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Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection for Spring 2016

Etude House Berry Delicious 1
Etude House fans will notice that their favourite well-known Korean brand have been releasing limited edition collection using fruit theme. For Spring 2016, Etude House went with the strawberry theme and yesterday was the official launch preview of the entire Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection. You know the drill. Get comfy, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and read on!

Etude House Berry Delicious 2
Let’s start with the face products 😀

Etude House Berry Delicious 3


Precious Mineral Any Cushion (RM141)

Etude House Berry Delicious 4
Fans and collectors of cushion foundation are in for a treat! Precious Mineral Any Cushion compact case gets a makeover to coincide with Berry Delicious theme. I am not a fan of cushion foundation but this, this had me. It is definitely a must have for collectors and for existing users. Comes in two shades – NO2 Light Beige, W13 Natural Beige.


Fantastic Color Eyes (RM109)

Etude House Berry Delicious 5
What do you get when you combine Spring with Strawberry? Two beautiful reddish eyeshadow palette. There are two palette in Berry Delicious collection – #7 Coral Green Composition and #8 Pink Brown Composition. Each palette consists of six eyeshadow shades from soft shadow color to splendid point colors.


Strawberry Cream Blusher (RM67)

Etude House Berry Delicious 6
The cream blusher comes with a puff similar to Any Cushion Foundation. There are three shades to choose from – #1 Ripe Strawberry, #2 Full of Cream, #3 Grapefruit Strawberry. Its main color in the cream blush collection is #1 which contains pearl.

Moving on to the lips 😉

Etude House Berry Delicious 7


Color in Liquid Lips Juicy (RM74)

Etude House Berry Delicious 8
When I saw this, I was like ‘oh man, not another gloss!’. Glad to report that it is not lip gloss. This one is a liquid lipstick with tint effect. It does not dries down matte nor it is glossy. Feels watery on the lips (yes to hydrating) and even if the colors are all rubbed off from the lips, the tint is still there. It has a stronger berry scent to it as it contain strawberry and raspberry extract. Overall, there are 10 shades to choose from. Interestingly, I found a mint green among the 10 shades.


Strawberry Lip

Etude House Berry Delicious 9
In the Strawberry Lip mini collection, there are three lip products – Lip Jam, Lip Jam Scrub, and Lip Jam Treatment. The collection are made with common ingredients such as strawberry and cranberry extract to improve nourishment and skin elasticity, strawberry, cranberry, and raspberry extract to improve moisture and protection to the skin.

Strawberry Lip Jam (RM56)

  • Acts as two function – lip balm and tint.
  • Keep lips moisturized thanks to berry extracts.
  • Provide nourishment to the lips with its melting butter and vaseline.

Strawberry Lip Scrub (RM55)

  • Contain various natural granules such as strawberry seeds, walnut, and sugar to remove dead skin cells effectively.
  • Keep lips moisturized thanks to berry extracts, even after removing dead skin cells.

Strawberry Lip Jam Treatment (RM55)

  • A sleeping pack for the lip to provide intensive treatment to the lips.
  • Provide nourishment to the lips with its melting butter and vaseline.
  • Keep lips moisturized thanks to berry extracts.


Strawberry Eau De Perfume (RM142)

Etude House Berry Delicious 10
Rarely do I see an EDP in a seasonal releases. This 30ml EDP is great for those who are into something sweet, refreshing, berry fruity scent. It’s Top Note consists of Strawberry, Raspberry and Orange Sweet. When the scent tones down to the Middle Note a few minutes later, you will find Peach, Jasmine and Muguet Flowers floraly note to balance the sweetness. The Base Note is to further balance the overall fragrance with Musk and Sandalwood. In another word, this EDP is not as sweet as I thought it is.


Strawberry Souffle Nail (RM24)

Etude House Berry Delicious 11
There are a small nail polish collection in the Berry Delicious collection. Why is it called souffle? That is because this nail polish has a soft jelly texture. It contain strawberry extract of course for a boost of Vitamin C for your nails 😀

Now now now. This is super cute. And the bread sponge is not decoration 😛


Strawberry Body Scrub N’ Wash (RM67)

A 2-in-1 product as the name suggest. It is a body wash and a body scrub. Something like a body polish. So do expect a texture like strawberry jam. Its jellyish texture is gentle on the skin but yet removes stubborn dead skin cells with raspberry seed and walnut husk powder in it.

Etude House Berry Delicious 12
Strawberry Body Milk (RM67)

Body Milk is also known as body lotion, only less tackier and less heavy. This one although is soft-textured, it contain high moisture to help to keep skin moisturized.

Bread Shower Sponge (RM25)

So cute! It comes in a shape of a bread so when you are spreading the Strawberry Body Scrub N’ Wash on it, it feels as if you are spreading jam on a bread. Brilliant idea 😀


Are you ready for Spring with these sweet and sour flavor and aroma of Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection? Now that I have covered the bases for what Berry Delicious has to offer, tomorrow we will take it up a notch and talk about face makeup trend i.e. contouring, highlighting, rouging with Etude House Play 101 Stick.


Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection is now available at all Etude House outlet nationwide.

+ Precious Mineral Any Cushion – RM141 for 15g
+ Fantastic Color Eyes – RM109
+ Strawberry Cream Blusher – RM67 for 6g
+ Color in Liquid Lips Juicy – RM74 for 3.5g
+ Strawberry Lip Jam – RM56 for 15g
+ Strawberry Lip Jam Scrub – RM55 for 15g
+ Strawberry Lip Jam Treatment – RM55 for 15g
+ Strawberry Eau De Perfume – RM142 for 30ml
+ Strawberry Souffle Nail – RM24 for 8g
+ Strawberry Body Scrub N’ Wash – RM67 got 200ml
+ Strawberry Body Milk – RM67 for 200ml
+ Bread Shower Sponge – RM25

For more information, please visit Etude House Malaysia Website, Facebook Page, or Instagram Page.


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    • The BB Cushion is the cutest of the lot. So cute. Each? Wah! That’s a lot haha


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