Review: Nexcare Acne Patch

I bought Nexcare Acne Patch out of curiosity as some swear by this product effectiveness. It’s not really that expensive and Watsons was having sales so I grabbed the 18 pcs pack. I paid RM7.40 after discount.

This acne patch claimed to:
1) Absorbs acne secretion
2) Soothes burning & aching
3) Prevents infection

I will tell you if this lil patch live up to their claims at the end of the review :p

Directions available in 3 language (English, Chinese, Malay) at the back of the box.

The packaging is simple but sealed. One side is clear so you can see all the patches in various sizes through the clear packaging side. As you can see a few patches is missing as I’ve been having a few pimples lately 🙁

Just tore the seal from above and you should be able to remove the patches out. There you’d find a second layer of protection for hygiene purposes. Afterall, this patches will be on pimple which is already full with germs and bacterias. Simple just remove the patch from the transparent layer and stick on the pimple. The patches is quite thick and it feels like rubber.

The next morning I was so excited to see how this works. The day before I had a huge pimple which is just pure swollen and reddish but I couldn’t see any secretion inside. There’s no way to pop it and I pray this would help.

Firstly I touched my face and I only can feel the patch. I couldn’t feel the huge bump at all! I peeled the patch off and I practically stood still for 5 minutes looking at the patch with amazement. How is it possible??

Eeww I know.

All the secretion from the pimple was sucked out and it ended up inside the patch! I have tried Missha’s acne patch but this is even better. I did try a few more times on a few other breakout and it works just the same. This will be my holy grail definitely.

Now, does this acne patch live up to their claim of:
1) Absorbs acne secretion
2) Soothes burning & aching
3) Prevents infection

The answer would be YES for all claimed!!

Now. . . I swear by Nexcare Acne Patch as well! lol

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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  • can i ask where you bought it ?

    • Hi Choon Fai, Watsons. It’s written at the first paragraph.


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