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Review: Scent Your Room with Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Home Fragrance Sprays

I’ve been dying to get a room spray despite having fragrance diffuser and scented candles in my room. I like to walk in to a room which smells good. The air, the pillow, the blanket. Isn’t it wonderful :). When Jenny listed a miniature set of room spray by Crabtree & Evelyn for an irresistible price…I purchased it right away.

Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Home Fragrance Sprays is a set with four 30ml fragrance spray. A miniature set is always wonderful and useful for someone who wanted to get a room spray but couldn’t decide on the scent. Someone indecisive like me hehe! But I look at it another way. I like to have different scent in my room everyday. So this is perfect!

Don’t cha love the floral box.

I thought there’s scent description for each bottle at the back of the box but turns out it’s not. It’s just the usual description and caution in 2 languages.

The opening of the box is with velcro disc. It’s easy to open and close so I’m quite hardworking in taking different bottle everyday to spray my room before I sleep.

Each 30ml bottle is housed in an inner shell securely. All I need to do is to slide the whole shell out and pick the scent I want.


Experience the fresh, crisp scent of flourishing woodlands with our Windsor Forest Home Fragrance Spray, which instantly provides a burst of refreshing fragrance for indulgent moments in the comfort of your home.


The scents that was included in the set are:
Rosewater – Bring the outdoors inside and transform your room into a garden in full bloom with the beautiful fragrance of Rosewater.
Lily – A heart of lily of the valley blended with dewy greens, woodland mosses, musk, and ylang ylang.
Iris – Transform your room with the mysterious, enticing scent of Iris, subtly blended with captivating precious wood accords.
Lavender – Bring the outdoors inside and transform your room into a garden in full bloom with the beautiful fragrance of Lavender.


The scent description that I extracted from Crabtree & Evelyn Malaysia website is a bit tricky. If you can see Rosewater and Lavender description are similar. They just changed the word Rosewater to Lavender.

My favorite scent got to be Lavender. I never fancy Lavender because most toilet spray are lavender scented LOL! This particular room spray turns out to be the opposite of what I assumed. It’s does smells like pure lavender which is really calming.

The scent that I hated the most is Lily. I particularly like everything in the Lily range. I was surprised that the room spray is not as pleasant as I want it to be! It has this strong pungent scent that I find it yucky haha. Smells like something sour.

The second scent that I think is quite pleasant is of course Rosewater. No lengthy description needed. It smells like rose garden. I love rose scented stuff.

Iris are not bad either. Although the bath and body range is a tad bit strong but the room spray are just nice.


However I don’t recommend this for larger area like living room or if you have a huge bedroom this will not be enough. A fragrance diffuser would be recommended. Room spray are just temporary only.

Like I said before a miniature set like this help indecisive people like me to decide on which is the best scent for the room and liking. After rotating each room spray daily I finally pin-point down the scent that I will repurchase. But I wouldn’t mind repurchasing another miniature set :). Who doesn’t love mini!

Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Home Fragrance Sprays is available at all Crabtree & Evelyn outlet nationwide.
Price: RM118 for a box of miniature 4 X 30ml.
Visit for more info.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


Comments (8)

  • WOW. Quite expensive for a room spray.

    • Yes quite right? I’d want to invest in scented candle. Although it’s burning but it last longer.

      • What about C&E diffuser? Do you have it at home?

        • I don’t. Eyeing on that too haha. Wait till the current diffuser finish up first 🙂

  • Wow… cool…
    thanks for sharing. Good gift idea.
    But like Evelyn, i feel that it’s rather pricey (to be used by myself… Don’t mind splurging on it for a good buddy, though!) 😛
    For myself, I’d prefer something more ‘value for money’, so a diffuser or oil burner will suffice 😀

  • Was at one of my friend’s housewarming the other day and the whole house smell of Lavender and apparently, she was using this. My nose is able to detect Lavender fragrance where ever I go 🙂

    • Oh no bad. Don’t use Iris. It’s really sourish smelling LOL.


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