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September 2014 Favourites: Beauty, beauty tools and decor

We’ve come to the 2nd instalment of favourites of the month didn’t we? 😀 . Just as I’ve explained in the previous August 2014 Favourites, all the items listed here has yet to made its way to the blog. I might or might not do an individual review after this. Some product yes, some don’t need to!

In this September 2014 Favourites, I have a good mix of beauty, beauty tools and also decor. I’m kinda into decorating mood at the moment. No surprise here since you’ve seen the amount of trips and time spent at home essential stores lately from my Instagram.

September 2014 Favourites
I thought of doing 10 favourites product every month but for this month’s favourites I am keeping it short as I’m having migraine for the past few days. When the migraine hit, all I want to do is to just sleep and whine. Nonetheless I’m going to present eight of my favourites to you. So let’s start with the beauty, shall we?

Event Revlon

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Range: Classic Lip Color With A Modern Twist, Now Comes In 8 New Shades

Recently I have been busy with work, the stress, deadlines, selling my old car and buying a new car so I have been rejecting events and product reviews continuously. When MIVVA invited me for an exclusive Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick launch, I RSVP-ed myself. It was about time I come out of hiding and mingle with my fellow blogger friends.

One of the event highlight that I was hyped up on is lipstick making. It’s like cooking but instead of food we are to be “cooking” our own lipstick! Unfortunately due to the space constrain, the plan was aborted :(. Let’s hope Revlon will look into another session of lipstick making 😉

I’m always happy whenever there’s tons of makeup products in front of me. Not only we are curious with the products in front of us, we also check out what others have.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick1
We have an exclusive preview of the latest 8 new shades for Super Lustrous Lipstick and Super Lustrous Lipgloss. The lipstick is retailing for RM32 each while the lipgloss is retailing for RM30 each.

Make Up - Lips Review: Make Up Revlon

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is Nothing Like It’s Rival

Okay. I can never remember the name of this new product from Revlon that just reached our shore end of November 2012. I’ll just call this Lip Stain aight? I’ve seen Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain months ago from the internet but waiting for it to arrive to Malaysia could take a long time. Or even not arriving at all. But to my surprise Revlon Malaysia did brought it in.

The retail price of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is at RM32.80 each. The good news is currently there’s a 10% discount at Guardian making the price slightly lower at RM29.61! And of course I bought mine from Guardian 🙂

The color selection is not as huge as oversea but Revlon Malaysia brought in 8 shades which is good enough as some color are very similar which explains maybe that’s why Revlon Malaysia skipped 4 shades. I was in a Guardian store whereas the staff are busing at other section and the main point why I choose this particular Guardian at Mid Valley is because I notice that the Revlon section is not close to the door so there’s no security guard watching me closely. I did a swatch of all 8 colors safely without any disturbance!

Avène Revlon Warehouse Sales

Alliance Warehouse Clearance Sales 2011

I missed last year’s Alliance Warehouse Sales. I remembered that time it was the peak of my career. With so many projects on hand, I just don’t have time for anything else but work. This year is a total different story. I treated myself better. Not in the sense that I neglect my work for pleasure. It’s about balancing work and personal life.

I was just next door yesterday meeting a client; Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors. It was near to 5.15pm and I didn’t go over thinking most stuff must have been gone by this hour. So I decided to go this morning with a hope they replenished their sales bin. I dropped by before my facial at Mid Valley. I was stucked in jam for 45 minutes. I didn’t expect Federal highway to be this jam on a Saturday morning. Should have taken NPE instead. I reached 10.50am and I just have 15 minutes to get what I wanted; Avene Thermal Spring Water spray and Revlon CustomEyes palette (if they have it) and rushed to Mid Valley.

The damage? Not as much as I expected as I knew what I wanted prior before and avoid random browsing. I was there for a short 10 minutes and hauled RM223 worth of products. Here’s my haul.

2 box with a few small items right? Read on.

My main purpose of going is to stocked up Avene Thermal Spring Water. I still remember how cheap it was selling back in 2009 and I regretted for not getting any back then. I bought a box of 6 bottles of 150ml for RM15 each and a box of 6 bottles of 50ml for RM8 each. As I was walking over to the counter where they’ll count and pack your stuff, I saw Avene Lip Balm with Cold Cream selling for RM15. And I grabbed it along the way. I’m amazed that this year’s stock is all made in 2011! I think this supply will last me till next year warehouse sales lol.

* Picture appears blur due to the shrink wrap on all the bottles.

Second purpose of going is to (hopefully) get Revlon CustomEyes palette which I’ve been eyeing on. I remembered back in 2009 90% Revlon products are old and going to be expired soon. This year it’s all new stocks made in 2011. Of all 4 palettes I bought 2 palettes. Actually 3 at first but I put back the blue palette thinking I have Paul & Joe one to use at the moment. Each palette is selling at RM25. Finally gotten new purple eyeshadow after searching for quite some time. I’m glad I waited.

* Picture appears blur due to the shrink wrap.

I walked to the opposite direction of Revlon counter and saw mascaras selling for RM10 each. No intention to get any mascara so I walked away. But it’s RM10! So I walked back and took 2 CustomeEyes waterproof mascara.

* Picture appears blur due to the shrink wrap.

Love my warehouse sales haul this year. None of the item I bought is impulsive buy.

Maybelline Revlon Watsons

Anger Shopping

I had an argument with my brother on Sunday and I just couldn’t be in the same house with him so I drove out and went to Watsons Kajang for some shopping. I’ve been itching to buy a few lipstick and I couldn’t make up my mind at KLCC.

There was a Maybelline promotion stand right at the entrance. It seems that Maybelline has just launched a Limited Edition Water Shiny Diamond Diamonds lipstick. The colour choosing was easy for me as I just looked at the 2 model pictures and grabbed the colour I want!.

Watsons currently is having a promo of buy any cosmetic and get a selected cosmetic at just RM17! And I had my eye on Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth lipstick.

Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipstick #245 Creamy Coral – RM17, Maybelline LE Water Shiny Diamond Diamonds Lipstick #302 – RM24.90

The colour that I chose.

The tube is same but with diamond-like design ring in the middle.

Maybelline LE Water Shiny Diamond Diamonds Lipstick #302. The colour may look very pink fresh from the tube but its not. This lipstick is with shimmery beads which may be a little drying on the lips after application.

Here’s the swatch. It’s quite watery with shiny wet look. However applying seems a little rough.

Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipstick #245 Creamy Coral is without shimmery beads.

Here’s the swatch. I must say I was WOW-ed by how smooth and easy it is to apply! The swatch above is only just a swipe. The colour may look a bit too dark but in fact it’s just a bit touch of orangey.

I’m loving my new lipsticks! The 2 lipsticks are totally different in every way but I like Revlon’s more. I remembered I bought the same lipstick but different colour before and it was so great that I bought another one a few days after that. After so many years I still like the lipstick 🙂

Avène Revlon Stage Warehouse Sales

Alliance Warehouse Clearance Sales 2009

I did it again. This is the most powerful evilish sound I’ve ever heard inside my head. I managed to defeat the evil sound yesterday but I fail this morning. I just need to go. The damage is huge now. I can’t even believe myself. It was as if I was under some kind of spell. What have I done?
Go where? To The Alliance Warehouse Clearance sales of course!!

I reached around 9.45am after my car wash. Today they’re open for business at 10am. So I just sit in the car while waiting. To my suprise, the crowd of people waiting outside is not as huge as I thought. When the clock struck 10am sharp, everyone just rushed in. I take my time turning off the player, air-cond and got out of the car slowly but happily. What’s there to be rush since there’s not much people to push around eh?
I got out around 10.35am. The damage is done. I spent RM286 just for these. *Ouch**Ouch*!!

My most anticipated purchase that I’ve been waiting for is Stage. This is the main reason why I went today.
Here goes my list of purchase!

(1) Stage After Party Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover – RM25

(2) Stage After Party Calming Makeup Remover – RM25

(3) Stage Divine Lash Defining Mascara Waterproof – Black – RM20 *Bought 2 of this*

(4) Avene Cleanser & Make-Up Remover – RM35

(5) Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser – RM35 *Great cleanser! Cleared my pimples last time*

(6) Avene Gentle Toner – RM20 *I just don’t know why I bought these. Couldn’t resist cute stuff*

Second reason why I went…

(7) Revlon ColorStay Mineral Blush – Petal Petale & Roseberry Baie Rose – RM20 each

(8) Revlon Beyond Natural Blush & Bronzer – Pink Rose – RM25. Refill is at RM10

(9) Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze – Eternal Blossom – RM15 *All colour damn nice & cheap. Nearly bought everything!*

(10) Revlon Super Lustrous Shiny Sheers – Sheer Honey Drizzle & Sheer Cocoa Glaze – RM5 each *Too bad they only left these 2 colours*

(11) Revlon Molten Metal Liquid Shadow (Limited Edition) – Scene Steel-er, Platinum Pinup & Copper Crush – RM2 each

(12) Revlon Long-Wearing 2-Way Whitening Foundation Refill – Toast 11 *Free Gift*

Sigh. See. Isn’t the damage huge? Told you so lol.
But this is the best purchase ever especially Stage products and Revlon. I didn’t manage to find Kohl eyeliner which I heard is just RM15. There are tons of items which I wanted to buy and I dare not look at it otherwise it’d be ended up in my basket lol. Now I’m regretting that I didn’t buy more of Stage products!
However, I didn’t go to Silkygirl or Silkymen counter. I’m not a big fan of the products. I think these both counters will be pack by noon.
I actually called my colleague Monica. She didn’t pick up the phone. I think she was sleeping. Then when I was at the car wash, I text her. By the time she call me back, I was already at the main gate.
Can’t wait for next year’s warehouse sales =)