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My Skin Care & Body Care Stash

3 months back I showed you my brand new unopened makeup stash at this post I’ve lots of brand new skin care here and there and I’ve gotten tired searching and thinking what I have on hand. So yesterday I took out all my Clarins gift box which is taking lots of space from my huge drawer and decided to place each products in the drawer instead. I’m almost done arranging yesterday night and finished off the balance this morning.

Here is it! All in this drawer is my stock. Brand new, unopened. From right to left is Sephora gift box, Michael Kors Estee Lauder pouches, Victoria Secret Delicate Petals Body Mist (discontinued, last 2 bottles), one row of body care, one row of serum/moisturizer, one row of cleanser, one row of cleansing milk, one row of toner, one row of mix eye serum with sunblock and the last two row is gifts to future recepient lol! There’s a few more hidden in front of the drawer which I didn’t managed to capture.

Easy access and better view for me. I’m gonna put all sachets and trial size in the gift boxes that I have.

Blog sale coming soon!


BEAUBELLE Body - Hand Cream Review: Bath / Body

Review: Is Beaubelle Velvet Veil Mani-Pedi Satin Cream SPF30 Just Another Hand Cream?

Sorry for the lengthy title LOL. The product name itself is so long! Beaubelle Velvet Veil Mani-Pedi Satin Cream SPF30 (see! what a mouthful) was given to me as one of the door gift at Fabulous Finds launch. It took me this long to use it as I don’t normally use a product before the picture is taken. Typical blogger I know 🙂


Many of you might not heard about Beaubelle right? Beaubelle is the pioneer in providing holistic rejuvenation through health-giving, pampering and solution-oriented products and services for the harmony of body, mind and soul. Sometimes when you walk around shopping complexes especially Starhill and Ikano you’d see Beaubelle signboard at the health or spa floor level.

Alright. Back to the hand cream or shall we say Velvet Veil, the packaging is rather ordinary despite the hefty price tag on most of their product. I have no idea how much this hand cream cost seriously but might not be as expensive as their skin care? I’ll update you the price when I got them aight!

BEAUBELLE Clarins Crabtree & Evelyn

Are You A Hand Cream Lover?


This is something random.

Yesterday I was scratching my head trying to recall if I have any hand cream at home as I wanted to bring one to my new office. I knew I have one from Fabulous Find July box but since I haven’t take picture of it, I can’t use it yet (typical beauty blogger lol!). As my memory start to refresh a lil bit, I realized I have 5 brand new unopened tubes of hand cream! And all is unopened as I haven’t take picture! So I ended up bringing the one which I had next to my bed instead lol. Crazy I know.

I think girls can’t run away from buying hand cream. I personally like using them. I can go crazy buying them and nowadays I tried not to buy any or open a new tube unless I finished up one. It’s hard. But if I want to stock up I need to use them diligently. I’m not an avid user as I can get lazy and forgetful most of the time. Am I a hand cream hoarder? Err well not completely :). Maximum I had stock up before is 8 tubes. Now I have 5 tubes in my stash. I only took picture of 4 because the 5th is a repeat of Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado, Olive & Basil.

My next hand cream purchase is something which I wanted to try for quite some time now. It’s L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and Almond Smooth Hands. I think I might get Almond Smooth Hands this weekend.

What say you? Do you fancy using hand cream? Which is your favorite and what would you suggest that I try?