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Are You A Hand Cream Lover?


This is something random.

Yesterday I was scratching my head trying to recall if I have any hand cream at home as I wanted to bring one to my new office. I knew I have one from Fabulous Find July box but since I haven’t take picture of it, I can’t use it yet (typical beauty blogger lol!). As my memory start to refresh a lil bit, I realized I have 5 brand new unopened tubes of hand cream! And all is unopened as I haven’t take picture! So I ended up bringing the one which I had next to my bed instead lol. Crazy I know.

I think girls can’t run away from buying hand cream. I personally like using them. I can go crazy buying them and nowadays I tried not to buy any or open a new tube unless I finished up one. It’s hard. But if I want to stock up I need to use them diligently. I’m not an avid user as I can get lazy and forgetful most of the time. Am I a hand cream hoarder? Err well not completely :). Maximum I had stock up before is 8 tubes. Now I have 5 tubes in my stash. I only took picture of 4 because the 5th is a repeat of Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado, Olive & Basil.

My next hand cream purchase is something which I wanted to try for quite some time now. It’s L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and Almond Smooth Hands. I think I might get Almond Smooth Hands this weekend.

What say you? Do you fancy using hand cream? Which is your favorite and what would you suggest that I try?


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  • I just purchase mine from Daiso

  • i usually double body lotion as handcream! hehe… i dislike fraganced handcream somehow…so most conventional ones cant be my love…
    plus…body lotions come in big bottle! ie value buy…
    yes i am a cheapo…

    • Nah, not cheapo. Everyone’s preference is different. I tried using body lotion as hand cream before but too sticky. Hand cream naturally have this silky layer after applied 🙂

  • milktea said… I like Eucerin and Avene (for mum) hand creams. Bought a Palmers Olive butter hand cream to try. But a bit lazy sometimes to reapply during the day. Do you know of any non-sticky hand cream out there? Say in the price range of Eucerin to Avene? 🙂

    • Palmers one is good enough! Hmmm have you tried Sasa one? The one where they put at the cashier counter? Not bad.

  • I have not picked up the habit of using hand cream though I should. Hands and neck are common places that will give our age away lol. More so when the body shampoo or even shampoo products that I am using seemed to be very drying as evidently, in the morning at work my hands are really dry and sometimes flaky.

    At work it’s air conditioned and the air is very dry too. Only thing is, I frequent the wash room a lot because I drink a lot of water to keep hydrated and it’s cold…so the effort to reapply or even to apply the hand cream and then gets washed off – hmm….no go for me.

    I haven’t found a hand cream with subtle fragrance and not oil or slippery for my hands to type on laptop or phone. Lol, sounds like I need to go out and try more hand cream for The One 🙂

    • Most hand cream nowadays will not slipped off after washing hands although I’d suggest reapplying just a bit. Try Clarins one. I’m a bit skeptical these days to apply hand cream mainly because I’m using MacBook Air. Not a good idea to get all the hand cream on the Mac!

  • I’ve tried Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream for the 1st time from my recent purchase. Love it so much. My hands feels good as it absorbs quickly, moisturise well and most important is my hands wont feel sticky. As I work in an air-conditioned office, a sticky hand cream would get all over my mouse, my keyboard, my table and even my papers. >.<" That's why I now fell in love with Clarins hand cream. Thanks Fiona for recommending Clarins. 🙂

    • Yay! I’m happy to found another Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream lover! Review will be up soon 😉


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