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Review: Is Beaubelle Velvet Veil Mani-Pedi Satin Cream SPF30 Just Another Hand Cream?

Sorry for the lengthy title LOL. The product name itself is so long! Beaubelle Velvet Veil Mani-Pedi Satin Cream SPF30 (see! what a mouthful) was given to me as one of the door gift at Fabulous Finds launch. It took me this long to use it as I don’t normally use a product before the picture is taken. Typical blogger I know 🙂


Many of you might not heard about Beaubelle right? Beaubelle is the pioneer in providing holistic rejuvenation through health-giving, pampering and solution-oriented products and services for the harmony of body, mind and soul. Sometimes when you walk around shopping complexes especially Starhill and Ikano you’d see Beaubelle signboard at the health or spa floor level.

Alright. Back to the hand cream or shall we say Velvet Veil, the packaging is rather ordinary despite the hefty price tag on most of their product. I have no idea how much this hand cream cost seriously but might not be as expensive as their skin care? I’ll update you the price when I got them aight!


When I took the product picture 2 weeks ago I had problem flipping open the cap. It was soooo tight that I thought it’s stuck! I realized I had to force open it and prayed that it won’t broke in two and thank God it doesn’t. It was just tight and since it’s new and the protection foil is intact  the air was some sort like sucked in. You know what I mean.


The cream had a hint of yellow color and it’s not really visible. The texture is not very thick and it’s quite watery for a hand cream actually. I remembered yesterday I was lying down on my bed, flipped the cap open and the hand cream just splashed out from the tube like what you seen in Mr. Bean show. It was hilarious. It was all over my pillow (what a waste) but I scooped it and applied to all over my joints.


The cream could be quite creamy and feels thick so I don’t recommend over applying as it could get all over your table, laptop etc but if you’re OK with it by all mean go ahead. For me I only use this during the night time when I was about to go to sleep. I always said this “I liked to oiled up from top to bottom before sleep”. I’m not kidding. Since my face is already with 8-9 layers of skin care, whole body is with body lotion, I might as well moisturize well my hands and foot :). The smell is marvelous and yummy like a peach. Disclaimer: I don’t mean you can lick your hands after applying!


We always take care of the wrinkles on our face and neck while neglecting our hands. Recently I don’t have much time on my face even and I notice my hands are drier than usual. Look at top picture. I never had that dryness before. I remember Kim from Beaubelle said if we have dry hands, try this Velvet Veil for a week and see the difference. Honestly I’ve been using this for near to a week and I can see my hands are transforming back to it’s normal state. Look at how moisturized it is now.


It might be a bit oily after applying. Wait for a while for the cream to sink in.


Here’s the long list of ingredient just in case you’re looking for it.


I like this as my bed side hand cream before sleep. It does a pretty decent job in moisturizing my hands. Have you tried Beaubelle Velvet Veil Mani-Pedi Satin Cream SPF30 before?

Beaubelle Velvet Veil Mani-Pedi Satin Cream SPF30 is available at Beaubelle Skin & Body Care Day Spa Ikano Power Centre (03-7726 9889) & Starhill Gallery (03-2148 4898)
Price: RM160 for 50g 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. Product was given to me as a part of the door gift during Fabulous Finds launch.


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  • Heya! Glad that you’ve really tried out the cream. We’ll see how we can improve on the packaging. Hope your hands are well healed and protected! Cheers, kim

    • I’m glad I did. Been so busy on all weekends so didn’t have chance to take picture. Glad I decided to take a week off from everything and just stay at home and snap pics so that I can start using my stuff haha. The packaging is OK. Just the cap is a bit tight 🙂

  • Hi Fiona, I’ve tried Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment cream. It feels good, moisturise and it absorbs into the skin quickly. And the main point is, it’s not sticky.Try it. Bet you wont regret it. 🙂

  • Hi Fiona, I’ve tried Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream from my recent purchase of Clarins product. It feels good, moisturise and it absorbs quickly into the skin. And the main point is, it wont feel sticky. Try it. Sure you wont regret it. 🙂

    • Hi Eliz. I have Clarins one :). Review will be up soon ya

      • Sure. Can’t wait for your reviews on Clarins products. Thanks. =)

        • Lots of product yet to be reviewed. Sometimes too much till I can’t remember LOL


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