do use the clarins tamarind cleanser on days nearing my period to help to clear the pores as it contains salicylic acid, and these two are my pimple busters.

  7. Hi Fiona,
    thanks for sharing…
    Need yr advice… I bought NexCare patches but it won’t stay put through the night.
    Could it be because I applied moisturiser before bedtime?

    1. That’s easy to solve. Continue your skin care. After you’re done, take a tissue and wrap on your index finger (of which ever finger) and wipe the area that you want to stick NexCare on. It will stay until the next morning 🙂

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