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Sampling Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013

Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013_5
Somewhere early or middle this year I redeemed a Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013 from Isetan KLCC counter but I couldn’t recall where I get the info from. The only thing I remember is being excited about it and rushed to redeem the sample kit mainly because I was interested with the serum+ and of course the mask as well.

The Perfect Whitening Kit has been sitting in my stash drawer comfortably, up until a few days ago where I took it out while cleaning the drawer. I’ve ran out of whitening serum and this sample kit is just perfect :D. I give credit to counter brands that came out with such a nicely done and complete sample kit. This Shiseido one although comes in a simple cardboard leaftlet-like, at least they put in effort and not just giving the sample out as it is. I also managed to get this sample kit without any issue or whatsoever from the friendly BA. They are well aware of the sampling exercise and I was not badly treated at all eventhough I wasn’t buying anything.

On the cover is the star whitening serum from Shiseido which is the White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+.

Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013_6
There is two main product included in the Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013. Shiseido’s No. 1 Ultimate Whitening Pair – Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ and Power Brightening Mask is said to be the ultimate pair for ultimately spotless white skin. Just like Shiseido’s tagline – Crush X Eject.

Shiseido gave out a generous 5ml tube of Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ and a piece of Power Brightening Mask.

Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013_7
I’ve been using the Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+ for days now. It is so precious that I’m not using it as generous as I am on day to day basis. The serum is quite runny, doesn’t carry any heavy scent and not sticky after application. Before I started using the serum, my complexion was very dull. Maybe because I ran out of whitening / brightening serum that I wasn’t using any 😛

Of all whitening serum I’ve used before, this particular one has got to be the fastest and powerful among all because the result was quite instant the next day. The only problem now is to fork out RM410 for a 30ml bottle *faint*

Shiseido The Perfect Whitening Kit 2013_8
I remember Jennifer redeemed one as well. Perhaps she can refresh my mind on how we came about on the redemption :D…that if she recall 😉

Kudos to brands that are generous in giving out sample kit whenever they want to focus a product or whenever they launched a new product because only through sampling new and existing users are able to try the product at the comfort of their home before buying. I’m a firm believer in trying before buying 😀


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  • RM410 for 30ml?! *faints*

    Why do Asian brands always associate whitening with brightening? My understanding is that whitening = lighten skin tone. Brightening = something like make dull skin more radiant. I am sooo not interested in whitening products because I am already naturally super duper extremely fair. Brightening I might try because sometimes I do notice my skin have that ashen tone.

    By the way, I subscribed to your blog but it’s just easier to pop in and check if there is new post everyday. For some reason, they only send the update notification very late in the day even though you update in the morning. :/

    • My most expensive serums is near RM300, not until RM400 before.

      Asian country is humid and hot therefore we are more prone to tanning all the time. So since long time ago Asian wanted fair skin. Vice versa for the Americans where they don’t have the sun that we have so they are fair and wanted tan skin. This is what I refer to as “you want what you don’t have”. Whitening usually is meant for spots. Although there are some whitening products meant for the whole face. I am fair skin too but I still prefer whitening as I have acne marks (lazy to apply on spot by spot). Based on my experience…whitening on me doesn’t really makes me extremely fair. It’s not bleaching 😀

      Oh and as for the email subscription, my pre-set time is 1-3pm. I’ve just changed it to between 11am to 1pm.
      I personally received by 1.20pm give and take. Most readers get almost on the same time. If there is delay it might be network or email account network issue. But of course I am more than happy that you pop in spontaneously! 😀

    • Hi Ashley and Fiona,

      Shiseido has launched their Christmas sets. One of them is this Perfect Whitening set. Fiona has posted this via the Isetan treats post Looks like quite a value for money set with the miniatures. Enjoy 🙂 Yeah, personally, I feel that it is very expensive for a serum (of course, comparable to SK-II and the likes but Shiseido has both the economical and luxury price scale).

      • I got to use my other skin care faster or else my room will kaboom soon. So wanted the whitening set 😛

  • Is the sample giveaway still available at Isetan KLCC counter?

    • Eh? Of course not. I said I redeemed it somewhere early or middle this year. That was like months ago.

  • Lucky you Fiona ^^. If you ever buy the serum do post a review OK?

    • Will do 😉

  • Haha, if you are referring to me, my dear…how the redemption came about also slips my mind! 😀 I am getting old I think 😛 I still have the sampling kit. I always save this type of great sampling kits for holiday trips – thought of pampering myself etc. But guess what? The trip always never happens. Anyhow, I think Shiseido and Clinique are both beauty brands which offer very decent and great sampling campaigns. Their BAs are usually quite well mannered and redemption is also fuss free. I will try this sampling kit soon than to risk the expiry and my never happening holiday. I hope you have had good outcome with this sampling kit 🙂 Price wise, it is quite pricey for serum.

    • Haha yes you :). I remember I Whatsapp you after I redeemed mine as I saw your name. Kamsiah told me the other day how the redemption came about. She said it’s from Isetan postcard newletter. That makes sense. I checked my sms but zilch. I checked my email but zilch. Check Shiseido Facebook and none. So Kamsiah was right!
      I think that 5ml serum is more than 5ml. It’s quite a lot. I’m still using it till to date. It has been more than a week now lol. Price is pricey but if it do my skin good I wouldn’t mind splurging 🙂

      • Thank you Kamsiah!!! Haha, beauty mystery unrevealed 🙂 That rings a bell now that you mentioned it. Since both of us redeemed from Isetan hehe. Yeah, once in a while Isetan mailer does bring good news on redemption for members.

        • Really so once in a blue moon! 😀


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