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Favourite Look of the Week, Featuring Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses

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I am going to start a fashion series here in Street Love. I don’t think I will be doing lookbook at the moment as that take a lot of time. Let’s start small. Let’s start with just one. I am going to pick one of my favourite look and name it as Favourite Look of the Week. So you will get to see what dress, shoe, sunglasses, hair style etc that I have created and like the most 😀

I bought a few new dresses for a few coming events two weeks ago. Currently I am very much into the brand Missguided. I describe Missguided style as simple with unique sexy style. This dress Silky Strappy Wrap Over Midi Dress is one size larger than my current dress size but it fits on nicely. However it is a silk dress afterall so it tend to get tight when I sweat. I was contemplating if I should return it. In the end I decided to keep it. No regret at all! The dress have a deep V-neck but not revealing, depending on the adjustment of the dress strap. The front of the dress has a split with the fabric end overlapping each other. I am a fast walker with huge foot step. With this dress I have to somewhat walk slower with smaller foot step. It’s a silk dress so it flows beautifully as I walk 😉

The main highlight of my favourite look of the week other than the dress that I absolutely love, is this Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses. I did an unboxing on my Instagram Stories and a lot of you DM me asking me what is the name and where I got it. I got it at SmartBuyGlasses 😀 . Personally I prefer a large round sunnies as I do have a larger face perimeter. Sunglasses that are this huge suits all face sizes. Prada Minimal Baroque are worn by so many celebrities include Beyonce, Eva Mendes, Ashley Olsen, and many more. The feature that attracts me to the Prada Minimal Baroque is the swirl temples.

Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 2
Let’s do a little unboxing shall we?

My Prada Minimal Baroque was delivered from Hong Kong and it arrived in less than 3 days I believe. It came in a brown box, and on the inside is the main Prada box that is securely bubble wrapped. There is also another sleeve, which I removed and the actual white Prada box was revealed.

Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 3
We are not done with the boxes yet. After I remove the leather-like square white box, there is another box. Well, it is more like a case as that is the main casing for the sunglasses. A cleaning cloth and a little product booklet.

Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 4
Look at how beautiful the Prada Minimal Baroque is! The color I chose is Transparent Matte Dark Grey frame with Black temples. I find transparent frame is way better than glossy for people who has makeup on. It does not get slippery or oily and cleaning is way easier. This sunglasses does not have a full on black lens as mine has a Grey Brown Gradient Mirror on it. It is clear even on cloudy days. You know how our weather is these days. It’s sunny at one minute and cloudy the next.

Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 5
SmartBuyGlasses product page will clearly tell you which year the sunglasses are released and what type of frame shape. So you will roughly know how the frame looks like. The Prada Minimal Baroque is a round frame shape. But of course I also did a lot of googling to see how it looks like on real human 😀

I like how a hidden Prada name is embossed on the front top left of the lens <3

Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 6

Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 7
Transparent Matte Dark Grey frame with Black temples
Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 8
Swirl temples, the main highlight of Prada Minimal Baroque
Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 9
Grey Brown Gradient Mirror lens

Three fashion piece that are my favourite from this week’s favourite look. I know, I know. I overkill with using the word favourite lol.

  • Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses
  • Missguided Silky Strappy Wrap Over Midi Dress
  • Billini Oasis Tan Heels

Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 10
Hope you enjoyed this new fashion series in the blog. I know the Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses has been receiving more attention than I do this week so do head over to SmartBuyGlasses to check out all their designer eyewear. They also offer great discount too! Mine retails for RM1,223.95 after discount from retail price RM1,631.93 🙂


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  • You’re gorgeous, Fiona! Absolutely stunning!

    • Thanks dear <3 . I’m into fashion these days so need to do more fashion post hehe!

  • WORK them heels!!!

    • Working! Working! 😀


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