Majolica Majorca

Style Fit Majolica Majorca Gel Ink Ball Pen

This morning I was roaming around Isetan KLCC for washroom (lesser people compare with outside) at the kids section but the washroom is only for “kids” so I didn’t enter. I passed by this display below, take a glance of it, walked off and reverse back.


I couldn’t believe what I saw. It’s Majolica Majorca pen which is available at Japan and now it’s right in front of my eyes.

So I bought all colors. Pink, Red, Orange, Black, Blue and Green.

There’s a Psychedelicious Party Set available for RM30 which consists of 4 pens. I bought a Black and Green separately for RM7.50 each.


Initially I took one color each but then I realized I could just take the party set and grab the one which is not in the set separately. Most of the loose pens are swatched. Party set is sealed so the rubber protector is still intact 🙂


The color is bright and different from normal ball pen. The tip is 0.38 fine.


If you knew about the pen but have no idea where to get it in Malaysia, head on to the stationery section at Isetan KLCC. That’s where I found mine.


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  • Lol, such a cute post 🙂 Reminded me of primary and high school days when I used to collect colourful marker pens to sign autograph books. In high school and uni, then it was more taking notes and highlighting different importance or additional tips. The ones you have are nice and have vibrant colours!

    • I used to collect stationary too. These Majolica pens are coincident. Never thought I’d get to buy them here in Malaysia lol

  • milktea said… I love your pix! How did you manage to snap such a nice one of the display in Isetan?

    • Thanks to iPhone keke :). I did it fast just in case the worker there saw me snapping pics.


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