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Some Love from Friends

Fennie from Clarins BU counter gave me these!

It’s mandarin orange gift pack and her own handmade crispy seaweed. I have never tasted such a yummy crispy seaweed before! See half of it is gone. I need to hold on to the half for the photo hahaha. Thank you so much dear :). Hope you sell these. I wanna buy!

Next is a bunch of L’Occitane goodies from a 5 star hotel in Penang. Thanks to Sherman my company’s photographer who was at a Mercedes-Benz media drive to Penang whom BBM-ed me the toiletries stuff in his bathroom lol. I told him to bath only using water and that he can’t touch all of these hahaha. Then the next day my other Editor used the shower gel hehe. But in the end Sherman managed to bring the rest of the stuff back to me. I gave a bottle of body lotion to Bella my colleague and this is what I came home with.

Thank you Sherman!

What a great CNY!

BMW Gifts from Friends Hyundai

Blessed Year

On this joyous Christmas Day I’m thankful for having wonderful people around me this year. I’m thankful that my parents are healthy, I’m blessed that I’m working in an industry which I love, blessed for a good income this year which supported all my hefty purchases =P, thankful that I have more than a two handful of clients which are my close friends now, thankful that I’m finally off from Hyperthyroidism medications after 3 long years and of course thankful for having a good skin this year lol.

I’m particularly thankful for this two.

My dear friend Aini from Ingress Auto gave me this 2012 diary and calendar. Thank you dear.

Delvise, my close client cum friend gave me this Hyundai Santa Fe pendrive. Thank you my “heng tai”! 🙂

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Clarins Gifts from Friends

The Gift That Made My Day Better!

I’m going through a rough time at work for the past months and it’s going worse for the past one week. There’s a huge different in terms of maturity, company stability, understanding of publishing, speed of work, sense of urgency and responsibilities in my previous company against the current company. I’m going from excited to bored stage and now I’m in the ignorance stage. Not gonna be any pushy anymore as no one is going to listen anyway. The only thing that kept me sane is my other life; my interest in beauty products, beauty related events and of course blogging. I can see myself slowly moving to lifestyle publishing line leaving the automotive behind me early next year. Will I miss my clients? Of course I will! That is also the reason why I cannot move to another automotive magazine. I need to know when to let go. My competitors will be darn happy if I left automotive line. They’ll have one less magazine to stress about and grab all the advertising budget to themself lol!!

Back to topic. Yes of all the shitty thing I need to go through last week, I was gifted with a set of gift from a silent reader (thank you dear, you know who you are) who have been reading about my fond and love for Clarins.

She gave me this.

No it’s not just any bag. It’s a magic bag! It’s Clarins organizer bag which I’ve been wanting all along! What’s up about the “magic” part? Read on.


So I took a peep into the bright red organizer bag and found lots more!

She found out I wanted to try Clarins makeup so she include some of the goodie!


She said she have some extra lipstick and some samples so she thought she could gift it to me to try.

Instant Light Perfecting Touch 1ml sample tube, Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Tamarind 20ml, Joli Rouge 724 Simply Nude & Joli Rouge 725 Pink Earth. Both lipstick is full size.


Somehow this reader read my mind! I was running out of concealer and was about to search for one and here I am, receiving one sample to try. I’m also into lipstick recently and was thinking if I should get Clarins one in nude and here I am again, receiving not one but two Clarins lipstick to try. Best part is one of the lipstick is in nude!

Thank you babe!!


Gifts from Friends Kate

Birthday Pressie from Kate

Last Thursday was my birthday and I applied leave on both Thu and Fri for some me-time. Thursday was a fun-filled day as I met up with Kate for lunch, a quick detour to Clarins Jusco One Utama to meet with Fennie, then to Speedworks to collect my car (servicing starter) and lastly dinner with Liza from Renault Malaysia.

Kate had forgotten that we are suppose to meet at The Gardens and she went to BVII so I drove as fast as I can from MV to BV. The distance wasn’t that far but the jam in front of BVI is just killing me. We met at The Loaf. Had a nice mushroom soup with mango juice for lunch while Kate had asparagus soup. It was nice to see Kate again to catch up. I’m happy to be able to catch up with Kate after both of us left the company.

That day was just Kate alone. David; her husband is left at work hehe. Kate said this is girly girl outing :). As David wasn’t present, I was unable to take a picture of us. There’ll be next time.

Kate was kind enough to give me a birthday pressie and a card. She placed it on the table even before I reach. So nice of her! I always like to receive present from Kate. She have good taste in everything.

She said “something for the office”. She know me very well. A coffee mug. This is not just any ordinary coffee mug. Firstly it’s a present from Kate. Secondly it has the girly print on the mug. Like I said, she know me well. I suppose we are both similar in many ways. Thirdly it’s Christopher Vine design mug!

Birthday pressie + card from Kate.

Single boxed mug from Christopher Vine. Box is handmade ya.

The mug is protected with a thin layer of paper.

Stiletto print on one side.

Corporate suit print on the other side.

Cute birthday card from Kate and David.

Signed with love and best wishes.

It’s not how expensive the gift is. It’s the thought that counts.

Gifts from Friends K & N

K&N Mini Air Intake Keychain

A friend of mine gave me this cute keychain last Saturday when I was servicing my car. It’s a K&N Air Intake keychain! So cute! I should have said I want 2 when he asked how many I want hehe 🙂

I was expecting a square air filter keychain but instead he gave me this mini K&N Air Intake. Did I mention it’s so damn cute?

K&N Air Intake keychain and sticker.

I was shouting and jumping around when I turn the small package to this side. It’s a mini air intake 🙂

There’s a silver plate with K&N offical website addy ( on the plate.

K&N logo on the bottom of the air intake.

If you can see closely on the silver thingy in the middle of the netting, there’s a K&N logo!

Gotta give credit to K&N =)