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Review: RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes #04 Iridescent Deep Purple, Liking The Color On The Palette But Not On My Eyelid

I am not someone that will chase for the latest launch but I am more of a someone that will let the hype subside first, wait for a few reviews to pop up in Google and then only I will get my hands on the product that I had my eyes on. So yeap. You will not see me running like a mad woman to the counter when new collection is launched.

Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of review or coverage on RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes despite being launched back in September 2012 for Autumn/Winter collection. I saw this popped out at a forum for a steal price so I grabbed 04 Iridescent Deep Purple.

RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes #04 Iridescent Deep Purple is a dual shaded eyeshadow palette that comes in a shiny silver casing that of course attract finger prints and dirt. The design is kept minimal with only the brand name printed in the middle on the front of the palette.

The back is also kept minimal with product description sticker that is in Japanese, which is not unusual for RMK.

The eyeshadow placement in the palette is quite unique. Instead of a block of color side by side, this one had the lightest shade in the middle while surrounded with a ring of darker shade. At first I thought it’s cute but as I started using it then only I know it is not practical at all since my Sigma brush is too huge for the darker shade especially.

As you can see the lighter purple on the palette is slightly discolored due to multiple usage. I think this is quite normal for eyeshadow palette. And the line on the darker purple is scratched accidentally by my finger nail.

RMK does pretty eyeshadow and some said it’s very shimmering. I love shimmers. I would be really happy if this is as shimmering as claimed or as on palette. On the palette no double it can look deceiving. Deep Iridescent Eyes is formulated with polarised Pearlescent Particles. It is said that the particles are to add mesmerising depth of spectrum and twist on the black hue as you’ve never seen before. Confuse? Yeah me too. I will show you what does RMK mean by “mesmerising depth of spectrum and twist on the black hue”.


On first swatch I can feel that the color is soft and glides on smoothly. The lighter purple is as light as on the palette, just the way I would want it to be as this color would be applied on the inner corner of my eyes.

The darker purple on the other hand is darker than I expected. It is almost impossible to say that this is a dark purple. It does appear more to darker grey.

This is how I would wear RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes #04 Iridescent Deep Purple on my eyes. RMK eyeshadow is known to be quite sheer although I don’t really have any issue with that. If you are not a fan of their sheer eyeshadow then you will be glad to know that this is more pigmented than expected.

Here you see the lighter purple shade that is swiped up till the crease from the inner corner of the eyes till the 3/4 of the lid. I also swipe on the teat duct and 1/4 of the lower lash line. For some reason the color turns darker after it sets. This is what I dislike about this palette. I didn’t expect this at all!

The darker purple shade is only applied on the balance 1/4 of the outer lid and on the balance 3/4 of the lower lash line up till the outer end. The shade is so dark that my overall eye-do looked smokey. This is what was meant by “mesmerising depth of spectrum and twist on the black hue”. It is a dark purple but appears black-ish.

To be frank I am really disappointed with how the color turnout to be. I bought this because I wanted to wear purple to work. Because it turns smokey, I won’t be able to wear this often. It is just not suitable for daily wear. Sorry!

As much as I wanted this RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes #04 Iridescent Deep Purple to be more shimmering, somehow it turns matte on me leaving all the shimmer behind. I wish the lighter shade remain as light as it is without turning dark on me while the darker shade is lesser black hue and more purple. With both shade on it is hard to tell if I had the lighter shade on because it seems that both shade had sort of blended together. I’ve tried reapplying after I’ve done with the overall do using the brush that was included but it’s still the same. Oh well, no luck for me.



RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes #04 Iridescent Deep Purple was bought from a forum at a steal.
Price: RM45. Retail Price: RM110


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Ooo I didnt know it turns smoky eyes!!!! Though not suitable for daily use, this could make a nice dinner look!!
    Now I am itching again.. I have weak defence against rmk!!!

    • Yes it could be a great dinner look but how often do we have dinner outing lol. I gave you the link before. It’s the same seller 😛

      • I know the link haha I am thinking maybe I should get one.. but again I scare I wont need to use it lol…

        • The green one would look nicer than the purple. I too was eyeing on that but I would still prefer purple over green as I have too many green with me now 🙂

          • Omg mh comment went missing agajn!!!!
            Well I was saying I might really get it! And green was on my mind! I cant wear purple I look as if I get a punch lol… but I am hesitating coz nowadays I dont do eye makeup most of the time… scare I will just lay it there and rot

          • Oppss! Glitch again. Sorry!
            My dear if you don’t use it, don’t buy. Waste money lor.

  • This colour is lovely! 🙂

    • It’s not bad. Just that I need it for work. I looked fierce with smokey look haha. Better not freak other people out 😛

      • you look pretty.. no worries ^_*

        • Thanks :). The eyeshadow is alright.

  • nice color! where did u buy it?

    • From a forum online. If you are interested to buy, email me 🙂

  • Actually I like this color on you, it really does stand out and you look good Fiona.

    • Thanks :). It’s not bad. I couldn’t use it too often for work though. That’s the whole purpose of getting this haha

  • I love the colors. Purple is probably my favorite shade when it comes to eye makeup, and this is a great palette. I love RMK’s packaging as well.

    • High 5! Purple is my favorite shade too! I’ve always like colors on my lid. Blue, green, purple, gold you name it. Maybe I’m not so into smokey. I do look fierce with smokey look hehe. No complain about RMK packaging. It’s quite good 🙂

  • this is not your first purple palette right~? :PP
    fiona dear can i have the link too please~~ ><

    • Nope. Not my first of course lol. Email me if you want the link ya.

  • Haha but u know how I LOVE rmk… if I buy d I dont use then I give my friend as birthday gift la hahahaha…

    • I do know :). Cause I have a soft spot for RMK too!

      • >.< hehehehe

        • 🙂

  • So pretty! 🙂 Hey Fiona, does this somehow satisfy your temptations for Lavish Lilac ? 😉

    • Unfortunately not Neesha :P. This makes me want Lavish Lilac more hehe


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