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An Offline Afternoon with the Girls @ Velvety Layers

2 weeks ago I sent out an invitation to my friend Kamsiah, Jennifer and Angelina who is a few close, active readers of mine for a lunch at my friend’s cafe; Velvety Layers at IOI Mall Puchong. It was nothing fancy though. Just a simple meet, chat, lunch, coffee and dessert session. Another reason is also because I promised my friend to go over to try the food. If I’m going why not drag a few girls along right?

After weeks of waiting the day finally came. I don’t know what had gotten into me yesterday morning. I was walking around the garden looking for a slight sight of the sun but the sky was cloudy and it rained. Then I lazed around in my room taking time to issue cheques for credit card payment. When I looked up at the clock it’s already 11am! I’m suppose to leave house by 11 am and I’m still in my pyjamas! I rushed to bath, did my makeup hurriedly and left house with crooked eyeliner LOL! I think the rest is pretty much like how you imagine – drive like a mad woman. Let’s just say I’m not exactly that late hehe. I reached 12noon and before that I asked Jennifer to get a table for me first *thank you dear*

Velvety Layers is not hard to find. It is strategically located at IOI Mall (old wing) facing the main road. If you can find McDonalds then you can easily spot Velvety Layers as they are just next to each other technically.

As soon as everyone arrived we ordered our food and drinks at the counter because their menu is all on the board behind the cashier counter. This is a small cafe which specialize in hand crafted Mille Crepes cake but later on Velvety Layers offer pasta as well.