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Exclusive Launch of Fabulous Finds – Malaysia’s First Beauty Box

When I received an invitation to Fabulous Finds – Malaysia’s first beauty box launch earlier this month, I looked up, put both my hands up and said FINALLY someone came up with it!. I’m a huge fan of beauty box. Unfortunately there’s none available locally in Malaysia except for one that send all over from Singapore which is quite costly.

I waited patiently and excitedly for the day to arrive and it finally did yesterday. Despite all the negative energy surrounded me lately I need to be around good people. Happily I put on my makeup and drove to Delicious Cafe at Dua Residency for the launch, high tea and pampering session.

The ambience at the venue is indescribable by words. I felt this strong positive energy as soon as I stepped in. Hui Ling; The Founder and CEO of Fabulous Finds is the main reason for this. I never met such an extra ordinary person before. Yes, I was surrounded by the right energy.


I had the first hand glimpse of the box design. It’s in gift box form, super hard and sturdy, dark pink color with glossy finishing and Fabulous Finds logo initial on the box lid. Simple and sweet. I’m liking this beauty box already!


Bloggers slowly arriving to the venue, catching up with each other while waiting for the the rest to arrive. Some were checking out the pampering session while some chatted with the sponsors.


One of the sponsor for Fabulous Finds beauty box and this exclusive launch event is BEAUBELLE. They also have a section at the pampering lounge where bloggers can learn more about their products.


Lunasol is also one of the sponsor and they’re also there offering free makeover. Another reason to subscribe for Fabulous Finds y’all!


Is that what I thought it is? Although I didn’t peep inside but judging from the box color earlier, this must be it. The debut beauty box for bloggers!


A photo with Jess, Hui Ling; Founder & CEO of Fabulous Finds (center), Kim from BEAUBELLE and Sharon.


Hui Ling initiated the launch with a short speech. Then we were given our very first debut box of Fabulous Finds!


And here’s my precious box. I felt kinda nervous to even open it.


Once the lid is lifted, I was speechless. It’s beautifully packed. I wanted to unveil my box at home slowly while taking photo so I just stared at it and peep at others that are about to unveil their box.


Since we are not unveiling our box, Kelly and I brought our box to the banner side and took a picture together haha!


After a bit of camwhoring we notice that the high tea set is already on our table. Look at the beautiful 3-tier high tea sets lining across the long table. What a pretty view it is.

Psstt. Also look at our door gifts underneath the table hehe. We received a few bags of it that we have no place to put but under the table.


Hope these is making you hungry cause it does makes me hungry.


Stay tune for the review of Fabulous Finds beauty box in the next upcoming post.

I wanna thank Hui Ling of Fabulous Finds for inviting me. Thanks to all the sponsors too for making this event meaningful and for making the box more exciting. Nothing makes me happier than a box full with surprises.

For more pictures of the launch, click on this link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.354861357916111.81733.344114672324113&type=3


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  • What a nice treats at there. Its great Malaysia have a treat box now. I am curious what is in the box now. Haha =)

    • Yes! Finally huh 🙂

      Good stuff in the beauty box. Wait till you find out what’s the subscription fee is 🙂


  • Wow beauty box and food hehe.l good pics

    • Good box, good food, good price too

  • dear~ sorry to disturb but i am just excited to share with u ><
    i found this website :
    just surf on it and i found that the clinique products is cheaper than products in BBW, about rm10+ like that lolx
    not sure for other brand, but i think EL is cheaper too @_@
    hahha just wanna find someone to share with >< was being very excited LOL
    hmm but i think maybe you have already learn about this website long time ago cz you google a lotz ><

    • LOL. You can always email me 🙂

      I don’t buy from BBW anymore. I feel that the price is getting higher and higher. Yeap I know about Beautydehome. Some are cheaper, some are not. Thanks for sharing :). Getting anything from there?

    • yea, maybe clinique super city block (:
      i am on my half way of subscribing the ff hehehe, having problem with the payment part xD waiting for huiling to reply 🙂
      interesting! sooooo affortable price! i hope the box is awesome 😀

    • Did you email Hui Ling directly to check on this?

    • i commentted in fb but seem no reply… hmm maybe i should just email her. will check up the ff page to see contact us details lol

    • Yes better email them 🙂

  • but seem that they do not have smtg like points to accumulate-redeem cash like how BBW do~

  • Omg i want to go >< so many freebies ><

    • I don’t go for the freebies. I go to cover the event. I think the organizer won’t like it if we go for freebies. JMHO

  • omg!! finally a beauty box from malaysian! i have to admit i went and subscribe as soon as i read thru ur post. 😀 awesome price!!

    • YAY!!! So happy that you subscribed. I wanted to subscribe too :). Yes awesome price

  • Seems great! I love lunasol! Lookin forward tothe review! And PRICE!


    • Sorry for the delay. Review is suppose to be up today but I was out meeting a client and my future employer lol


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