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Pure Fiji Handmade Coconut Soap

Today I received a gift from my CEO, Kate. It’s a gift from Fiji! My boss went for a Christmas holiday and she returned to office yesterday. I dropped by her office to say hie and she surprised me today with this. “Darling, which would you like?”…she asked me this morning with both her palm extended in front of me. On both of her palm she placed a green and a pink flowery box. I thought it’s a box with something in it. Coincidently my other colleague walked by and she was stopped by my boss as well. As she asked me first, I got to pick the one I want. Of course I picked the pink one! Everyone knew I love pink =). My boss said that this soap is made from coconut oil and our skin will be very soft and hydrated after using. It’s for face and body.

I’ve been reading a blog on handmade soap a few weeks ago. From the blog I started to take handmade soap more seriously. This gift is PERFECT for me. Let’s hope I don’t get crazy with soap from now on. I knew how addictive this could be.

I absolutely love the packaging!! So…so…me??! The whole soap is tightly and nicely wrapped with handmade paper as well. They way they wrapped the soap is like wrapping a present. The ribbon used has “Pure Fiji” written all around.

There’s a card at the back of the soap.

As you flipped over the card, you’d see the ingredient used. If you can see the price tag, it’s not expensive. I’d bring back a carton if I see this.

Up-close on the ingredient. It’s also certified for using organic nut oils. Notice the Green Earth logo?

Handmade paper and Pure Fiji ribbon.

Handmade paper is nice. Used to buy a lot of these type of paper when I was in high school.

I wonder if I could ever open this and use it. It’s just too nice to unwrap! I’d definitely put this in one of my Gelato Pique pouch.

I love the flower so much that I’ll leave you with the closed-up picture of the flower ehehe. Enjoy.

Gifts from Friends

Gift from Phuket!

Monica handed me this pouch when I was busy working at my desk. Immediately I was jumping in excitement when I saw it. It’s cute. She know I love pouch and she only bought this for me and not for everyone else. Quickly I slipped my hand into my handbag and I took out my digicam. It fits perfectly! Monica actually thought I’d put coins in this. I don’t really carry coins and I think it’s too big for coins 🙂

Cute pictures ahead!

From far I thought I saw my name Fiona on top right. But nahhh. The material is quite sturdy and overall pouch is well-made.

Cute lil orange baby elephant with flappy ears haha. I kept teasing Monica with this.