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Gifts from Friends Ollie Jewellery

Ollie Jewellery, Contemporary and Elegant Style 92.5% Pure Silver, Rhodium Plated and Nickel Free Jewellery

Ollie Jewellery 1
You know. I hate weddings. I avoid weddings not because I’m stingy but because wedding makes me sad. For someone who dodge wedding several time due to cold feet, having to sit through the whole lengthy 8-course Chinese wedding dinner while watching all the happy wedding photos flashing on the gigantic flat screen bring tears to my eyes. The last time I shed a tear or two at a wedding dinner is when my good friend got married to a guy whom I helped to pull the string? Is that how you call it? No wait. I just got the right word. It’s match making!

Last week I attended a good friend’s wedding. I know I know. I hate wedding but this lady’s wedding is a wedding that I wouldn’t miss. Plus I have a girl friend there so how hard can it be right? The funny part is the bride said she hate wedding too lol. I know, we are weird this way. While at the table waiting for food to fill in our empty tummy, the bride brought out this jewellery box for me. It’s a gift for the bridesmaid. See! Cannot miss this girl’s wedding I tell ya 😀

Food Gifts from Friends Tokyo Banana

Holiday At Japan Will Not Be Complete Without A Haul Of Their Must-Buy Tokyo Banana

Been feeling a little bit blue, a little bit down and a little bit unwell so I thought of telling you a treat that I got from my colleague who went to Japan for work cum holiday back in November 2013.

Who doesn’t know Tokyo Banana right? Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈) basically are banana pudding flavoured custard sponge cakes wrapped and packaged in Japanese standards. The phenomena of this delicacies has quickly put it to be the number #1 souvenir of choice from family and friends who have recently visited Japan. This is the one thing I requested from my colleague to buy for me too 😀

Tokyo Banana 1
It comes in various design such as plain, tabby pattern, giraffe pattern, leopard pattern, plain with caramel banana custard and the new one is floral pattern with banana shake custard. Each design are available in various package such as 4 pieces per pack (¥500), 8 pieces (¥1,050) and 12 pieces (¥1,550). Plain Tokyo Banana is cheaper at 4 pieces per pack (¥470), 8 pieces (¥1,000) and 12 pieces (¥1,500). I kinda like leopard pattern but it gave me goosebumps so giraffe is the final choice 😀 . As a few of our colleague ordered it as well and it’s a bit troublesome to bring back, we gotten the 4 pieces pack.

English Magazine Etude House Gifts from Friends Lisa Magazine Malay Magazine Review: Magazine Sunsilk The Body Shop Women's Weekly Magazine

Local Magazine December 2013 GWP: Malaysian Women’s Weekly and Lisa

December 2013 magazine GWP has been keeping me busy for the past week. It is quite rarely to see a few local magazine giving out good and worthy GWP.

December 2013 Local Magazine GWP
It all started last Sunday when I went to One Utama to redeem Sulwhasoo deluxe sample set at Parkson. If you are familiar with One Utama New Wing then you will know that there’s a MyNews outlet located at B1, just in front of the travelator. When I reached I saw a magazine that is possible to have a GWP due to it’s obvious green extended page from far. I knew magazine could be heavy to lug around One Utama so I told myself to only stop by when I was exiting the mall.

Clarins Clinique Crabtree & Evelyn Estée Lauder Gifts from Friends Giveaway L'Occitane

Wonderful Saturday with Meeting Friend, Beauty Shopping + Gifts & Giveaway

I had a wonderful and relaxing Saturday not rushing to blog or take product pictures but meeting up with a friend; Kamsiah who if you still remember sponsored all the wonderful Clarins giveaway in Street Love, we did some beauty roundings and shopping at Pavilion.

As Kamsiah is attending Clarins Beauty Gathering at 11am, I met up with her 10+ish before that and I followed her to the gathering so that we have time to chit chat before her hubby picked her up at 1pm. I have no intention at all to go for the Clarins event so I didn’t queue for the door gift or whatsoever just in case someone is wondering 🙂

I came home with these! Actually there’s a full size Clinique Chubby Stick but I forgotten to include in the picture.

Kamsiah gave me loads of gifts and she really know me well. Everything she gave me is exactly what I like. Exactly. Every single one of it.

If you have been reading my lil bloggie you’d know that I love rose scented stuff. I’ve been eyeing on Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Rose Solid Perfume since last month when I finally take a look at KLCC outlet. I didn’t get it as Christmas is near so I thought maybe there’s Christmas set for it lol. Love this so so much! It came with a cute pouch too!! Thank you Kamsiah *hugs*

Gifts from Friends RMK

Love from Friends – RMK Liquid Foundation

2 weeks ago a friend of mine saw an online seller clearing 15ml RMK Liquid Foundation at 50% discount. Usual price is RM30 per bottle. So she got me 2 bottles of #102 🙂

And I only bought the lip brush for RM7.50 after 50% discount lol!

I have awesome friends too.


Clarins Crabtree & Evelyn Estée Lauder Gifts from Friends

{Things That Made My Week}

Last week is the bestest week I had after many months of downs.

(1) Another “shopping” without paying a single cent with Clarins. I collected my April 2012 points redemption gift from Isetan KLCC while on the way back to PJ.


(2) Finally my Crabtree & Evelyn VIP Membership card is ready for collection. Was given super soft face and bath towel worth more than RM120+? Can’t remember. Actually I redeemed a Chatime too with my redemption stamp card but didn’t managed to take a picture :). Lovely day.


(3) Just before I throw away my “moldy” Estee Lauder lipstick bought from recent staff sale, I tried my luck contacting them through Facebook and they responded with providing me the PIC name and contact number. I called up the next day and coincidently I was at KLCC so half an hour later they called me back and said I could exchange / get a refund at Isetan. Very efficient. Thank you Estee Lauder, Jean, Karen and Mandy of Isetan KLCC.


(4) To be able to meet an old friend whom I haven’t meet for quite some time. We have fun at her event and did some catch up during lunch at Ben’s. Good food, lovely companion, great chat. What else could I ask for. Sometimes it’s not about the free gift that we were given for attending events, to me it’s the catching up with a friend is what I’m looking forward to. Nonetheless appreciate the gift too.


Hope you had a great week too.