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An Offline Afternoon with the Girls @ Velvety Layers

2 weeks ago I sent out an invitation to my friend Kamsiah, Jennifer and Angelina who is a few close, active readers of mine for a lunch at my friend’s cafe; Velvety Layers at IOI Mall Puchong. It was nothing fancy though. Just a simple meet, chat, lunch, coffee and dessert session. Another reason is also because I promised my friend to go over to try the food. If I’m going why not drag a few girls along right?

After weeks of waiting the day finally came. I don’t know what had gotten into me yesterday morning. I was walking around the garden looking for a slight sight of the sun but the sky was cloudy and it rained. Then I lazed around in my room taking time to issue cheques for credit card payment. When I looked up at the clock it’s already 11am! I’m suppose to leave house by 11 am and I’m still in my pyjamas! I rushed to bath, did my makeup hurriedly and left house with crooked eyeliner LOL! I think the rest is pretty much like how you imagine – drive like a mad woman. Let’s just say I’m not exactly that late hehe. I reached 12noon and before that I asked Jennifer to get a table for me first *thank you dear*

Velvety Layers is not hard to find. It is strategically located at IOI Mall (old wing) facing the main road. If you can find McDonalds then you can easily spot Velvety Layers as they are just next to each other technically.

As soon as everyone arrived we ordered our food and drinks at the counter because their menu is all on the board behind the cashier counter. This is a small cafe which specialize in hand crafted Mille Crepes cake but later on Velvety Layers offer pasta as well.

Velvety Layers is all about Mille Crepes, hand crafted from the freshest ingredients ensuring a smooth velvety texture and an unforgettable taste. The dessert chef is a young and talented guy whom has a couple of years experience in Mille Crepes cake making.

Besides that Velvety Layers also offer finest artisan ice cream from Zenberi which is actually gelato that has much lesser fat compared to ice cream. I also found out that its low overrun (air whipped in) makes it extremely dense, rich in flavour and creamy to texture. They offer free sampling too and we tried out a few hehe. I bet you have not heard or try black sesame ice cream before isn’t it? Then you must try Zenberi’s.

All four of us sat down and start chatting away and our pasta arrived before we know it. Kamsiah, Angelina and I ordered carbonara chicken while Jennifer ordered seafood aglio olio. According to my friend, their carbonara is creamier than others because they only use premium cream in the sause.

This is what I ordered. Carbonara Chicken Spaghetti and Yoghurt Raspberry with Lavazza Latte.

If you are not a coffee or hot chocolate person you can option for Exceptional from Dilmah premium tea range.

I’m glad the girls are not too shy to chat among each other while I sneakily took their picture :). Ahh well actually they are well aware that I took their picture haha.

Before we left, the girls exchanged phone numbers with each other. Lastly here is a picture of us!

Left to right – Kamsiah, Jennifer, Angelina and me


I hope everyone had a good time yesterday. I will definitely organize more lunches and tea party with more and more of my readers.

Velvety Layers is located at Lot G00A3A1, Ground Floor IOI Mall, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor.
Hint: Old Wing, facing main road, next to McDonalds.
Visit for more info


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I paid for all the food and drinks on my own.


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  • Looking good Fiona! Me and my GF saw all of you at Velvety Layers yesterday. It was my GF who spotted you first. She told me that’s Fiona! 🙂

    • Thanks Alan! Why didn’t you drop by to say hello. I would love to meet you and your gf too 🙂

      • We didn’t want to disturb haha. Next time if me and my GF bump into you we would stop to say hi.

        Keep up the blogging spirit

        • Oh no…you’ll not be disturbing at all. Yes please do say hi ya.

          Will keep up the blogging!

  • Nice gesture that you are doing for your readers. Not many bloggers do that. I’m glad to see that you appreciate your close frequent readers. Looking forward for future one ^^

    • Oh I do. It’s not easy to build a blog. So readers are important to me. Not sure about them la LOL

      Keep an eye on future tea party. It’s fun so I don’t mind doing it again for other readers 🙂

      • I will. Been reading about your blog silently for so long. Time to come out and join the fun in the comment ^^

        • Glad you decide to join the fun out here. I’ve been wondering about all the silent readers though 🙂

  • Wow… that’s fun !
    Wld u be organizing one at Cheras too? 😀

    • I will be doing something for other readers soon. Not sure where yet. Not many people want to travel to Cheras 🙁

  • Thanks for organizing this Fiona 🙂 It was a cozy and awesome luncheon! Relaxing with good food and drinks while chatting about anything from beauty, work, life to a lot of other topics. This luncheon was an enjoyable one and also an upclose and personal session with my favourite blogger. After all these time of knowing you through your blog, meeting up again was definitely superb 🙂

    • Awww thank you Jen. I like the e-card that you sent on Sunday after the lunch. I’m happy that you can make it! Always wanted to catch up with you. Oh by the way, I’m having another one after CNY. It will be twice the fun ;). Will save a seat for you if you are interested. There will be many other stuff and activities that I can’t reveal yet.

  • I am happy to meet you, Jennifer and Kamsiah the other day. Now I have more people to chat with about beauty and such. Hahaha. I love you hair, babe. So thick and nice.

    • My hair practically stays the same after 1 week of washing daily. Steam Pod is definitely worth to do.

  • Hehe awesome! Let’s meet again after CNY. Yeah, happy to meet Angelina and Kamsiah too. I love the fact we 4 four ladies sat at the same table, ordered our food, eat and chat happily. It is a nice feeling to get though some of us didn’t know each other before this. So thanks again for allowing us this opportunity to not only get know you better but also expand our friendship with the other lovely ladies who share the same interest and love for this blog. Oh, Steam Pod is so good ya? 🙂 Will have to try it out one day!

    • My pleasure Jen :). I hope to see you at the small event that I’m organizing soon 😉

  • Saya pun nak tag along XD

    Steam Pod next month. This month too broke to spend liao. CNY alone is killing me -_-

    • Steam Pod will always be available don’t worry lol


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