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Face-to-Face with Hong Kong Actress Nancy Wu for Nutox Renewing Treatment Launch

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I had an interesting Friday last week. Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu, who’s also the ambassador for skincare brand Nutox was here in Klang for a meet and greet session with her fans as well as to officiate the official launch of the NEW Nutox Renewing Treatment range. Nancy is currently on Astro On Demand series “The Unholy Alliance”, which I love to watch every night. No kidding! I am not for one that goes after movie stars, but Nancy Wu is kinda irresistibly beautiful to resist 🙂 . As soon as she step out, I was in awe. She looked exactly the same as on TV lol 😛 . Beautiful as ever.

Nancy Wu was here to promote the new Nutox skincare range; Renewing Treatment, which comes in a pale pink packaging. Major love! She is the best testament to every woman’s ultimate skin goal, and that is to be youthful with flawless radiance complexion. And because we are Asian and we live in a hot and humid country, our skin tend to be dull. Are you aware that skin dullness is also the first sign of aging? Other skin aging symptoms includes wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, which decreases the skin’s natural renewal abilities. Nutox Renewing Treatment is made to help the skin to renew itself gently but yet effectively.

Nutox Renewing Treatment Nancy Wu
Human skin natural renewal cycle happens every 28 days. At the end of the cycle, old or dead skin cells are replaced with new one. With that, we need a good skincare range to aid the skin’s renewal cycle, even better if it has the ability to boost skin renewal.

Nutox Renewing Treatment range comes with LumiNes technology, which combines two main ingredients – Lumiskin and Actistem Gold Nest. Both works by litting the skin’s glow from within. LumiNes technology activates the skin’s sleeping skin stem cells and improvising skin texture. Through regular consistent usage, the skin will be naturally radiant! What I like about the Nutox Renewing Treatment range is that it only has 3 products. Phew! Not six or eight products to layer on and that is good news.


Renewing Treatment Lotion (RM59.90 / 150ml)

Nutox Renewing Treatment Lotion
Toner, or better know as Lotion is meant to prep your skin for further skincare steps in order to receive the full benefits from the Essence and Cream. With LumiNes technology in it, it buffs and lifts all skin impurities for a radiant effect, as well as to replenish moisture deep into the skin. Using this is pretty standard. You either pour onto palms and pat all over the face and net or you dispense it on a cotton pad and swipe all over the face and neck. Whichever way you prefer.


Renewing Treatment Essence (RM75.90 / 30ml)

Nutox Renewing Treatment Essence
Now, this! This I’m interested. It is a milky essence that deeply moisturize, help to protect the skin against UV damages and pollution as well as to expedite the skin’s surface renewing cycle for long term radiance. Just pump 2 to 3 pumps onto the fingertips and smooth all over face and neck using upward movements.


Renewing Treatment Cream (RM49.90 / 30ml)

Nutox Renewing Treatment Cream
Now we’ve come to the last step. See! So simple and easy 😀 . The Cream, which is also a Nancy Wu favourite among all. Most Malaysians like to skip the cream, but I can tell you that is a big no-no. Cream is the skincare step that you shouldn’t skip among of all. It balances the skin level and provides nourishment from skin deep to smoothen, energise and improve the overall complexion. Did I mention foundation goes on smoothly and beautifully too? All you need is a pea-sized amount, smooth over the skin using upward motions until it’s fully absorbed. As simple as that.

Here’s another photo of the beautiful radiant Nancy Wu to end this post for you fans out there!

Nutox Renewing Treatment Nancy Wu 2


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  • I hope you will have a review on the treatment lotion. 😀 maybe compare it with a few drugstore treatment lotion. haha

    • Oh. Gotta wait till I finish the current toner. I’ve been itching to pop a new bottle actually.


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