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3 First Class Ipoh Hotels For Impeccable Retreat

3 First Class Ipoh Hotels For Impeccable Retreat
Wondering an exciting retreat for the next break? It’s time to steal a glance to Ipoh. The capital of Perak state situated on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia has a lovely nature and numerous recreational spots.

The nature of Ipoh is really shady and serene. Some of them even can be very adventurous. Aside nature, there is the Orang Asli village with their incredible customs.

So, Ipoh is worth to visit because it offers you a great retreat. Retreat in Ipoh may also flawless if you stay at the best Ipoh Hotel. Especially for you, this recommendation handpicked 3 first class Ipoh hotels for the impeccable retreat.


The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat

Persiaran Lagun Sunway 3 no. 1

The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat
This is the best Ipoh Hotel for those seeking the impeccable retreat. The 5-star hotel is combining the unbelievable facilities, where the guest is brought to stay amidst nature, embraces dense rainforest, limestone hills, natural caves, waterfalls, and the signature – geothermal natural hot springs.

The accommodation consists of 25 private villas that perfectly designed mingling with the natural scene. You can choose between the Garden Villas that set amidst the garden or the Water Villas that set like floating on the natural lake. The entire villas are offered with private pool, patio, outdoor bathroom, and geothermal hot spring pool as the Jacuzzi.

The #1 Ipoh hotel completes the retreat with outstanding facilities. The signature absolutely the geothermal hot spring Jacuzzi that lies on the 16-acre area. There is a unique sauna set inside the private cave with the crystal-clear hot springs pool. While staying in The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat, you can try various natural health therapies, such as ice-bath, Garra Ruga Fish Spa, and the exclusive spa treatment. Some other facilities pervade healthy restaurant, wine bar inside the cave, swimming pool, and the fitness center.


The Happy 8 Retreat @Pasir Putih

Jalan Shah Bandar 8, Taman Happy

The Happy 8 Retreat
This 3-star Ipoh Hotel is uniquely designed to couple the beauty of art, nature, and the sophisticated technology. The hotel essentially wants to embrace the nature’s positive energy by applying natural materials and art elements throughout the property.

The Happy 8 Retreat @Pasir Putih may be considered as your sanctuary. It’s set amidst the natural setting, surrounded by the bamboo garden. The property is built majorly using the stone and timber element. There are exclusively 5 guestrooms set in different themed one to another and supported with modern amenities, including AC and cable TV. Selected rooms feature a private veranda and semi-outdoor bathroom with stone bathtub, both overlooking the bamboo garden. The hotel also offers the on-site restaurant with great selections of the local and international menu.

There’s another The Happy 8 Retreat located at Market Street 46. Known as The Happy 8 Retreat @Old Town, the 3-plus-star hotel features 13 guestrooms with unique natural touches. The furniture of the entire rooms are designed so uncommon made from natural material, such as bamboo, wood, and stone. There’s also a café inside this hotel.


Ipoh Bali Hotel

Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim, Off Jalan Tambun 12A

Ipoh Bali Hotel
The Ipoh Bali Hotel is introduced to bring you the Balinese nuance in Ipoh. The 3-star Ipoh Hotel is “truly Bali”, not only because it’s built in Balinese style, but also because the entire hotel is built using the material that originally came from Bali.

The major walls in the hotel were built using the Bali’s black volcano stones. The construction building uses the 70 to 100-year-old materials, especially the hardwood. Some gates and doors are assembled using the antique Bali House door. The entire furniture throughout the property is made from Balinese solid wood. Even the tropical plants in here are using the Balinese plants, such as the iconic 60-year-old Frangipani trees.

The hotel boasts 12 guestrooms designed in a tropical setting. Some rooms feature the attic. There’s also selected rooms with the private garden where you can relax on the swinging bench overlooking the fishpond. Ensuring the perfect retreat, the hotel presents on-site salon and spa, also a rooftop restaurant. The rooftop restaurant is the perfect place to hold a private gathering with your family and friend while staying in Ipoh.


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