Crystal Clear Skin With SK-II Festive Gift Guide

The one time of the year where almost every human being in every living corner will keep their eyes open for attractive gifting set is definitely the year end as that is the best time to shop for worthy gift set for Christmas…or for any occassion at all. I know I am one of them 😀

This year is not exceptional. Every year we drool over SK-II festive gift set. This year’s gift set is rather different from previous years. SK-II know it takes time, effort and thought to find a suitable essential gift which is why these festive gift guide is specially created to help consumer. The best gift of all? The gift of Crystal Clear Skin – epitomized in its iconic product, Facial Treatment Essence.


SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence (RM519/215ml)

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Festive Packaging
This year SK-II collaborated with Swarovski Elements, the leading brand in premium crystal elements for a limited edition Facial Treatment Essence packaging. This limited edition Facial Treatment Essence come dressed in a signature print featuring Swarovski Elements’ iconic Xilion cut. It is an innovative crystal cut that offers utmost brilliance, intense sparkle and fascinating light effects.


SK-II Pitera™ Essence Set Festive Edition (RM219)

SK-II Pitera Essence Set Festive Edition
SK-II Pitera™ Essence Set Festive edition is created for those that are always on the run and for someone that are into basic beauty. It features a well-loved innovations from the Facial Treatment range. If you are looking for a basic set to kick start your journey to crystal clear skin, Pitera™ Essence Set Festive edition is the set for you!

  • Facial Treatment Essence, 75 ml
  • Facial Treatment Mask, 1 piece
  • Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, 30 ml


SK-II Crystal Deluxe Set (RM519)

SK-II Crystal Deluxe Set
This set features the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence and a classy compact mirror featuring Swarovski Elements crystals. The Swarovski mirror combines elegance and style and will make an exquisite gift for beauty and fashion aficionados. What a perfect companion to the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence eh?


Festive Men’s Set (RM628)

SK-II Men Set
Your man should have crystal clear skin too! This year we have this exclusive Festive Men’s Set. This men set features the SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II MEN Moisturizing Cleanser and SK-II MEN Age Revitalizing Moisturizer. It is the ultimate set to kickstarts his journey to crystal clarity skin.

  • SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence, 150 ml
  • SK-II MEN Moisturizing Cleanser, 120 g
  • SK-II MEN Age Revitalizing Moisturizer,  50 g


SK-II Aura Set (RM1,228)

SK-II Aura Set
Recommended for your best friend. She’s always there for you when you need her, regardless a shoulder to cry on from heart break or lending you a pair of ears for all the complains from a hard day at work. Your besties totally worth it. This Aura Set captures its established favourites and best-sellers…all in one package. Embark on your journey to crystal clarity with the iconic Facial Treatment Essence, Cellumination Essence EX to refine the complexion, giving you highly defined aura skin that looks lit from within and Cellumination Deep Surge EX on top to enhance it all. Your besties will have a youthful, radiant skin just like you too.

  • Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml
  • Cellumination Essence EX, 50 ml
  • Cellumination Deep Surge EX, 50 g
  • Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask, 1 piece


SK-II Revival Set (RM1,443)

SK-II Revival Set
If you’re one of those constantly checking out the latest youth regenerating products or concerned about the signs of ageing, this Revival Set is definitely for you. It features SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence, STEMPOWER and Skin Signature Eye Cream. All these to target ageing issue. Each product in the set works together in order to restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

  • Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml
  • STEMPOWER, 80 g
  • Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask, 4 pieces
  • Skin Signature Eye Cream, 15 g


SK-II Inspiration Set (RM2,098)

SK-II Inspiration Set
At the heart of this prestige collection is SK-II’s trio of masterpieces – LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream, LXP Ultimate Perfecting Serum and LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence. One will know luxury when they see one. This is the perfect gift for discerning aficionados.

  • LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream, 50 g
  • LXP Ultimate Perfecting Serum, 50 ml
  • LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence, 150 ml
  • Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask, 2 pieces


The limited edition Facial Treatment Essence and festive coffret sets by SK-II will be available at SK-II counters in Malaysia from 1 October 2013.
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  • Wow! I like the design especially the snowflakes! Can consider the Pitara Essence set!

    • Oh the box? Too bad this year there’s no special box like last year and the year before. Usually Pitera Essence Set will also comes with a box but this year none 🙁


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