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What I Wore Vol. 3

Ultron Minerva H&M Running Shorts
I have totally forgotten to update this series for the past 2 weeks! LOL. Sorry girls. Been a little bit busy. I thought I want to catch up with the series but then I figure I should post up a slightly different What I Wore edition for this week. Reason being, I went back to running. I bet you have no idea that I sort of been on a hiatus 😛 .

One fine day last week I woke up, had breakfast and saw that the sky is still cloudy and I said to myself “this is a perfect weather for a run”. And so I did. I changed and went to my favourite lake. By the time I jam my way and reached the corner of the park, the sun came out. What the… But no complain because I miss my multiple tan lines and I’ve been wanting to have them back on my skin. And I must admit, I miss all the muscles I developed from constant running 🙁

Billini Fashion H&M Something Borrowed What I Wore Zalora

What I Wore Vol. 2

Something Borrowed Lace Bodycon Dress 1
I have a few beautiful new dresses in the wardrobe and one of it is this Lace Bodycon Dress. Tell you a funny story on this dress. I had three dresses in my shopping cart and I was checking out. I always pay for my dress purchases with my Paypal and that day, no idea what is wrong with me that I decided I wanted to make payment using my Maybank account. So I hit the go back button and the page went missing. Then I saw the so-called order in my account with “payment pending” on it. I clicked on the order, didn’t see any button to click so I could make payment and I wanted to re-add all the dresses into my cart so I could reorder. This Lace Bodycon Dress was the last piece so I wasn’t able to find it anymore. I called Zalora as I was desperate. Here’s what’s interesting. I was told the order did not went through (as I expected as I didn’t pay for it) and there is no way they could “release” this dress back into the market from their end. All I can do is to wait 4 hours for the system to auto-refresh. If I still didn’t see it in 4 hours, that means it will take 24 hours. Oh my gosh!

#IWillBeOkay Crocs Fashion H&M What I Wore

What I Wore Vol. 1

Fiona Crocs
I meant to start a What I Wore series after mentioning briefly about it in my Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses post some time ago. It was supposed to be called Favourite Look of the Week, then I realized it’s harder for me to do it once a week. So, instead of choosing one favourite look from the entire week, I’m going to post one by one (if any). Hence this What I Wore series 😀

I have so many looks I wanted to talk about and I keep on forgetting about it. Let’s start today’s series with a simple one. A current casual wear which I have been sporting every now and then.

H&M News

Highly Anticipated H&M Beauty is Coming to Malaysia!

H&M Beauty Malaysia 1
You know what?

H&M Beauty is FINALLY coming to Malaysia this Fall 2017!

Last year I went to Singapore for Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence media launch and the one thing I have got to do is to check out the H&M Beauty over there. Paris B and I have been talking about going to our nearest H&M to take a look at this makeup line and we did! A few of us walked from our hotel St Regis all the way to Orchard to the largest H&M store (I think) lol. I can’t remember as it has been a year!

H&M Beauty covers a range of cosmetics, body and hair products. They do have EVERYTHING under the moon but what got us excited is none other than the makeup products. Of course. We are a beauty blogger. What else could get us all excited but makeup 😛 . It is said that there will be over 1,000 makeup, body and hair products within the range. Packaging remains the same signature base colours of ivory, black and gold. Previously H&M makeup brushes has its own space and now the beauty line will have a new space on its own in H&M stores. What about limited edition collections? Well, it will be launched from time to time too! Here’s what to expect from H&M Beauty Malaysia. Please take note that all the photos are taken under dim lighting so bear with me 😛

H&M Shopping Tips

What You Didn’t Know About H&M Online Delivery

What You Didn't Know About H&M Online Delivery
So the news about H&M going online broke a month ago and they even offered a special 20% OFF code for the first flock of people who signed up for their newsletter. The promise was that once H&M Online was launched, these flock of people who signed up will received a discount code. H&M kept their promise alright. I received my discount code, placed my order and was put through a local delivery drama. I posted all of that and what went wrong on my Instagram Stories.

H&M News

H&M Makeup Brushes Now Available At All H&M Stores!

If you’re into makeup brushes like me, oh well, I like everything actually *lol*, then you’ll love this bit of news. H&M Malaysia recently brought in a wide varieties of makeup brushes and it is available at all H&M stores in Malaysia (according to Sunway Pyramid store) 🙂

H&M Makeup Brushes
I first saw these makeup brushes at H&M IOI City Mall but I was too tired after an event and I wasn’t in the mood to take photos. However I did post up a sneak peek on my Instagram so do stalk me on Instagram as that is where I post up EVERYTHING first. Two days later, I went to H&M store in Sunway Pyramid to sneakily take some photos so let me warn you first that all the photos in this post are absolutely crappy as the brushes are “strategically” placed facing the cashier counter. I need to take the photos secretly and I really hate being sneaky with photographs. So yes, really crappy photos ahead.