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What I Wore Vol. 2

Something Borrowed Lace Bodycon Dress 1
I have a few beautiful new dresses in the wardrobe and one of it is this Lace Bodycon Dress. Tell you a funny story on this dress. I had three dresses in my shopping cart and I was checking out. I always pay for my dress purchases with my Paypal and that day, no idea what is wrong with me that I decided I wanted to make payment using my Maybank account. So I hit the go back button and the page went missing. Then I saw the so-called order in my account with “payment pending” on it. I clicked on the order, didn’t see any button to click so I could make payment and I wanted to re-add all the dresses into my cart so I could reorder. This Lace Bodycon Dress was the last piece so I wasn’t able to find it anymore. I called Zalora as I was desperate. Here’s what’s interesting. I was told the order did not went through (as I expected as I didn’t pay for it) and there is no way they could “release” this dress back into the market from their end. All I can do is to wait 4 hours for the system to auto-refresh. If I still didn’t see it in 4 hours, that means it will take 24 hours. Oh my gosh!

So, as you can expect it was a stressful day that day as I really wanted the dress and it was the one and only last piece available. To make things worse, I was about to go out for an event. That means in 4 hours time I will not be at home to snatch the dress into my cart and pay immediately. 4 hours late I checked Zalora site again and the dress is still unavailable. I continued with the event, went home, fire up my laptop in zero to hundred second and voilá! I saw the dress. No one have bought it!! My lucky day.

This Lace Bodycon Dress is by Something Borrowed and I got it for RM29 only. I had a 20% discount code with certain purchase amount and so I paid RM23.20 in the end. Besides Maxqullo and Missguided, Something Borrowed is one of the brand that I like from Zalora. This dress has lace all over. It is only available in Size M, which is a size larger than what I used to wear from Something Borrowed. But it fits me perfectly, with some spare spaces on the tummy, which I am quite happy with. Despite a size larger, it is super flattering on me, although the looser back doesn’t sit well on my smaller upper body. It has a long see-through lace sleeves with a deep-V back. I had my eyes on the black last time but this red is prettier than I expected. Plus I’ve always wanted a red dress so why not.

Something Borrowed Lace Bodycon Dress 2
I wore this to Clarins Double Serum press launch two weeks ago. Red coincide with Clarins’ logo color. The event was one of the major launch for Clarins and it was held at St. Regis KL. This dress I say was perfect for the occasion, the event and the venue. And of course I have to pair this dress with a heels from my all-time favourite shoe brand, Billini 🙂

Dress: Something Borrowed Lace Bodycon Dress (RM29.90 after discount)
Heels: Billini Oasis (RM59 after discount)
Necklace: H&M Gold Dual-Long Necklace (RM10 after discount)

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  • Haha I know this feeling of online shopping panic lol
    Glad you got the dress – looks great on you. The price is hard to believe , too!

    • Yes lol. So stressful. Remind me not to have itchy fingers next time haha.
      Glad not so much people like red dress! Otherwise this would be gone when I got home


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