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Event Reader's Engagement Special Feature StriVectin

A Purplish Affair with StriVectin & Street Love

Warning: Picture heavy and long post ahead.

I know, I know. This is a super late post :P. I said I’ll post up the pictures last week on what went down at my very first brand collaboration event but I decided to put it on hold after my friend over at StriVectin saw my post about it in Facebook. Initially I plan to post up the pictures that I have from my camera as I refuse to disturb them on pictures. After the Facebook post, she recall that I have yet to get my hands on the pictures from her camera. Here’s a big thank you to Allyshea!

I know it has been some time since the event so allow me to refresh your mind just a little bit.

After having an intimate get-together session with a few of my closest reader back in January 2013, I have always been wanting to do a larger scale gathering with the concept of chit chat, test some products, beauty talk and many more. It’s sort of bringing what we’ve been doing online to offline. I briefly talk about my idea to StriVectin a week after that and the idea was soon forgotten as I was getting busier with work. The idea was brought up a few months after that by StriVectin and I rejected it due to various reason. And, brought up again. Put aside all the complicated story, I came up with the planning but shit do happen. We have all the time but soon we ran out of time also due to various backend reasons and so the event is scaled down to a smaller group. At that time and moment, I’m happy with just 10. I choose 8 readers in the end as I was screening the entries strictly and thoroughly to avoid having freeloaders. I hope everyone understand why I did what I did. StriVectin is a luxury cosmeceutical skin care brand. This would be their first event and also their first collaboration event with a beauty blogger therefore we all wanted genuine, excited readers that are interested with exploring new skin care brand as well as to errr meet me 🙂 instead of coming just to get door gift.


Aveda™ Event Reader's Engagement

Exclusive Street Love X Aveda Event: Join Me For A Pampering Hair-Day Full With Beauty and Wellness

Date: 3rd August 2013, Saturday
Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Venue: Luxasia Training Center at NorthPoint Mid Valley

Activity Includes:
10.00am – 10.30am – Arrival of participants & RitualSession (30 mins)
10.30am – 11.00am Brand Overview (10 mins) & Sharing on Hair Thinning issue & invati system + Hands on Hair Styling (Focus curl & Straight) (20 mins)
11.00am – 11.30pm – Best Hairstyling contest begins + All participants try to do own hairstyle (30 mins)
11.30pm – 12.00pm Photoshoot session (30 mins)
12.00pm – 12.05pm Offer of the day (5 mins)
12.05pm – 1.30pm – Light Refreshment + Mingle sessions + Continue of Ritual Session + Announcement Winner of Best Hair Styling & Prize Giving (1 hr 25 mins)

There will also be a photographer to take your beautiful picture with your new hair style and you will get to bring home a copy!

Want to win some Aveda products? Simple. On that day all you need to do is to create the best hair styling you can think of to win Aveda Product voucher worth RM500. Judging will be done on that day and winner will be announce at the end of the event.
Pssttt…you can buy lots with RM500!!

Exclusive Promotion
There will also be a special-hard-to-resist promotion just for you. You got to find out yourself at the event 😀

Want to join? Sure! Bring along a plus one / two or three. But of course you have to let me know lah. All you have to do it to fill in this form below.
RSVP ends 25th July 2013

Closed. So RSVP form is removed.


Participant Name List
*In no particular order*
1) Angelina Ng
2) Magdalene Ng
3) Edazz Lucinda
4) Janice Leong
5) Gin Phang
6) Elizabeth Toh
7) Chan Chee Yee
8) Tai Fui Choon
9) Sanny Chai
10) Keanu Phang
11) Christy Chai
12) Grace Lim
13) Choo Pui Moon
14) Pristine Choo
15) Farisha Nadia
16) Fuziah
17) Cherainne Yeoh
18) Fiona Chan
19) Jess Lee
20) Jem Lee
21) Traclyn Yeoh
22) Chan Hui Xin
23) Tan Bing Xin
24) Michelle K
25) HWen
26) Lim Wei Li
27) Chang Hui Lee
28) Swee San
29) Jennifer Hew
30) Hoi Heng
31) Winnie Yeoh
32) Cynthia Lee
33) Wei Ni
34) Cindy Tong


Event Reader's Engagement StriVectin

StriVectin X Street Love “A Purplish Affair” Tea Party Invitation

It is FINALLY here! Thanks to StriVectin Malaysia I am happy to invite TEN (10) of Street Love Readers to join me for a Sunday tea party! It is the first time that StriVectin is partnering with a blogger for an intimate tea party session so you, me and nine others will be amongst the FIRST to be in this tea party 🙂

Want to score an invitation? Read on to find out how.


Food Reader's Engagement Velvety Layers

An Offline Afternoon with the Girls @ Velvety Layers

2 weeks ago I sent out an invitation to my friend Kamsiah, Jennifer and Angelina who is a few close, active readers of mine for a lunch at my friend’s cafe; Velvety Layers at IOI Mall Puchong. It was nothing fancy though. Just a simple meet, chat, lunch, coffee and dessert session. Another reason is also because I promised my friend to go over to try the food. If I’m going why not drag a few girls along right?

After weeks of waiting the day finally came. I don’t know what had gotten into me yesterday morning. I was walking around the garden looking for a slight sight of the sun but the sky was cloudy and it rained. Then I lazed around in my room taking time to issue cheques for credit card payment. When I looked up at the clock it’s already 11am! I’m suppose to leave house by 11 am and I’m still in my pyjamas! I rushed to bath, did my makeup hurriedly and left house with crooked eyeliner LOL! I think the rest is pretty much like how you imagine – drive like a mad woman. Let’s just say I’m not exactly that late hehe. I reached 12noon and before that I asked Jennifer to get a table for me first *thank you dear*

Velvety Layers is not hard to find. It is strategically located at IOI Mall (old wing) facing the main road. If you can find McDonalds then you can easily spot Velvety Layers as they are just next to each other technically.

As soon as everyone arrived we ordered our food and drinks at the counter because their menu is all on the board behind the cashier counter. This is a small cafe which specialize in hand crafted Mille Crepes cake but later on Velvety Layers offer pasta as well.

Reader's Engagement RMK

Reader Engagement #1 – RMK Makeover for Gin

On my 1st purchase from RMK I was given a makeover pass. As I just had a full makeover with Adrian 1 week before that I decided to give out the makeover pass to my reader. The intention was to give other people a chance to try on RMK products on the face instead of testing out on the back of the hand. I wanted my reader to have the same experience that I had with RMK. One thing different about me is that I like to get upclose and personal with my readers. This would be the first one and not going to be the last.

Initially I’ve selected Sheryn for the makeover but she can’t make it so Gin is the lucky one! The makeover was fixed yesterday 11am at Isetan KLCC.

Let’s say hi to Gin BEFORE the makeover.

During the makeover I stayed by Gin’s side explaining the step by step and products that was used on her. That morning I thought I’m working for RMK! lol!