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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo: Feeling love and hate at the same time, well mostly hate

Ever since NYX was made available in Sephora, I haven’t properly look into its range of products. How can I. Every time I went to Sephora KLCC, NYX shelf is always the busiest and crowded of all. Beats the whole Sephora crowd. There is something about NYX. I see girls with a group of friends making a beeline to the section, crowding the entire section and took several hours swatching, making it almost impossible for me to even see anything. I think I was in luck one Sunday. I went to Sephora KLCC with the intention of grabbing the Soft Matte Lip Cream. I managed to do three swatches (I know right, just three swatches) before a group of girls pushing me away from my back, my left and right. Haigh. Again.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo
The shades that I managed to swatch is San Paulo, Milan and Istanbul. I wanted an everyday shade so the first I pick up was Istanbul. The shade is alright and then I swatched Milan and it is too pale for my dark lips. I had my eyes on San Paulo. The swatch came out vibrant, lovely dark fuchsia shade but I was worried that it might be too bold on me. I couldn’t make up my mind between Istanbul or San Paulo so I walk around a bit to decide.

I ended up not getting any and I’m glad I didn’t. Sephora had a 20% Private Sale the next following weekend and I went back with a mission. Once again NYX shelf was crowded with several groups of girls, swatching crazily. I didn’t have the opportunity to squeeze myself in at all despite several attempt so I slid my right hand in between two girl’s waist to grab San Paulo and Istanbul. All that done without the girls realizing what just happened LOL. Fuhhh, talking about hardcore NYX fans eh?

What hit me was the fact that this is a soft matte lip product and it’s a lip cream. I’m a fan of everything matte so it makes sense for me to grab NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I would assume “soft matte” means it’s not completely matte and “lip cream” means it’s hydrating even for a matte lip product. If you ask me what exactly is this. Well, after using this for a week, I can tell you it’s not a hybrid product of lipstick with lip gloss. It’s more like a liquid lipstick. I actually like the doe-foot applicator very much. It’s huge, it’s soft and it’s not any cheapo doe-foot applicator that will soften up and lost it’s effectiveness after some time. I find it to be the perfect applicator to apply this type of lip cream.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo Doe-Foot Applicator
I was sold on this upon swatching at Sephora. It is so creamy, buttery soft consistency and the color payoff is absolutely amazing. It does carry a scent to it. Most people said it’s vanilla scent but I have no idea what the scent resembles to. It does smells familiar though. The scent does lingers on for quite a bit even until I remove it with Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo Swatch
The color payoff on my lips is my favourite of all. San Paulo compliments every different look I’ve tried so far. I can tell you that the overall makeup simply just stands out whenever I had San Paulo on. The lip cream goes on the lips like a butter, soft matte as the product name suggest. But once the product sets, it turns to a complete matte, on me at least. There is no doubt that NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream does indeed accentuate every single lines and wrinkles I have on my lips. I’ve tried applying lip balm as the base, using lip scrub before that, applying lesser and even applying more but the result is the same. It is so dry on my lips that I can feel a rubbery layer on top. I do like matte lipstick and by far this is one truly matte and dry lipstick I’ve ever used.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo on the lips
I don’t have small, thin lips unfortunately. When I smile to people I talk to, I’m actually shoving them the ugliness of cracked lipstick right to their face. I’m not comfortable with having a cracked lipstick on the lips especially if I need to be in a meeting. Some lipstick do crack a little bit and there’s nothing smudging with a finger can’t do before I get down from my car. And believe me this trick actually do make some lipstick stays smooth thereafter. Not with this one. There is absolutely no way I can smudge and fill in the line gaps because like I said earlier, it dries down rubbery and hard on me. The best I can do is to apply lip gloss on top but that would defeat the purpose of having a matte lipstick isn’t it?

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo crack on the lips3
Now let’s go back to the happy side of the review. Amazing color payoff. I took this full face photo quickly right after applying NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo, before it starts to set and crack lol. Can you see my dilemma here? I love and hate this lip cream at the same time!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo Full Face


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is available at all Sephora outlet nationwide.

Price: RM26 for 8ml. I bought it for RM20.80 after 20% discount.

For more information on this product, please visit NYX International website at http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/p-17-soft-matte-lip-cream.aspx


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Oooh, it looks so pretty on you. Swatched some at Sephora and like the colour payoff too. Didn’t get it as I currently have too many lip products. Looks like I won’t be getting it after your review. Thanks Fiona!

    • I super love the color too. My mum knock my head each time I wanted to pick up a lipstick because I have a lot at home. So I secretly went to Sephora without her in order to get this. It’s really cheap though so I’m not a bit regret hehe 😀 . You can try it first Verona. Maybe your lips and mine are different.

      • Hmm, maybe at the next 20% sale if I can wait that long =p. However my lips are dry too =(. My boyfriend gave up on me and on trying to stop me from purchasing cosmetics. I really have to stop, but I’m just waiting to for Maybelline to launch their Pink Alert lipsticks!! I gotta have one of those!

        • Haha agree. Maybe on the next 20% sales. Sephora emailed me a week earlier that I’m entitled for a 10% discount purchase till August 😛
          Maybelline Pink Alert looks good!

  • Aahh, finally the review! 😀 I love this product to bits, but I can see why you dislike it now after your detailed explanations. XD For me, I have to agree that it does dry down super matte and will show lines, but for me, it doesn’t feel rubbery or like a layer of anything when I wear it. It practically feels like I don’t have any product on my lips at all, while giving my lips a nice pink shade (I use Antwerp). Some days when I do have very dry/flaky lips, I tend to layer some gloss or balm over it. 🙂

    • Haha I purposely posted the photo in Facebook a day before the review 😛 . The lip cream wasn’t that bad. Only doesn’t suit every person. I wish it’s really just soft matte like Burberry Lip Velvet. Hmmmm the product feels heavy on my lips. I can definitely feel it on the lips. So rubbery that I think I can peel it sometimes lol.

  • I love your sense of humour!
    Sliding your arm between the screaming girls’ waists and grabbing the item without them realizing it!
    I was chuckling to myself while reading it…
    thanks for making my day!

    • LOL. True story. I went to NYX shelf so many times until I gerammmm already. If I still don’t grab this NYX lip cream I cannot check out. A girl have to do what a girl have to do hehe

  • the colour is amazingly vibrant on you, super love how it looks! I haven’t bought this SMLC yet but I have the Cream Puff lip cream from Collection. I love it but at the same time sometimes I’m not really comfortable when it dries. It doesn’t hurt my lips or became horrible but I’m used to having a fully hydrated lips feel, so matte product can bother me, hehe

    • The color payoff is crazy intense. No idea why NYX name this Soft Matte. It’s not soft at all. It’s a completely matte lip cream. If only they can maintain the “soft matte” claim then this product will suits everyone 😀 . Some matte lip product is comfortable to wear. You won’t feel anything on the lips. Some for example like this SMLC is heavy on the lips.

  • I saw your Facebook update yesterday. I agree what works for you not necessary it will work for me. This goes to makeup I guess. Sad that it doesn’t matte out nicely on you. I would imagine how much you will like the lipstick^^

    • Nothing is perfect. It’s okay. If only I can tried it on my lips. But it’s so yucky. Everyone literally applies directly on their face at NYX Sephora. That sent a chill down my spine. Luckily it’s just RM20.80 hehe. No harm done 😉

  • I sometimes walk pass Sephora during lunch time and it is quite empty. In the evenings, the store can be crowded at times with more shoppers on testing and swatching mode than to purchase. Some can be insensitive and apply the test items directly onto their skin. Eww. Hence…my reservation on lip items. NYX is drawing a lot of attention due to the affordable price with Benefit or those high end hipster brands. I am sorry it didn’t turn out that well for you. I share the same sentiment on sticky or drying lip products. These days I only apply clear lip balm to bed to protect and hydrate my lips. At work I don’t apply any lip products at all. Admittedly, using lip products complement and complete the makeup. Regardless, I thought the colour looked great on you and I love that smile as always! Bright like sunshine!


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