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CompareHero.my Feature – We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

Sometime end of January, I was approached by CompareHero.my, a financial comparison website in Malaysia on contributing my thoughts to their upcoming Valentine’s Day article. Now, usually I do not do this but this time round I agreed with no promises as I wanted to see the questions in advance. You know, just in case I have agreed and I was not able to answer the questions properly? lol

So the article was out a few days ago 🙂

We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

I could not copy the whole article into this post although I wanted to as I would be deemed as plagiarizing. Here is a snippet of a quote from me. It is interesting how they quote me throughout the whole article. Love it!

CompareHero Valentine's Day Article
You may read the whole article including other blogger’s contribution to the feature at this link. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Street Lovers!


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