Avène Revlon Warehouse Sales

Alliance Warehouse Clearance Sales 2011

I missed last year’s Alliance Warehouse Sales. I remembered that time it was the peak of my career. With so many projects on hand, I just don’t have time for anything else but work. This year is a total different story. I treated myself better. Not in the sense that I neglect my work for pleasure. It’s about balancing work and personal life.

I was just next door yesterday meeting a client; Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors. It was near to 5.15pm and I didn’t go over thinking most stuff must have been gone by this hour. So I decided to go this morning with a hope they replenished their sales bin. I dropped by before my facial at Mid Valley. I was stucked in jam for 45 minutes. I didn’t expect Federal highway to be this jam on a Saturday morning. Should have taken NPE instead. I reached 10.50am and I just have 15 minutes to get what I wanted; Avene Thermal Spring Water spray and Revlon CustomEyes palette (if they have it) and rushed to Mid Valley.

The damage? Not as much as I expected as I knew what I wanted prior before and avoid random browsing. I was there for a short 10 minutes and hauled RM223 worth of products. Here’s my haul.

2 box with a few small items right? Read on.

My main purpose of going is to stocked up Avene Thermal Spring Water. I still remember how cheap it was selling back in 2009 and I regretted for not getting any back then. I bought a box of 6 bottles of 150ml for RM15 each and a box of 6 bottles of 50ml for RM8 each. As I was walking over to the counter where they’ll count and pack your stuff, I saw Avene Lip Balm with Cold Cream selling for RM15. And I grabbed it along the way. I’m amazed that this year’s stock is all made in 2011! I think this supply will last me till next year warehouse sales lol.

* Picture appears blur due to the shrink wrap on all the bottles.

Second purpose of going is to (hopefully) get Revlon CustomEyes palette which I’ve been eyeing on. I remembered back in 2009 90% Revlon products are old and going to be expired soon. This year it’s all new stocks made in 2011. Of all 4 palettes I bought 2 palettes. Actually 3 at first but I put back the blue palette thinking I have Paul & Joe one to use at the moment. Each palette is selling at RM25. Finally gotten new purple eyeshadow after searching for quite some time. I’m glad I waited.

* Picture appears blur due to the shrink wrap.

I walked to the opposite direction of Revlon counter and saw mascaras selling for RM10 each. No intention to get any mascara so I walked away. But it’s RM10! So I walked back and took 2 CustomeEyes waterproof mascara.

* Picture appears blur due to the shrink wrap.

Love my warehouse sales haul this year. None of the item I bought is impulsive buy.

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