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Review: umecare Careroll Derma Roller

I’m a skin care junkie. I’d buy any skin care that I think is good. Even if I already have a targeted skin care for my concern, I’d ended up buying more cause I believe the more I apply the faster the result is lol. I’m a person who like to layer skin care on my face. But never in a million years I’d have thought that our skin only absorb 30% of what was applied. That was until I discovered a magic God-send tool called Careroll Derma Roller.

If you’ve read my review on umeSkin Analyzer last week, I mentioned that I bought Careroll Derma Roller at a special price of RM95 instead of RM146. At the moment the special price is still happening so if you like what you read, head on to umecare website ( and make you purchase!

The main reason why I delayed the review of Careroll Derma Roller is because I think it’s important for me to highlight to you the packaging inside out. After all you’re going to “poke” your whole face with it haha. And I was busy to take picture of it after I received the parcel. That’s why 🙂

On the outside, the roller is visibly noticeable. The box is hard and secure. Umecare staff took another precaution with securing the product with hard cardboard before sending out too. Thumbs up!


The back of the box is packed with bulleted information on the Careroll Derma Roller. I’m liking the huge 90% absorbency word already!


Upon removing the content out from the outer box, I notice that the Careroll Derma Roller is factory sealed. This is to make sure that the Careroll Derma Roller is clean, fresh and protected from any unwanted residue or germs.


At the back of the paper seal I can see clearly the MFG date and Use By date. And also it’s Made in Korea which explains the popularity of this tool in Korea.


Tadaaa! Careroll Derma Roller itself. I gulped a bit after removing the paper seal. I admit that I’m nervous as I’m just a few step away before poking my face with this hahaha. A reminder; do not remove the paper seal completely as you need to store the Careroll Derma Roller back into the box after use. Just tear accordingly like what I did.


A closer look at Careroll Derma Roller. You can roughly see the Microneedle.


A side view of Careroll Derma Roller.


A closer look at Careroll Derma Roller. This time the Microneedle is more clearer. Amazing little roller.


Here’s an overview on why Careroll Derma Roller is useful & beneficial for you and your skin.

Micro-needle Penetration Test, University of Marburg (Germany) 
According to clinical study by Germany Marburg University, the percentage of absorption of active ingredients to the skin via topical application is only 30% due to the skin’s natural barrier. Which means up to date, there are no active ingredients which can penetrate effectively into the skin’s barrier; not even actives made with Liposome or Nano technology. With today’s revolutionized technology, micro needling was invented to counter the above limitations.


Impressed already? Wait till you see the feature of Careroll Derma Roller.

International Patented Polymer
Made of International Patented Biocompatible and Biodegradable Polymer developed by KAIST which will not cause any allergies.
*Thus you can enjoy a peace of mind as compared using Titanium, Stainless Steel or Gold Needle.*
0.5mm fine needles tips
Minimal pain and it will not harm the skin during the rolling process.

180 polymer tips invisible to the naked eye
Enjoy skin rejuvenation without having to worry about safety.
Ergonomic Design
Designed for ease of use with maximum comfort, efficiency and safety, especially at home.

Why do I need it if you might ask?

It punctures more than 300,000 micro holes on the epidermal within 5 minutes which enable skin care products to penetrate into the skin easily.

These micro holes
 form an efficient nutrient delivery system, allowing skin care products penetrate into the skin 40 times more effective compared to topical application.

This allows the absorbency level to increase up to 75% – 90%.

Care- Roll Derma Roller 
Induces Collagen Synthesis trejuvenate and regenerates the skin.

Skin becomes naturally thicker, tighter and firmer with the increase of collagen.
Care- Roll Derma Roller Auto Reconstruct the Cell to:

– Diminish Fine Winkles, Scar or Stretch Marks
– Reduces Pore Size
– Effective for Hair Regeneration.

It’s simple to use Careroll Derma Roller. To summarized it, here’s a pictorial on the rolling direction 🙂


Basically I’d sterilize my Careroll Derma Roller, apply my usual skin care and stopped at serum. Then I’d start rolling. Don’t get too overwhelming from the rolling k? I’d stop when I finished rolling all the directions (horizontal, vertical and cross) and continue applying the last step of skin care which is cream. Immediately I can feel that my usual cream amount is no longer sufficient. It disappear as soon as I pat the cream onto my face! WOW. Oh yea you bet I add up some cream after that haha!
Do note that you cannot use this everyday. You should repeat after 3 to 5 days. For me I’m using this twice a week. I can’t live without this. It’s addicting as I knew my skin is more responsive towards my skin care now.
If you have scar problem, acne problem, wrinkles or pigmentation and you can’t get any skin care to work for you, why not try Careroll Derma Roller? Skin care will absorb more into your skin and your skin will benefit from it.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Hi,
    Nice review, what is your skin condition now after you have been using the roller?

    • Hi Wendy, thanks 🙂

      The roller will help your skin care to penetrate more so your skin absorb more of the benefit of the skin care. For me I wanted to push in anti-aging skin care i.e. ANR

  • Hi, i want buy umecare Careroll Derma Roller, how can i get it? Please let me know, thankyou so much.

    • Hi Irene, if you notice there’s link to the website at the beginning of the review? Click on that please.


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