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Exclusive Street Love X Aveda Event: Join Me For A Pampering Hair-Day Full With Beauty and Wellness

Date: 3rd August 2013, Saturday
Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Venue: Luxasia Training Center at NorthPoint Mid Valley

Activity Includes:
10.00am – 10.30am – Arrival of participants & RitualSession (30 mins)
10.30am – 11.00am Brand Overview (10 mins) & Sharing on Hair Thinning issue & invati system + Hands on Hair Styling (Focus curl & Straight) (20 mins)
11.00am – 11.30pm – Best Hairstyling contest begins + All participants try to do own hairstyle (30 mins)
11.30pm – 12.00pm Photoshoot session (30 mins)
12.00pm – 12.05pm Offer of the day (5 mins)
12.05pm – 1.30pm – Light Refreshment + Mingle sessions + Continue of Ritual Session + Announcement Winner of Best Hair Styling & Prize Giving (1 hr 25 mins)

There will also be a photographer to take your beautiful picture with your new hair style and you will get to bring home a copy!

Want to win some Aveda products? Simple. On that day all you need to do is to create the best hair styling you can think of to win Aveda Product voucher worth RM500. Judging will be done on that day and winner will be announce at the end of the event.
Pssttt…you can buy lots with RM500!!

Exclusive Promotion
There will also be a special-hard-to-resist promotion just for you. You got to find out yourself at the event 😀

Want to join? Sure! Bring along a plus one / two or three. But of course you have to let me know lah. All you have to do it to fill in this form below.
RSVP ends 25th July 2013

Closed. So RSVP form is removed.


Participant Name List
*In no particular order*
1) Angelina Ng
2) Magdalene Ng
3) Edazz Lucinda
4) Janice Leong
5) Gin Phang
6) Elizabeth Toh
7) Chan Chee Yee
8) Tai Fui Choon
9) Sanny Chai
10) Keanu Phang
11) Christy Chai
12) Grace Lim
13) Choo Pui Moon
14) Pristine Choo
15) Farisha Nadia
16) Fuziah
17) Cherainne Yeoh
18) Fiona Chan
19) Jess Lee
20) Jem Lee
21) Traclyn Yeoh
22) Chan Hui Xin
23) Tan Bing Xin
24) Michelle K
25) HWen
26) Lim Wei Li
27) Chang Hui Lee
28) Swee San
29) Jennifer Hew
30) Hoi Heng
31) Winnie Yeoh
32) Cynthia Lee
33) Wei Ni
34) Cindy Tong


Comments (12)

  • Really wanna go for this!! My hair is thinning!!!! It used to be double the volume I have..sobs. . The stress frm med school haiz..
    Btw, really hope it will be at one utama!!! Hihihihihi
    Lastly, thank u fiona for having another meetup ptogram with us readers!!!! Muaks~♥

    • I am pushing for it to be at One Utama ;). I want you girls to have the look and feel of the experience center 😀

      • Yay!!! Looking forward♥♥♥

        • Looking forward to see you Gin.

  • Sigh… I have thinning problems after I gave birth to my son.

    • I think this is a common problem for lady after giving birth right? Cause 90% of my friends had this problem too.

  • Facing hair thinning problem here too 🙁 but I’m still a uni student . sad . btw how can i know if i’m able to attend ? 🙂

    • Are you following my Facebook? Because I did mention a few times there that all submitted RSVP earlier are all going :D. I update Facebook most on non-review related matters, do “Like” my Facebook ya.

      • yeap. I’m registered when there are 5 more spaces , so I’m not sure 🙂

        • Ahhh no worries. I haven’t close the RSVP :). Still accepting. Email will be sent out soon.

  • The form is unavailable, could still RSVP right? (As updated from your FB ;))

    • Yes, cause RSVP was closed a week ago so I disable it. You could still RSVP by email as 2 pax can’t make it. Anyway, the form is up for you.


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