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RMK Makeover With Adrian Sin at RMK Parkson Pavilion

Happy Sunday ladies!

What is your plan for the weekend? Why not drop by RMK counter at Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens or Parkson Pavilion to take a look at the limited edition 15th Anniversary Summer Collection? I will tell you why.

I was so happy to be invited by RMK Malaysia to have a full makeover at Parkson Pavilion last weekend to try out their iconic Make Up Base, latest 15th Anniversary Summer Collection as well as discovering other products from the brand. Wanna see my shocking transformation? Read on but let me warn you it’s going to be picture heavy post.

As I had an event earlier, I went to RMK counter with some makeup on and I was happy to skip eyeliner that day lol. I was early so Joy (who invited me to the makeover) helped me to remove all my makeup while waiting for Adrian (RMK Trainer) to arrive. Here I am bare face with nothing on. Oppss.


Adrian arrived just in time when my makeup removing is about to be completed. Joy introduced both of us and I handed my camera to Joy so that she could help me to snap some pictures. Thanks Joy!

I was pretty excited to try Skintuner Brightening Light (RM120 for 150ml) after reading good online reviews on the product. Adrian suggested Light instead of Moist as my low-self esteem concern has always been acne marks.


One thing I didn’t know RMK have is Cotton (RM20 for 72 pcs per box). The wonderful thing about it is that each cotton pad is dual sided. Linen-gel side is for massaging while Mesh side is for wiping. Mesh side is great for wiping dirt off your face while removing dead skin. Turn over to Linen-gel side for applying products.


Here I am feeling the cotton myself and I was pretty much sold.


Adrian dispense 4 pumps of Skintuner Brightening Light onto the cotton pad and applied to all over my face from inward to outward motion. 


4 pumps may sound too much and heavy to some people but I’m happy to report that Skintuner Brightening Light absorbed immediately after applying. Look at how bright my face is after the application. I would strongly recommend Skintuner Brightening Light for those who doesn’t like have time to layer skin care or for those days where you want to laze a bit. Skintuner Brightening Light is a combination of toner and moisturizer!


Next, Adrian applied Eye Gel, UV Face Protector all over my face followed by Smoothing Polished Base which is a pore-minimizing base on my nose and inner corner cheek to cover the pores while keeping the area matte.


My face is prepped and ready for the next phase…makeup.


Even before applying any makeup on, I notice that my skin texture and complexion has improved and brighter too. The eczema in between my eye brow also appeared less visible. This is the magic of RMK.


Here comes the most anticipated step. Which is the product that drawn me to try RMK after loving their lip gloss (read here for the review). Can you guess what is it? Yes, it’s RMK Make Up Base (RM135 for 30ml).

RMK Make Up Base texture is runny as it’s water base. Despite the watery texture you don’t need that much.


Adrian smooth RMK Make Up Base on the right side of my face so that I could compare the before and after.


After Adrian is done with half of my face, happily I took the mirror to check out the effect and dewiness of the iconic product.


Soon after that Adrian proceed with prepping my face with RMK Make Up Base on the other half side of my face. Pay attention to my right side. You’ll be surprise later on to find out how my acne marks from recent breakout is covered.


Here’ the happy me after trying RMK Make Up Base. Did you notice my skin is hydrated and plumped up?


Next to try, RMK Liquid Foundation which comes with SPF14 PA++! I was recommended to use Liquid Foundation instead of Creamy Foundation as I prefer medium coverage. If you are into full coverage do check out Creamy Foundation ya.

Just so you ask, my shade is 103 🙂


From the picture above I think you might have notice that the liquid foundation shade is slightly darker than what I had been using. But it’s all good as I’m that fair anyway LOL. Which is why I stay away from BB cream now and only apply liquid foundation.


Remember I told you to keep an eye on the right side of my face that is full with acne marks? After applying Liquid Foundation in shade 103, I was happy to find out that all the marks disappeared.


Do not forget your under eye area too. I don’t have severe dark circle so we skipped concealer. In fact I don’t apply concealer at all. Normally I cover all uneven tone with liquid foundation.


RMK Liquid Foundation gave me a dewy-polish finishing look. Frankly speaking I never experience this effect with other brand of makeup that I used before.


Set everything with Pressed Powder N. Pressed Powder N is a 4 different color and texture setting powder that can eliminate shine on T-zone while correcting tone. Swirl the brush on all 4 color for a translucent flawless finish. Adrian use shade 03 on me which is the “blue” palette.


Moving on is RMK 15th Anniversary Summer Collection. I chose RMK 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Gray (RM135) for my eyes as I love blue shadow and wanting to get a blue palette. Before we start Adrain explained to me how and where to apply each color on the palette.


Firstly, apply the gray shade on all over the frame of the eye as base.


Then apply the light blue shade on top of it. The gray shade which applied earlier as base will brings out the light blue shade.


Work the light blue shade up to the rim of the eye socket. Apply the silver shade to the brow bone as highlight.


Tadaa! One eye done. Instantly you can notice my eye is lifted and sharper. The eyeshadow color really stands out. Actually I think blue shadow suits me well. Always love blue eyeshadow.


Here Adrian is explaining to me about another iconic product from RMK which is the Extra Deep W Mascara (RM145). Extra Deep W Mascara is a double-ended mascara. You’ve guessed it right. One of the end of the mascara is the fibrous base for volume and length. We usually apply base first with other brand mascara but with Extra Deep W Mascara, the routine is a bit different. Firstly apply mascara, follow by the base and follow by mascara again to set the fibres. 


Adrian firstly curl my lash with RMK Eyelash Curler (RM35) before applying Extra Deep W Mascara.


How do you like the effect of Extra Deep W Mascara? I love it!!


Side view. All thanks to RMK Eyelash Curler and Extra Deep W Mascara.


After we’re done with one eye and happy with the amazing result we proceed with the other side eye. Here I am with eyeshadow done on my left eye.


Same step as before, curl the lash with RMK Eyelash Curler.


Followed by Extra Deep W Mascara.


WOW! My eyes are all dolled up! Look at how huge my eyes is!


Don’t worry. My eye brow is not forgotten :). My eye brow is shaped and drawn using Eyebrow Pencil N. Adrian suggest using RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer to correct mistake as we shape our eye brow. This will give definition to the shape without disturbing the rest of eye makeup.


Adrian opted for Sprinkling Cheeks for my cheek. It is not necessary to apply pink base blusher. For my look it is recommended to apply a brown color base blusher. This is a great tip! If not because of Adrian’s tip on how to choose the right blusher shade according to eyeshadow, I would have just blush on pinkish blusher lol.

I don’t look scary now compared with earlier on right? 🙂


Lastly, I get to try RMK 15th Anniversary Lip Palette (RM128). The first 3 color from the palette is from RMK’s best selling colors from Irresistible Lips B & C range while the 4th color is the color for 15th Anniversary. That is also the color which Adrian applied on my lips as the color is very close to my lip color.


And we’re done! Here is my makeover look from RMK. I’m loving how RMK is making my skin feel and look better especially the dewiness effect.


Many many thanks to Adrian for taking his weekend time to drop by Parkson Pavilion and to do a full makeover for me. Also not forgetting for all his tips and answering all my questions. Really learnt a lot.


And how can I thank this awesome pretty girl enough. Thank you Joy for inviting me to try out RMK products and also for arranging this makeover with your trainer, Adrian. Thanks for taking time on your weekend too and also for taking the photos for me 🙂


Alright. Enough with the Academy Award speech hehe. Here is the product used for the makeover.

RMK Skintuner Brightening Light. Also comes in “Moist”.


Smoothing Polished Base, Make Up Base and Liquid Foundation.


RMK 15th Anniversary Lip and Eyeshadow Palette.


Before I end the post, let me walk you around RMK counter at Parkson Pavilion.

Did you know about RMK Rewards Program? I absolutely are into reward program. I think they are a brilliant way to reward customers. I found out that you can redeem your points anytime!


Skin care display.


Makeup display.


More makeup display.


And more makeup display. RMK is well-known for their makeup range. No surprise to me that their makeup range is larger than skin care.


Hope you enjoy reading my makeover at RMK. Do drop by any of RMK counter to try out the products for yourself. I guarantee you there’ll be no regret.

Once again thank you RMK Malaysia for this awesome experience.


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  • nice. i always luv RMK liquid foundation 😀

    • I just discovered RMK goodness. Should have linger at their counter long time ago 🙂

  • milktea said… That was fun reading with step-by-step photos! 🙂 For special occasions, I think layering 3 base products on face is worth it but for everyday use, it’s just moisturizer and foundation/BB for me.

    I found a darker Korean BB cream which closely match my skin tone-Innisfree BB Cream for Men! (yes, Men) as the women’s version was too light and too pink.

    • Glad you like reading it. It wasn’t an easy post as it’s really picture heavy with all the resizing and watermarking. Thank goodness I don’t photoshop LOL.

      I have to agree with you on women’s version of BB cream. Some once applied looks OK but turns grey after that. Have you tried Maybelline BB cream? They have one which is darker.

  • Hehe..first time see so many pics of you wow… Look the makeover

    • Yawor. There’s always a first time 🙂

  • I remember a makeover I have before by Anna Sui.. The gal skip many steps ..

    • Maybe each person do a different makeover. Bear in mind mine is FULL makeover :). Therefore it’s from 1st step of skincare till the last step of makeup. Makeover could be touch up too. Which one is the Anna Sui?

    • Anna Sui cosmetics it’s few yr back the makeover.

  • <3 lovely makeover :) You look great! I like the simplicity of the makeover, subtle and beautiful.

    • Thanks. I love the makeover too 🙂


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