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Malaysia Tatler August 2012 X Bimba & Lola Shawl

Remember my teaser post on Bimba & Lola? Now you can own your very first Bimba & Lola too for just RM15. How? Easy. Just go to MPH Mid Valley or Bangsar Village and grab a copy of Malaysia Tatler August 2012 issue! This time there’s a limitation of the number of copies you can buy. Not an issue for me as I don’t intend to get more than 2 copies. The shawl comes in 2 colors only; blue or green. I bought one each. Blue is for me while green is for a client of mine.


I love this shawl! The design and color is beautiful. Do take note that the shawl is just a thin material ya. But it’s huge.

And of course Bimba & Lola label is on the shawl.


Did you managed to catch my teaser post earlier? I’ve given out the biggest tips which is “RM15” hehe


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  • Hahahaha, thank you Fiona! Now my curiosity is answered. Nice shawl design 🙂 And value for money too. Magazine giveaways are getting better and better these days! Thanks for sharing.

    • For local magazine only Tatler is giving out good giveaway so far.

  • Oh that’s a nice shawl! How much is the magazine selling?

    • It is! It’s RM15. Stated below the post 🙂

  • Hi Fiona,
    I wonder is only limited number of the magazine comes with the bimba and lola shawl?
    Because recently by chance i went into MPH midvalley, when i asked if there is any gift comes with Tatler Malaysia at the counter, they answered NO.
    I was confused.

    • Hi Priscilla,

      Yea the gift is limited quantity. For example the gift quantity could only be 100 pieces while the magazine stock at the store could be 500 copies. If you didn’t see the huge poster at cashier counter (visible at front main entrance) that means it’s sold out. It’s nearing end of the month. I guess it’s all been redeemed.

      Let’s see of they have anything for Sept issue shall we 🙂


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