Clarins Crabtree & Evelyn Estée Lauder Gifts from Friends

{Things That Made My Week}

Last week is the bestest week I had after many months of downs.

(1) Another “shopping” without paying a single cent with Clarins. I collected my April 2012 points redemption gift from Isetan KLCC while on the way back to PJ.


(2) Finally my Crabtree & Evelyn VIP Membership card is ready for collection. Was given super soft face and bath towel worth more than RM120+? Can’t remember. Actually I redeemed a Chatime too with my redemption stamp card but didn’t managed to take a picture :). Lovely day.


(3) Just before I throw away my “moldy” Estee Lauder lipstick bought from recent staff sale, I tried my luck contacting them through Facebook and they responded with providing me the PIC name and contact number. I called up the next day and coincidently I was at KLCC so half an hour later they called me back and said I could exchange / get a refund at Isetan. Very efficient. Thank you Estee Lauder, Jean, Karen and Mandy of Isetan KLCC.


(4) To be able to meet an old friend whom I haven’t meet for quite some time. We have fun at her event and did some catch up during lunch at Ben’s. Good food, lovely companion, great chat. What else could I ask for. Sometimes it’s not about the free gift that we were given for attending events, to me it’s the catching up with a friend is what I’m looking forward to. Nonetheless appreciate the gift too.


Hope you had a great week too.


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  • how to get the crabtee and evelyn membership card? 😀

  • Is very good they give you refund or exchange

  • They’re very polite and apologetic. I’m so excited they let me exchange. Although they suggest to refund. I wouldn’t want them to lost so I want exchange 🙂

  • Make a combined receipt purchase in between 6 months for RM600 and above then bring all the receipt and apply at any branch 😀

  • That’s a very good week indeed, happy to know 🙂 Sometimes our lives are touched by kind people which is a good thing.

  • Yes :). Somehow last week everyone decided to be nice to me hahahaha


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