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5 Things You Need to Know About Unicorn Brushes

Unicorn Brushes 1
Unicorn, holo, rainbow, iridescent. These are what beauty enthusiasts are obsessed with from the recent trend. I think the key word is unique. Anything that is not the ordinary sells like hot cake. Then came the obsession with anything unicorn. And the Unicorn Brushes were launch and people go nuts!

The original Unicorn Brushes are not cheap and it is based on pre-order. Is there even such thing as the “original”? I don’t know. It’s the first to launch, it has better aesthetic look to it such as iridescent handle, evenly-made unicorn rainbow bristles and a unicorn brush pouch. I didn’t jump onto the unicorn brush bandwagon the minute it was out. I learnt through all the years of being a beauty enthusiast that some things are best to wait. And I was right this time. Unicorn Brushes are sold at RM90 per set of 5 or 10 on average, depending on the seller. Thanks to some shopping vouchers I obtained from some event, I had to browse through an online shopping portal that I discovered Unicorn Brushes selling for just RM11 per set of 5 or add RM4 to upgrade to a set of 10. But of course all the 10 pieces were sold out and I had to settle with a 5-piece set. I bought two different 5-piece set as I had to maximize my shipping fee. I got them weeks later and I hated them. Then I browse through the site again only to discovered the same seller changed the price to RM11 for a set of 10 pieces. This time I was determined to get another set but in plain white bristles. I got them weeks later again as seller informed me that it was sold out. When I got them, I was so happy with it. The plain white bristles with pastel purple handles are way better looking than the colorful bristles. Here are 5 Things You Need to Know About Unicorn Brushes.


1. They’re Light

Unicorn Brushes 2
These brushes are no doubt made in China. They are synthetic brushes with plastic handles. Despite some of the face brushes had a longer and fluffier bristles, overall they are light. The lightest brushes I own. It feels rather weird on hand especially when using it to do makeup as it is awfully light weight.


2. Plasticky Handle

Unicorn Brushes 3
The unicorn swirl handles are made with light, flimsy plastic material. It feels plasticky, it looks plasticky. It’s pretty alright. However, the workmanship surprised me the most. It is not badly made overall. Not even any glue were popping out of the sides of the metal ferrules. In fact these are quite well-made despite being a mass production and cheap product. Quite a neat job I say. Because the bottom are so light and the top bristles are much more heavier, it doesn’t sit well in brush container. It tends to tumble down if not placed properly. I think the handles are way too long. Sometimes it can get very inconvenient, hitting the mirror in front of me constantly. I am constantly worrying that I might snap the handles in two as they are so flimsy!


3. Easy to Blend

Unicorn Brushes 5
I notice that all of the bigger brushes especially the face brushes has wavy bristles. These brushes are made with synthetic taklon-like material so that they are soft but these type of material also makes the bristles to be “slippery”. Understandably it is harder for the bristles to grab products and this will pisses off users. So wavy bristles are used for better grip. I was surprised the manufacturer thought this through. Or do they? Is it just my thoughts? Maybe. Putting that aside, I absolutely love the eye brushes. The blending brush blends transition shade on the crease so effortlessly. I was shocked. One thing you have to bear in mind is that you are not paying hundreds so the least expectation the better.


4. No Discolouration During Washing

Unicorn Brushes 4
I was so curious to see if the color dye will comes off from the colorful bristles and so I washed these brushes several times and nope. There were no discolouration coming off from the brushes. I even run the brushes over a white towel to double confirm. Not bad.


5. Dry Fast

Unicorn Brushes 6
I also tested to see if these brushes dry fast. Compared to Sigma or Zoeva, these definitely dry faster even under fan condition. And they are so easy to clean and wash. It doesn’t stain the white bristles but that said, I haven’t left it unattended long enough. It may be a different case based on the product used with and based on how frequent you deep wash your brushes. I’m not too worried as this type of bristles are basically easier to wash through.

Unicorn Brushes 7
There you have it! My 5 Things You Need to Know About Unicorn Brushes. These are the basics you need to know if you have been wanting to get these Unicorn Brushes. Are they a good buy? I paid RM11 for a set so I have to say yes it is, as my spare brushes. I have no complain on them. I use a lot of brushes everyday so these would be good as rotation brushes so that I don’t run out of clean brushes before the next deep wash 🙂


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  • So pretty!
    anything to do with unicorn is pretty, in fact 😀

    • Lucky for me I’m not obsessed with unicorn. Certain things I do buy like the rainbow highlighter and these brushes other than that, not attracted 🙂


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