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Review: RMK Pressed Powder N #03, 4 Different Textures Setting Powder To Perfect & Enhance Complexion

RMK Pressed Powder N has always been in my to-buy list ever since I had my first RMK makeover last year and I finally got my hands on it a few months ago. It took me this long because it’s one hell of an expensive finishing powder! As I said in an earlier post before this, I love stocking up on finishing powder. The plus point in getting this RMK Pressed Powder N is that it’s refillable, a major cost reduction on long run 😀

There are five different shade to choose from. I chose #03 which bears a tiny blue square on the top right. I’ll tell you why later on 😉

RMK Pressed Powder N1
RMK in my opinion has the simplest, nicest silver matte surface casing. The kind that I appreciate very much. Even though so, this RMK Pressed Powder N double-decked compact is quite bulky. It’s quite small in size but thick. And RMK have a very good reason for that.

The material for the casing is good but also seems cheap in a way that it will be easily cracked if I accidentally put unnecessary pressure to the deck below.

RMK Pressed Powder N2
The reason for the thick casing is because of the powder brush included in a sliding compartment at the bottom. At first I thought the compartment is just a flip top but turns out it’s a sliding type and then I have no idea which way to slide the compartment to! After some fumbling I finally got it. There is absolutely no worries that the compartment will slide out accidentally as it is quite tightly attached.

RMK Pressed Powder N3
Let’s take a look at the powder. RMK Pressed Powder N is a 4 different texture finishing powder that are to be used by blending all four powder together with the powder brush included.

There are 5 different shade to choose from. I was matched with #02 or #03 and I choose #03 because blue are able to brighten complexion and neutralized redness. #02 which bears a pink square on the top right is able to give a subtle glow to the complexion while #01 which is the lightest shade of all is meant for super fair and pale skin. #04 and #05 on the other hand are meant for medium and dark skin tone respectively.

RMK Pressed Powder N4
Here are the individual swatches for RMK Pressed Powder N #03.

A – This whitish powder is to add a flawless translucent veil.
B – Do not look down on this small little blue cube. This blue shade is to brighten and lift the complexion overall.
C – This is the only shimmering powder on the palette. This strip here is to add fine shimmer with the pearlescent blend powder on to the face.
D – Last but not least, this neutral shade is for a natural coverage over unevenness and visible pores.

RMK Pressed Powder N5
The brush included is a square brush that are quite well-made. At first I used this brush to apply my powder on but find that the brush deposited too much powder on initial landing area so I have no choice but to kept this aside. Anyhow…face brush is much more faster 😀

RMK Pressed Powder N6

RMK Pressed Powder N7
Rather than the heavy swatch by finger earlier, applying RMK Pressed Powder N with a brush gives a more subtle illuminating finishing to the face. It does looked powdery due to the shimmering texture but this will not be visible on the face 🙂

RMK Pressed Powder N8
One thing to take note. This finishing powder is kinda “moist and creamy” that I feel too moist for my oily skin. It was no doubt that the powder just glides on smooth and stick on to any pre-base makeup applied earlier but over-applying this could end up giving the face that extra shine that oily skin wouldn’t appreciate.

Despite the rave everywhere on this finishing powder for combination and oily skin, I don’t find it as mattifying as raved. In fact my face oiled up pretty fast especially if I over-apply this powder. This is due to the moist texture. Personally I prefer my finishing powder to be more drier. I also read something about this covering pores. Well, my pores is still visible and not totally covered as raved.

What I do like about RMK Pressed Powder N is the fact that there is no wide variety of shade to choose and give headache to. Basically I just need to think what I need – glowy complexion or brighter complexion :D. Some liquid foundation do oxidize on me so I would choose brighter complexion anytime.

Another thing I don’t like about this powder is how the shimmers tend to clumped up and give me this whitish cast all over the face by noon time especially after my face oiled up. It is one ugly scene.

RMK Pressed Powder N9
In a nutshell, I am not crazy over this RMK Pressed Powder N but not hating it all the way either. With the hefty price tag I am sure I can find a cheaper substitute to this finishing powder. Although RMK do offer refill that are sold separately, I am not sure if I will repurchase it. For my skin type I would prefer something that offer better oil control. I suppose normal and dry skin will appreciate this product more than I do.

RMK Pressed Powder N is available at all RMK counter at Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Parkson Pavilion.
Price: RM160, Refill is priced at RM120
Visit RMK Malaysia Facebook page for future updates


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • i bought this recently but i love it!!!! it controls my oil production very well! i was surprised that it didnt work on u…
    only complain is that it’s glow is more subtle than guerlain meteorites. but again this has more superior oil control on me so it is difficult to choose.

    i only use that brush included to use this! appart from finding it a bit too small (i like big brush), it works very well without the problem of depositing too much or whatsoever.

    interesting how different things work on diff peopl!!!

    also, although being so tiny means every swip is $$$, i really like how compact it is.. meteorites is a pain to carry and i left it at home haha. i think i will stock this up if i have the extra money. it looks very small and is gonna finish soon at the rate i am using

    • That’s because my face is generally oilier than you. I would prefer Guerlain Meteorites glow, not this. This is just pure silverish shiny on me haha.

      Just buy the refill will do :). Save money that way 😉

      • now as u talk about meteorites… I MISS MY METEORITES!
        haha.. yupz. save money from every angle so i have extra to buy others =p

        • LOL. Actually the can is quite small. Not troublesome to lug around 🙂

  • I always don’t like product which have shimmer, even eyeshadow or blush. Haha

    • Oh? Whyyy? I love shimmers. Everything need to have shimmer haha 😛

  • hahaha… Cause sometimes it will be quite messy, need to be extra careful when apply then. It might appear oily on photos too. Then later removing it is another thing. haha… I prefer matte still. 🙂

    • True. The messy part I can relate. Sometimes for some weird reason all the shimmer just clump together and when oil secretion started, ewwww. It’s pretty ugly LOL. Removing is okay still 😉


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