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What I Wore Vol. 11

What I Wore Vol 11
Does this dress look familiar to you? Yeap! It’s the turquoise version of the purple dress I wore in What I Wore Vol. 5.

In the recent post I shared about Losing Weight, I’ve lost about 2kg at that time and since then I’ve lost another 1-2kg. Lost of appetite is one of the main cause among other contributing reasons. This dress has been fitting me nicely since post-depression 2 years ago. Now, it fits even nicer in my opinion as I’ve also lost that little tummy from What I Wore Vol. 5. The only thing I still don’t like about the dress is the low back. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of a low back dress but somehow it shows my boney spines. Bones that I never knew existed!

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What I Wore Vol. 10

What I Wore Vol. 10
Yesterday was happy hour night. Gosh, I can’t remember when was the last time I went out for a drink. I’m more of a coffee person rather anything alcohol for various reasons, especially after I was on clean eating and a healthier lifestyle. My running/coffee buddy said he would want a change so off to drinking we went! I texted my friend in the afternoon saying we should do an OOTD shoot at the beautiful rooftop we found last week coffee meet.

I bought a sleek high-waisted shorts a day ago at H&M. It was buy 2 get 1 free currently so I needed to get the 3rd item. Usually I would rather spend on dresses. Unfortunately there aren’t much choices left at H&M. I bought 2 dresses and this shorts is a free item! At first I saw size 4. I’m usually in between size 4 to 6. For pants, hmmm don’t think so size 4 would fit me. I roamed around and found another piece at size 6. I tried it out and it fits me nicely. The shorts is suppose to be loose fitting and kinda baggy so I’m not so concern about it being huge. The waistline of the shorts makes my waist looked so small LOL. Major love for this piece seriously.

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What I Wore Vol. 9

What I Wore Vol. 9
This one is not so much of what I wore recently but more like what’s on my face. Oh by the way, I may start a new series of What I Wore – Face Edition 😛 . Let me know if you’re interested with that. It’s mainly on makeup used on my face lah.

Before I start with the fashion part of this, I wanna talk to you about the makeup. You must be wondering if there’s any makeup on my face. I wonder too LOL. You see, I’m very much into the American style makeup as you already are aware based on my heavy Instagram photos. I like the warm crease type of eye makeup with a winged eyeliner, contoured, bronzed and highligted face, as well as matte lipstick. That’s my style of makeup, regardless to events or everyday look. Then, everybody else I know are into Korean and Japanese style of makeup. You know, the type of makeup that is so sheer that it’s only noticeable when you’re 10cm away from their face. These are the type of makeup that doesn’t shows up on photos and these are the type of makeup I avoid. So one day I took out the Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes in #Strawberry Mojito palette. It has peach, pink, and green in the palette so I thought I should explore “out of my comfort zone” so-called. It looked absolutely beautiful on the eyes with all the blingy shimmers. But on photo? NOTHING. Just like the photo you see above. I do have tons of eye makeup on trust me lol 😛 . The thing is, I’ve been wearing the same palette for a few days and I didn’t even realized how sheer it is. I should have known better. I have always known actually. Nope. Korean or Japanese makeup is really not for me. Lesson learned.

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What I Wore Vol. 8

What I Wore Vol. 8
This outfit (except for the denim jacket) is probably the most asked about. I wore it for my Gaston Luga Pråper backpack photos and I didn’t expect the outcome to be this interesting.

The main star of the outfit is definitely the colorful shinny spaghetti top from Zara Trafaluc Spring/Summer 2017 collection. I knew this type of top is not everybody’s taste but it caught my eyes and I love it. Bought it in a single heart beat 🙂

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What I Wore Vol. 6

H&M Polka Dot Dress
I went to a Guardian event recently dressed casually as it was a dull week and the event I assumed will going to be a quick one. I knew there will be lunch served after the event and this dress from H&M is a tight one but since I don’t eat that much, it doesn’t bother me. I thought I was dressed too casual until a few ladies told me I look pretty as soon as I reached the venue. I guess it’s a nice dress afterall, eh?

Here’s a funny story. I had a discount voucher from H&M for registering for their newsletter way before H&M Online came about. They gave me a 20% OFF voucher and it is only to be used for store purchase only. I went to H&M with an intention of picking up a dress, saw this polka dot wrap dress, tried it and I couldn’t decide if I want to get this particular size or one size larger. Reason is, this dress is not stretchable and the only way to get into the dress is from the bottom. My size (the one I’m wearing) looked way nicer but a size larger is more comfortable and easier to get in. I left the store without this dress as I couldn’t decide. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, I found this dress on sale but one size larger. After a few stores visit, I accidentally stumbled upon this dress again. I bought it without much thinking. It’s half the price and it’s my size 😛

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What I Wore Vol. 4

Zalora Water Colour Printed Swing Dress 1v2
Phew! Mid of the month was a hectic one with back-to-back events. After two days of bouncing from one event to another and another, I am officially dead tired. I wonder how other bloggers did it because I cannot even survive past 2 days! All the events recently doesn’t really require me to dress up nicely except for one day, where I was bouncing from L’Erbolario Tra i Ciliegi launch to Etude House Pre-Opening Party to Cars 3 movie premiere.

My dress choice of the day? Zalora Water Colour Printed Swing Dress, which I bought quite some time ago but only wore it briefly once as I cannot find my strapless nude underwear 😛 . So I had this dress for months but not able to wear it out as it is very sheer and only specific underwear can be worn underneath. Now that I remember to sort out the underwear, this dress is out to see the day light.