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Mary Kay Upbeat™ For Her Eau de Toilette: A Scent For The Young, Flirty, Energetic To Capture That One Feeling

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I’m a fragrance junkie. If you ask me which is my favourite I can look at you for 10 minutes straight, trying to give you an answer because I happened to be someone who like all fragrance I own to date. Latest fragrance in my collection is by Mary Kay. One look at the name and description, one will not think this scent suits me. Surprisingly it did!

Mary Kay Upbeat™ For Her Eau de Toilette is described as a flirty (yes flirty), festival-inspired scent created to capture that one feeling. The name Upbeat sounds young, carefree and definitely for someone who’s into an active lifestyle. Upbeat celebrates people’s love for music. You know how musicians are creatively weird in a way? When all musicians gathers for the same purpose and for the love of music, it’s the spirit that Mary Kay created. Hehe! Creatively weird. Did I just said that out loud? 😀

Mary Kay Upbeat For Her Eau de Toilette 2
When I first unbox the fragrance, I texted my friend and tell her that the bottle is so cute. It reminds of the Mustang jeans era. And I live in Mustang jeans era previously.

Now. Upbeat™ EDT is a fruity and woody scent. I’m someone who is not into fruity sweet scent but somehow my nose cannot detect the fruity note. All I could smell is floral. This new fragrance has a scent of Chypre Fruity (Fruity and Woody). That explains why it’s not sweet. It’s slightly musky in a way, which again my nose can’t detect LOL. Something must be wrong with my nose! For an EDT, the fragrance is a tad bit strong as soon as you mist it on. It opens up to a citrus fresh top notes faceted by the bright floral as the heart note. I absolutely like how the scent tones down to a soothing floral scent. The downside? The scent does not last long. Being an EDT, I totally understand that.

Mary Kay Upbeat For Her Eau de Toilette 3
Here’s the scent description for your reading pleasure. Now excuse me while I go to one corner and recalculate my scent thoughts and why I only smell the floral LOL.

Opening Notes
This unique fragrance opens with a captivating burst of red berries, sweet nectarine and sparkling apple. The delicious surge creates a boost of energy and a sense of excitement to last through the festival experience.

The Backbeat
Jasmine rose, muguet and wild honeysuckle add a sweet flirty nuance to this energetic fragrance. It exudes femininity, sensuality and the spirit of moving to the beat.

The Finish
Patchouli, skin musk, amber and agarwood unite to create the perfect mood for partying into the night.

Mary Kay Upbeat For Her Eau de Toilette 4
Fragrance is a personal thing. It may smells good on me and it may not for you. So far in my life I have only encounter just one perfume that goes on so beautifully on me but later turns to a pee scent as the middle note take place LOL. I am not joking. It was not a pleasant experience none the less. I thought I got a bad batch or something. Bought myself a new fresh bottle and it still turns like a pee scent on me.

Fragrance is also something intriguing to me. It goes on smelling like something and tones down smelling like another thing. It’s weird and amazing at the same time. Linda Song, the creator of Upbeat™ for Her Eau de Toilette created this scent based on a vision of a flirty, fun-seeking, energetic girl. The idea is to create a fragrance similar to the evolution of a song – starting with a captivating, sparkling introduction that builds into a chorus, revealing a deeper soul and vibe to the creation.


Mary Kay® Mary Kay Upbeat™ For Her Eau de Toilette is available for purchase through Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant by calling 03-7711 7500 or log on to to purchase.
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Price: RM89

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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