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Shiseido 2013 Autumn/Winter New Makeup: Sheer and Perfect Foundation Cancel Color Noise for a Smoother, Even Skin

Shiseido Malaysia had just released a series of new makeup item as well as additional shades to the current collection for its 2013 Autumn/Winter look and collection just less than 2 weeks ago. For 2013 Autumn/Winter, we have a new base makeup added into the array of existing base makeup collection which is the NEW Sheer and Perfect Foundation SPF 15.


Sheer and Perfect Foundation SPF 15 ( RM135/30ml)

I never knew this before but according to Shiseido, our skin’s smoothness and evenness can be interrupted by color noise. Just like a camera, you can cancel these so-called color noise with the new Sheer and Perfect Foundation. This is because of Shiseido’s advanced light technology in it that selectively cancels the interference without concealing skin’s beauty. As a result skin is more even with all the red acne scars, brown undereye circles and black pore shadows neutralized and also skin is more smooth, fresh and glow.

Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation1

How it color noise canceling works?
After numerous research and analysis conducted, Shiseido discovered that all these color noise have one thing in common. Color. So the key to alleviating the most common skin problems while creating a fresh, glowing complexion is to get rid of it by focusing on complementary color technology.

Canceling color with light technology unique to Shiseido.
Complementary colors are the pairs of hues that are positioned directly across from one another on the color wheel. Either of this color can be effectively cancelled out by layering it with light in its complementary color. To do that, Shiseido scientists used the same color theory to create a super-sheer makeup that uses light to cancel “color noise” by layering skin with light that gives skin an even tone without the heavy coverage.

Shiseido developed Reflect & Fit Powder* exclusively with spherical particles attached to both the top and bottom surfaces of flat pearl sheets. When exposed to a light source, the radiance from the pearl sheets is scattered by the spherical particles, creating a veil of light that gives the skin a natural, glowing translucency. There are three types of Reflect & Fit Powder – one transmits green light (to cancel red coloration), one transmits blue (to cancel brown tones), and one transmits white (to cancel black) in the skin.

There are 14 shades available to choose from, ranging from ‘I’, ‘B’, ‘O’ and ‘D’. I don’t have all the shade with me that day as makeover station is using it at the same time and that was the most occupied area at the event. But I do have I20 and I40 swatches, just to show you the shade comparison 🙂

‘I’ stands for Ivory, suitable for fair skin tone.
‘B’ stands for Beige.
‘O’ stands for Ochre.
‘D’ stands for Dark, suitable for darker skin tone.

Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation2
Not only that, Shiseido’s existing Natural Finish Cream Concealer has also added in 2 new shades – 2B Light Medium Beige and 3B Medium Beige.

Natural Finish Cream Concealer – 2 New Shades (RM99/10ml)
* 2B Light Medium Beige & 3B Medium Beige

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer1
Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer is a high-coverage concealer that are suitable to be used to cover spots, dark circles, acne scars, dullness and redness. It can be used on every corner of the face, even around the mouth and eye areas, as it doesn’t dry up and enhance any fine lines or wrinkles. A high coverage like this will only requires a small amount. A little goes a long way 🙂

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer2
Choosing the right concealer shade may be a trial and error. If you are unsure on how to choose the right shade for your skin tone, try this tip from Shiseido. Simply choose a color somewhere between the problem area and the natural skin tone in order to avoid a finish that is looking too white. You wouldn’t want to look ghastly ghost don’t you? 😉

Here is the swatch for the new concealer shade.

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer3
On the existing Natural Finish Cream Concealer range, there are 6 shades to choose from previously.

1 – Light
2 – Light Medium
3 – Medium
4 – Dark
5 – Deep
6 – Honey

With the 2 new shades added in, choosing the right shade for Asian skin tone is much more easier because the new shades (2B and 3B) are easily matchable.

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer4


Lacquer Rouge – 6 New Shades (RM95)
* Sanguine RD413, Deep Coral RD314, Caramel RD215, Truffle BR616, Athena GD817, Diva VI418

Not only Natural Finish Cream Concealer welcomed 2 new addition to its family but I also have the chance to try the iconic Lacquer Rouge, which now comes with 6 new shades!

Lacquer Rouge is inspired by the beauty of Japan’s world-renowned lacquerware. You may be wondering what this cute little tube that looks similarly like a lip gloss is. It is actually a rich liquid lipstick, in a lip gloss packaging. One coat of this will provide an intense color and deep luster. As this is a lipstick in a liquid form, it moisturized the lip thoroughly, leaving the lips as smooth as lacquer.

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge1
Same as Sheer and Perfect Foundation, the makeover station was using the Lacquer Rouge and the overall color selection is huge, therefore the kind BA that attended to me brought a few over for me to have a look.

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge2
The color payoff is excellent! I have never seen anything like this before although I do know one of Shiseido’s well-known makeup product is these Lacquer Rouge. The texture is quite similar to lip gloss, only thicker and more opaque. It is shiny but not sticky, highly moisturizing and scentless.

I quite like RD413 and RD215 but I’m also eyeing on fuschia pink like Diva V1418 and Disco RS404 :D. One thing I learnt about these gorgeous Lacquer Rouge is that it doesn’t bleed. Even for RD413 which is a bright bloody red and even applying using the doe foot applicator provided.

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge3


Shiseido Make Me Beautiful (SMMB) 2013

Make Me Beautiful is a makeover campaign by Shiseido that is held every year if I’m not mistaken. The motive of the campaign is to help women discover and capture the essence of their true beauty through the endless possibilities of quality by combining good quality skincare and good quality makeup. It is devoted to enable and at the same time to help all women from various background and life to gain a better understanding on how to empower themselves by enhancing their own true beauty with the help of Shiseido beauty experts.

How to participate?
All you have to do is to purchase the Shiseido Make Me Beautiful makeover package at RM280 that will entitles you to a copy of the contest form, a RM250 redemption voucher for Shiseido products (on the spot redemption), a skin consultation session, a full makeover, professional hair styling, one instant A4-sized portrait as well as a limited edition brush set.

Shiseido Make Me Beautiful1
Participants will be separated into two categories, A for ages between 18-34 and B for ages between 35-49. They will be shortlisted by a panel of experts as well as through online voting on SMMB’s website, http://www.shiseidomakemebeautiful.com

Qualifying Round 1: Selection of Semi-Finalist by a Panel of Experts
10 entries from each location and category will be selected as semi-finalists. Selection of semi- finalists will be conducted by panel of judges. Details of selected 10 semi-finalists for each location and category will be posted on www.shiseidomakemebeautiful.com (SMMB website) for public online voting, Qualifying Round 2.

Qualifying Round 2: Online Voting
The highest votes for each semi-finalist per category, per location will go direct to the Finals. There will be total of 10 Finalists, one to represent each location and category. Selection of the 10 finalists will be determined by votes gathered from online voting (80%) and panel of judges (20%).

Finale: Online Voting
The 10 finalists will contest for Final Online Voting. Winners will be determined based on a combination cast online votes at www.shiseidomakemebeautiful.com, and the panel of judges. Contestants with the highest votes for each category will be declared the winners. One (1) grand prize winner and two (2) runners up for each category A and B will be announced Nov 2013 via SMMB website, www.shiseidomakemebeautiful.com

Besides the first, second and third prizes, for both categories, contestants also stand the chance to win prizes for Best Lips, Best Eyes, Best Complexion and Best Hair Style.

Shiseido Brush Set
Limited Edition Brush set

The nationwide search campaign will kick start from 16th August till 1st October 2013, with roadshows set up at locations such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Kuching to attract a throngs of women whose beauty, radiate from inside out. Finale voting will be held from 21 Oct – 3 Nov 2013 (14 days).

Here is a glimpse of the Grand Prize for Winner Category A & B

  • A year worth of Shiseido products (worth RM10,000)
  • Mayflower Holiday Travel Voucher (worth RM5,000)
  • Shiseido Professional Hair Care products (worth RM3,000)
  • Bebe Fashion Voucher (worth RM1,400)
  • Bebe Fashion Bag (worth RM600)
  • Panasonic Lumix Camera GF6 (worth RM1,999)
  • Panasonic Beauty products (worth RM2,500)
  • Free 1 year subscription for either one magazine – Female or Nuyou or EH! (worth R132)
  • Media Coverage in Female, Nuyou & EH!

Shiseido Make Me Beautiful2
You can also buy the special foundation set – Sheer & Perfect Foundation set at RM270 which will only be available at the Shiseido Make Me Beautiful roadshows. The last leg of the roadshow would be this week from 23rd September to 29th September 2013. That is this week! There is 2-full size in the set, which makes the set more value for money than buying one each of the product 😀

Sheer & Perfect Foundation set @ RM 270 (worth RM 385)

  • Sheer & Perfect Foundation (full size)
  • Translucent Loose Powder (full size)
  • Refining Makeup Primer 10ml
  • Luminizing Satin Face Color Miniature
  • Natural Finish Cream Concealer 5ml
  • The Skincare Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 30ml

Shiseido Make Me Beautiful3
What’s interesting that day during the launch of Sheer and Perfect Foundation at Mid Valley concourse is the Panasonic Beauty product display. I’m not sure if you notice the TVC featuring various beautiful women from different countries? Marion Caunter represented Malaysia for the hair dryer :).

From the display I was attracted to the face steamer. Take a closer look and you will notice 3 different face steamer available. Each of it bears a different function such as anti-aging and so on.

Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation4

Shiseido Sheer And Perfect Foundation5
Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation comes with SPF 15 that target on neutralizing color noise that we never realized having on our skin by canceling color with light technology that are exclusively developed by Shiseido. I wouldn’t say the coverage is sheer at all but it is more of providing a natural finishing and at the same time eliminates any redness and unevenness on the skin.

Are you planning to pick up a set of Sheer and Perfect Foundation or even join the yearly Make Me Beautiful campaign? Shiseido Malaysia has been actively coming out with super affordable value set and this Sheer and Perfect Foundation set would be the latest being offered to consumer.
For more latest update, please visit https://www.facebook.com/shiseido.malaysia


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  • The foundation set is so seducing!!

    • I’m also considering. I just tried the foundation this morning. I like it!! This week is like the last week to get it. Help!

      • haha… Hopefully it’s suitable for combination-oily skin type.
        My face still become oil even I’m using Lancome Mat Miracle 24H 🙁

        • It is suitable for combination and oily skin as it gives a sheer coverage. My face doesn’t oil up as fast as normal days. Not bad at all.

  • i wannnaaaaaa trrrryyy this! sulk sulk sulk…….
    and the set!!! good value! T.T

    • The texture is unique. It goes on sheer but later on turns thicker. Not a bad foundie.

  • The limited edition pouch is so cute!!

    • Hehe yes. Very cute. It’s very spacious with brush slots.

  • Nice review..really want to try this out.


    • Just drop by to their current roadshow location at Pavilion. The schedule is in the blogpost. Happy trying!


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