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Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up RMK

Review: I Can See Myself Using RMK Extra Deep W Mascara For Long

Those that know me personally would know I can never go out without mascara. I always said I can skip eyeliner but I cannot skip mascara. A lil odd from the rest but yeah I’m a mascara girl. If I have time I’d do both. If I need to choose…mascara would be it.

The quest to find a suitable mascara for ownself is never ending. If you could recall a few months back I was invited by the lovely Joy from RMK Malaysia for a full makeover with Adrian Sin. If not you might wanna check out my transformation here *wink*. That was my first encounter with the iconic mascara; Extra Deep W. I went back to RMK counter to buy a few product and I managed to grab the last tube from the counter.

After a few months of using and a few times of taking the product shots, I’m finally satisfied with the new batch of photos and I’m ready to tell you what I think.

RMK Extra Deep W Mascara comes in a silver, heavy, shiny double-ended tube. So shiny that I need to use two flowers to get rid of the reflection from my camera LOL. For the price that you pay for this mascara…I can assure you it is indeed a luxurious well-made tube.

So what’s up with the double-ended tube? Well, one end is the mascara while the other end is the fibrous base for volume and length. Something which I rarely see nowadays. I never fancy double-ended mascara previously mainly because the base is WHITE. This RMK one are not. I’m sold.

Gifts from Friends RMK

Love from Friends – RMK Liquid Foundation

2 weeks ago a friend of mine saw an online seller clearing 15ml RMK Liquid Foundation at 50% discount. Usual price is RM30 per bottle. So she got me 2 bottles of #102 🙂

And I only bought the lip brush for RM7.50 after 50% discount lol!

I have awesome friends too.


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What’s in My Makeup Pouch?

Just a random thought of posting on what’s in my makeup pouch when I took out a lipstick to reapply after breakfast. I realized the content in my pouch is getting more and more!

I picked this purple Estee Lauder pouch because I wanted to put just ten three items like a mirror, a lip balm and a lipstick. Without me realizing I’ve started to put more and more stuff in the pouch until it’s too full to be zipped! Okay. Gonna change to a bigger pouch next week :). Here’s a sneak peek at what I brought to work today.

Beauty Workshop RMK

RMK Hands-On Makeup Workshop by International Makeup Artist SHINJI KANEKO

Calling all RMK fans and soon-to-be fans!

RMK International Makeup Artist Shinji Kaneko will be in Malaysia from 5th to 7th October 2012 so there’d be a 2-hour hands-on makeup workshop for just RM100 at Groupon. Below is the link:



I’m not going to post the Highlights and Fine Print from Groupon. Please quick go click on the link above to read 🙂


Reader's Engagement RMK

Reader Engagement #1 – RMK Makeover for Gin

On my 1st purchase from RMK I was given a makeover pass. As I just had a full makeover with Adrian 1 week before that I decided to give out the makeover pass to my reader. The intention was to give other people a chance to try on RMK products on the face instead of testing out on the back of the hand. I wanted my reader to have the same experience that I had with RMK. One thing different about me is that I like to get upclose and personal with my readers. This would be the first one and not going to be the last.

Initially I’ve selected Sheryn for the makeover but she can’t make it so Gin is the lucky one! The makeover was fixed yesterday 11am at Isetan KLCC.

Let’s say hi to Gin BEFORE the makeover.

During the makeover I stayed by Gin’s side explaining the step by step and products that was used on her. That morning I thought I’m working for RMK! lol!

Make Up - Face Review: Make Up RMK

Review: RMK Base Make Up Duo – Make Up Base & Liquid Foundation #103

A week after my full makeover with Adrian Sin from RMK, I headed to Isetan KLCC to make my purchase of their best seller; Make Up Base and Liquid Foundation. I thought of separating the review of both item but after using the Make Up Base for the first time 2 weeks ago I think it’s best if I combine the review of both product. It does make more sense isn’t it 🙂

First up. Make Up Base. This highly rave RMK Make Up Base is retailing for RM135 for a 30ml bottle. The bottle is heavy as it’s made from thick frosted glass.