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NYX Butter Gloss is My Secret to Revive Dry, Uncomfortable Lipstick

NYX Butter Gloss 1
I was going through my lipstick drawers and I kept looking at these NYX Butter Gloss, which I bought a few years ago for one sole purpose. Yeap. The one and only lip gloss that I used, like, love and still using 🙂 . I still remember a few years ago when NYX arrived Sephora. It was so exclusive and limited that every single day all the NYX counter would be swamped with girls. I literally have to snuck one arm in between waists to grab something. IT WAS INSANE. There was two product that was all hyped up back then. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, which I hate and this NYX Butter Gloss.

Butter Gloss is a lip gloss that is said to be super hydrating and not sticky. Did someone said not sticky? I’m in! But that’s not all what people say about Butter Gloss. The reason why I bought a lip gloss (rare case) was because I read about how this Butter Gloss works like a charm as lipstick topper, especially on dry lipstick. So I went on a hunt for Créme Brulee. That’s the shade that errrbody was raving for. I have to hunt for it because it was sold out everywhere. Whenever Sephora restock them, it was sold out again.

NYX Butter Gloss 2
My first NYX Butter Gloss was Créme Brulee. I can’t remember how much I bought but it was hella cheap. RM22 maybe? I cannot remember. I don’t use it on its own because I still am not a fan of lip gloss what more having lip gloss on my entire lips on its own. At that time I had issues with lipstick being too dry or cracked and this Butter Gloss is said to work in preventing that if you apply a little bit on the center of the lip. Boy oh boy it works like magic. It is so comfortable on the lips, NOT sticky at all and lasts the whole day. Despite having a matte lipstick on that was drying, a little bit of Butter Gloss on the center of the lips took my mind off the entire day. It is just too comfortable.

It is not opaque. That, you have to take note. But it is decent enough. What I like about this being a lip topper is that regardless what shade I used, it still look natural. It doesn’t change the lipstick shade at all. It just brings life back to the lips. Some lip gloss can break up a lipstick making it all patchy but not Butter Gloss. So far I have no problem with that. It doesn’t change the lipstick texture. It’s like it has its own life lol.

NYX Butter Gloss 3
The scent is quite vanilla-y. Quite pleasant and not nauseating at all. The scent doesn’t lingers on for long. It is gone in no time. If you want a good gloss that is not sticky, affordable and good as lipstick topper to get rid of the dry lipstick feeling, get this Butter Gloss. I am also aware that there is a Intense Butter Gloss. Honestly I have not tried the intense version yet so I can’t compare and tell you which is better. This 5 tubes I have will last me ages and I don’t intend to get anymore 😛

I just did a quick run through my old Sephora receipts and true enough, NYX Butter Gloss was RM22. I bought Créme Brulee at full price and the remaining 4 Butter Gloss I bought at the same year during Sephora Private Sale. I paid RM17.60 each after 20% OFF. Not bad eh! 😀


NYX Butter Gloss is available at all Sephora stores nationwide and at Hermo.

Price: RM26

For more information, please visit NYX Official Website.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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