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Review: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

Lately I’ve implemented the iconic Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex into my skin care regime to boost or enhance my skin even more. I bought this Limited Edition 75ml bottle back in March 2012 and I’ve been using it since. I just realized I’ve used up half bottle of it in just 2 months as I shared this bottle with my mum. Basically I poured some into the deluxe sample bottle of 7ml and she had 2 refills so far!

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex 75ml is retailing for RM395. There’s also 2 smaller size version which is 30ml for RM240 and 50ml for RM330.


Ahhh the “brown bottle serum”. I like the bottle very much. If it’s glass it’s even better but not my primary concern. The dropper makes it much more easier to use. The iconic “little brown bottle” with the apothecary dropper is legendary. Synonymous with the Estée Lauder brand for over 25 years, Advanced Night Repair or ANR, as it is more fondly known, is a staple found in women’s cosmetics cabinets all around the world. Launched in 1982 as Night Repair, the serum heralded a new era in skin repair. Everything about the original product was unique; the texture, the formula, the technology and remains so to this very day. ANR set the precedent for the skin repair concept when it launched and continues to lead the category today. Women all over the globe swear by ANR’s power to help skin fight against environmental assaults, repair past visible damage and help prevent future damage. The coveted formula remains one of the best-selling, best-performing skincare products in Estée Lauder history.


Today, Estée Lauder’s pivotal research in genetic aging has provided a new discovery and technology that will again revolutionize night-time repair. New ANR Synchronized Recovery Complex provides continuous, comprehensive and optimized night-time repair with revolutionary Chronolux™ Technology to support the natural synchronization of skin’s repair and protection processes at exactly the right time. Additionally, a new patented technology encapsulating Alkyl Guanine Transferase (AGT) now helps repair visible past damage from smoke and pollution, in particular toxins and chemicals, putting this new serum at the forefront of visible damage repair from all known major environmental assaults. The new formula has 20 patents pending worldwide.

Here’s the history of ANR bottle design. Pretty amazing.


A simple “how to use” instruction at the back of the bottle. There’s also a PAO (Period After Opening) of 24 months. I think I won’t need 24 months to finish this lol!


Close up look at the apothecary dropper. At the beginning I only use this at night time. And every night I’d use 1 full dropper amount. Then I was advised to use in the morning as well. As I layered my skin care, I only use 3 drops so that I won’t look so oily with all the stuff on my face.


What I like about ANR is the scent of the serum and the texture. To me it does smell like honey haha. The texture is more like a gel. If you’re using a full dropper amount, it takes time to absorb into the skin. I absolutely like pairing this serum with umecare Careroll Derma Roller. Derma Roller just pushes the ANR into my skin!


ANR claimed to Dramatically Reduces the Major Signs of Visible Aging which resulted a younger, smoother, beautiful, more radiant and healthy skin.

How it works is that ANR:-
1 – Repairs the appearance of past damage and addresses the visible damaging effects of environmental assaults—UV light, smoke and pollution—before they become permanent. 
2 – Helps prevent future damage. 
3 – Delivers high levels of hydration.

So the big question is does it work for me. Did I see any result?
Well I would say it’s too early to tell. At the beginning when my skin is in it’s best condition I do see that I woke up every morning with brighter, plump skin. After about 1 month of using I do feel that my skin texture has improved. Some people see no result and that doesn’t mean the product doesn’t work. It only means she don’t need it. If you are already having flawless skin of course you won’t see any huge difference. ANR will do it’s magic inside of your skin without your naked eye seeing it (of course) and help you to maintain that flawless, youthful skin for many years to come.


1) Pricey but one bottle really last long and it works!
2) Helps to maintain beautiful and youthful skin.
3) Easily absorbed.
4) You’d woke up every morning with brighter and plumper skin.
5) Smells great and heavenly too.


Funny that I was trying to find this at Suria Meriang Staff Sale but of course I couldn’t find it. It’s Estée Lauder best seller! And yes I’d definitely repurchase this.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own


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  • Hehe when I was at KLIA, the BA told me that when the double 75ml pack came out, the ANR one was snapped up by customers. ANR is good pamper to the skin, I love it too.

  • Next time we wanna buy ANR, we drove to KLIA lah haha. I’m half bottle through. Need to restock soon :(. No money 🙁

    Btw, what did you buy at airport? Meant to ask you but keep on forgetting.

  • I bought the Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher 75ml twin pack for RM534. That’s all 🙂 Not really into fragrance and now I kinda regret not getting the BB cream twin pack.

  • Wow. Then you must have a few bottles now :). Should have told me abt the BB creme. Their warehouse sales is selling for RM100 only

  • Lol, I have 4 bottles of 75ml Pore Minimizing serum – 3 bottles unopened. It’s ok dear about the BB cream 🙂 Yeah, I am slow and just started to try the sample size BB cream and loved it because it brightens up my face and does not oxidize! There’s really difference in price and quality I guess compared to other BB cream. But I haven’t tried other brands. So far the EL sample is doing a good job 🙂

  • OMG. 4 bottles of 75ml! Could last your till maybe Q2 next year haha

  • I am using this too ^____^ but havent see any result yet, hmm, maybe I dint pay much attention to notice the changes lol
    EL bb cream seem good, I have the sample but haven try. I love their double wear foundation light :DD

    • You won’t be able to see result dear.

      1) This is prevention of aging. It’s suppose to work inside haha
      2) You’re still young so your skin is young. You probably don’t need it?

      I’m using a new BB cream now. Will review soon.

  • I think Aby doesn’t see the result because her skin is still young. Her skin is still in optimal stage. It would be a waste to use the product. But then the BA would say she needs it for prevention etc. That’s sales talk.

    • As per my advice earlier I think she don’t need it too.

  • waaa ~ I thought this EL night repair serum is a plus point to help next serum for better absorption >_< wrong info ad :(( and i somemore thought, anti-aging should start as early as possible :((

    • True. Anti-aging should start as early as 25. You’re not wrong in that 🙂


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