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Review: Guerlain Blanc de Perle Promises a Brightening & Whitening Pearl Perfection Complexion

Now that I have improved on my skin texture and cell renewal rate it is time to focus on something else. Something that has been bothering me lots since many years ago. Most of you will agree with me that having breakout is a major frustration not because of the breakout itself but because of the marks left behind. It is so hard to get rid of them especially if you get continuous breakout waves like I do. To make things worse is when overall complexion is dull.

The secret of Guerlain’s signature aura since the 1830s is PEARLS. Pearl is a good example of miracle of purity and radiance that embodiment of total perfection. For many centuries scientists around the world have been trying to solve the mystery of the pearl. Guerlain was also truly inspired by this fascinating enigma. In 2011, Guerlain explored the pearl’s secrets for whiteness and radiance. La Maison Guerlain infuses all knowledge and all expertise into the Blanc de Perle skincare and make-up range and make-up. As a result the range – Blanc de Perle is a beauty routine with cutting-edge skincare  products, which now improvised and enriched with new formulas to make the skin even more translucent and luminous. Now in 2013 Guerlain reinvent a whole new whitening protection which is infused with new generation of protective, radiant skincare products and a totally new broad-spectrum approach. Guerlain has now unveiled its multi-layer protective technology with innovative “broad spectrum” protection – “SKIN SHIELD TECHNOLOGY” – which protects both tissue and cells.


Guerlain Blanc de Perle Lotion (RM195 / 200ml)

Despite being a whitening product, this lotion tones and moisturises the skin at the same time and effectively treating dark spots. It is enriched with active anti-ageing detoxifying ingredients. It also prevent free radical damages thus protecting the skin’s youthfulness while leaving the skin feeling silky soft, luminous and even.

This huge 200ml bottle comes with a pump and with a one-twist ON and OFF feature. This is to prevent unnecessary spillage if any. There’s this one time I didn’t OFF the pump nozzle properly and dropped the bottle without realizing there’s some spillage inside the cap. When I took the cap off the next morning I notice that the lotion had harden and turned slightly jelly. This also proves that the outer cap (silver one) that you see on the right side closed on tightly.

The lotion is clear in color. The scent is pretty fragrant so if you are not used to fragrant skin care it may be a tad bit strong for your nose and it does lingers on for quite a bit too. On each usage I’d need to use 2 pump on cotton pad. These 2 pumps is enough to goes on my skin smoothly but also dries down pretty quickly without drying my skin. I was secretly hoping it will dry up my skin since my skin is so oily lol!

Some of you might think whitening lotion is costly and unnecessary. You are wrong. I find that by implementing a whitening lotion to current whitening routine it does help a lot with the whitening process. What I like about this lotion is how it successfully removed the dirt off my face so I always end up with a brown cotton pad. Yes even after I cleanse my face. Which is why I like it.



Guerlain Blanc de Perle P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence (RM410 / 30ml)

This product is on my wish list previously as the essence is concentrated with P.E.A.R.L. complex. What this Essence does is that it releases an exceptional whitening power and effectively reduces the size and also intensity of dark spots. It is also this whitening power that intrigued me very much. The essence is enriched with active anti-ageing detoxifying ingredients to effectively prevent free radicals damages and to protect the skin’s youthfulness. As a result the complexion will be silky smooth, luminous thus visibly more translucent.

This is a powerful and concentrated whitening essence therefore it comes in a glass dropper bottle. I am totally into glass dropper bottle nowadays especially for essence as I get to control the amount to use each time. The bottle is shorter and smaller therefore the pipette is also shorter according to it’s bottle size. But no worries on that. It works just fine 🙂

I found something interesting at the mouth of the glass bottle. There is a plastic “net” to slides off excess essence from the glass pipette. What a brilliant idea!

I absolutely love the texture of the essence. It’s extremely fine texture is absorbed instantly for full and efficient diffusion. The instruction stated to apply two pearl-sized drops morning and night. Personally, I find that the amount is not sufficient for me so I used 3 to 4 drops. The color of the essence is beige white upon dispensing out but spreads out into transparent.

The scent is similar to the Lotion but not as strong as the Lotion. It is still bearable even for those that are sensitive towards fragrant skin care as the scent disburse away after it goes on the skin. It is definitely not sticky because of the amount used.

This would be my favorite item from Blanc de Perle range. Because of it’s highly concentrated P.E.A.R.L. complex and whitening power it helps with brightening the overall complexion of my face, helps to even out the redness from breakout and lighten trails of acne marks. I will show you what is the end result at the end of this post 🙂



Guerlain Blanc de Perle Matifying Hydrating Emulsion (RM234 / 50ml)

This emulsion is pretty interesting. It is a hydrating whitening emulsion but yet mattifies the skin. Its exquisitely fresh and light emulsion glides onto the skin with ease. This unique combination is said to leave a silky-smooth matte finishing. With constant diligent use of this emulsion, small pigmentation imperfections will fade gradually. Only that the skin will regain it’s glow, smooth and suppleness from within.

The 50ml emulsion is housed in a long and slim white tube that comes with a silver pump head. As you pump out the emulsion more and more the body of the tube will shrunk. This is because of the product and air that are pumped out. I must admit I use this the least because of how the tube shrunk. It makes photographing this product harder as some of the silver writing are sunken in. That’s just me :). I like to photograph all the products for review first before using but I was so excited with this in particular that I do it the opposite way. There will be no issue at all for end users.

The emulsion is silky smooth but yet hydrating enough to keep my face hydrated and at the same time mattes the skin. The texture is light enough to instantly absorbed deep into the skin thus delivering long-lasting intense hydration besides injecting whitening properties in.

The scent remains the same signature scent from the range. The absorption rate for the emulsion is so fast that the scent disappears as soon as it is absorbed in.

The emulsion dispense out milky white in color. It is slightly thicker in texture comparing with P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence. I find that this emulsion doesn’t really mattifies my oily skin despite turning slightly matte after fully absorbed. Unfortunately the matte finishing doesn’t last. To be frank I don’t really expect it to afterall it is a whitening product that also hydrate the skin. This is because whitening products are known to be drying especially on dry skin. Nowadays more and more brand are coming up with whitening products that are hydrating. This one? Does what it said for me except for the matifying.

No doubt there are many different types and brands of whitening products which doesn’t make choosing the right one any easier. I too struggled a bit in a desperate attempt to fight dull complexion and even out redness and acne marks. To be really frank here. My first and main priority is always lightening all the stubborn acne marks that I had since teenage years. I wasn’t born with good and perfect skin like my brother does. I still think my brother and I had switched skin type!

With the right, suitable skin care regime my cell renewal turnover is faster which makes any other skin care absorption much more better. In my case it is this Blanc de Perle range that helped me to even out all the uneven skin tone (older acne marks) on the top 3/4 of my face. The other 1/4 is the jawline which still suffer breakout attack every now and then.

When I took the Before picture, my skin texture has improved a lot but I still suffer from breakout which is good because I can show you how this range benefited me and my skin. After using Blanc de Perle Whitening range diligently for a month twice a day, I can see substational result regardless the fact that I am still suffering breakout continuously NOT by using the products but due to hormonal. All the redness caused by the breakout soothes out within a week and slowly the marks are visibly reduced. That means the marks doesn’t stay and sit on my face like it used to because I treated it immediately. It’s amazing how a few whitening products can do to my skin.

I know what you are thinking. The price is on the high side. Yes it is. That is because it uses active and complex ingredients. Active, complex and highly concentrate ingredients works faster and better too. I have used other whitening products before but the result is never as close as this. I have no patience when it comes to whitening. I want a fast and effective products to get rid of imperfection on my face. Having said that I took a sweet whole month to test out Blanc de Perle range properly before putting it down in writing. I guess I was pretty happy with the result that I kind of forget about reviewing it!

Would I repurchase anything when I finish the current products? Actually yes. I can foresee that I will splurge on P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence and the Lotion. I still have 2 tubes of UV Base to go through so that will take a while 🙂


Guerlain Blanc de Perle range is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Sogo.
1) Blanc de Perle Lotion – RM195 / 200ml
2) Blanc de Perle P.E.A.R.L Drop Whitening Essence – RM410 / 30ml
3) Blanc de Perle Matifying Hydrating Emulsion – RM234 / 50ml


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Look at that marks! Successfully lighten!

    • Success! 😀 If only those breakout stops. So I’m constantly treating sigh

  • Woah, the difference is astounding. Well, looks like it is a product from Guerlain that can possibly work miracles on the skin. Is this a new launch?

    • Not really. The range has been available but they improvised the formula so the one I reviewed are 2013 version 🙂

      • The before and after photos shown are the results of the 2013 version?

        • Yes. After picture was taken last week 😛

      • Nice results lah. I’m tempted already! I’m such a sucka for Guerlain products teehee

        • Everyone melts with Guerlain. I cannot go near their counter. I’ll be bankrupt if I do 😀

          • Ki so agree on that. Guerlain is addictive! >.<

          • Haha baby steps ya. I know you are still studying so take your time.

  • Wow the results are impressive, you can see a clear difference. But the price *gulp*, I guess products that really work don’t come cheap eh….so long it works, I reckon it will make a good investment.

    • I’m pretty happy with overall result. Other area besides the breakout area is also brighter. Just need time to fix the jawline 🙁
      You are right about the prices for products that work. Maybe active ingredients are much more expensive. But in a long run it will be the same. It’s either you invest in a few ok ok products or just pay one off for a good one 🙂

  • Eh my reply went missing!!?!?!
    Anyway… I am drooling over ur bright smooth marks free face… I wanna be like that aaaaaaaa!!!
    I hate my stress acne.
    And the stubirn marks

    • Oh no wonder I didn’t see your reply.
      Not completely smooth yet. Still have some and the new break out keep popping out *faint*. When I’m under the sun especially on weekend I look dark and dull. Now without makeup also won’t look dull. Acne and marks is our new enemy lol

      • Ya my big big enemy.. I didnt have acnes like this even in teens lo..
        Damm sad la.
        But now the jaw ones are gone.. althouhh the ones left at cheeks are super unsightly. .. haiz.. when ppl see me (those that didnt see me for a long time) they get a shock

        Haiyo why all the good products sk expensive!!! Eve lom 400 this also 400 @.@
        If I can only get one..which u recommend to get first?

        • Get Guerlain. Cause your face is not dehydrated :). So that can wait 😀

          • Neeeeedddd to saaaavvvveee up! Haha thx for the advice ya!!!

          • Haha yes need 😛

  • Wow the before and after difference is quite obvious. I think I’ll have to check this line out. Summer is quick approaching, and I need all the whitening products I can get.

    • Yes :). It’s a good thing I had some issues going on my face to test the range properly for a month. Your skin is way better than mine. Lots! You will need protection more than treating 😉

      • Hi Fiona, l love yr blog. Is the eve lom eye lift and intense hydrating serum does any good for eye bags and also the serum (my skin is dehydrated and with pigmention) does it help, thanks

        • Hi Wendy, thanks!

          Eve Lom Eye Lift is more of a anti-wrinkle, lifting and firming. For eye bag issues I would suggest as the result is more immediate and guaranteed.
          As for Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum, it works well in hydrating the skin without making it oily. It is quite good so this one you can try. As for pigmentation you would need whitening range like this Blanc de Perle. Currently I’m using Eve Lom and Blanc de Perle too 🙂

  • Thanks for yr reply. As for Blanc de Perle is Guerlain?, if its Guerlain Blanc de Perle i don’t think i cant get in Penang (no counter loh). StriVectin-TL, where to get it, thank yah

    • Yes Guerlain. You are replying in Guerlain Blanc de Perle post :). Perhaps friends at KL can help you to buy and courier over to you? 😉

      I’ve also listed on where to buy for StriVectin at the bottom of the post (Isetan The Gardens, Metrojaya Mid Valley, Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson 1 Utama, Parkson Gurney Plaza and Sephora) :). The nearest to you in Penang would be Parkson Gurney Plaza.

  • thanks

    • No problemo

  • Hey there!;)
    Does the Guerlain Blanc de Perle P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence contains “Alcohol”? Thanks !^^

    • Hi Izumi, unfortunately the essence does contain Alcohol in it.

      • Uh,but the alcohol in this essence does NOT cause you any breakout right?(:

        • Yes, you can read about it in the review 🙂

          • (: I see. have you try Guerlain Pearl Fusion Whitening Treatment though?What’s the difference between this one and the essence?:)

          • No I haven’t cause I personally don’t need that intensive one.
            Guerlain Pearl Fusion Whitening Treatment is SIX TIMES more concentrated in P.E.A.R.L. complex than the essence. In another word this is an intensive whitening concentrated gel.

  • haha.Sry for late reply!^^
    Anyway have you tried Caudalie’s VINOPERFECT SÉRUM ÉCLAT ANTI-TACHES ??I’m not sure but i heard ppl say that this thing help with acne scars as well.I haven’t tried but would like to ahha!(:

    • Oh no I have not tried Caudalie one. I wouldn’t mind trying ;). Thanks for the heads up 🙂

      • Ahha,no problem. Do let me know how you feel about it if you happen to try it out!(:(:(:

        • Will do dear 🙂


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