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What’s in My Makeup Pouch?

Just a random thought of posting on what’s in my makeup pouch when I took out a lipstick to reapply after breakfast. I realized the content in my pouch is getting more and more!

I picked this purple Estee Lauder pouch because I wanted to put just ten three items like a mirror, a lip balm and a lipstick. Without me realizing I’ve started to put more and more stuff in the pouch until it’s too full to be zipped! Okay. Gonna change to a bigger pouch next week :). Here’s a sneak peek at what I brought to work today.

1) Estee Lauder Double Wear Moisture Powder Stay-in-Place Makeup #04 Warm Vanilla – I swear I didn’t made up the long name. It’s really stated at the back of the case. I use this to touch up the corner of my lips after meal cause I tend to wipe off my powder when I wipe my mouth after meal. This is also useful to touch up under eye just in case some eyeliner or mascara smudges.

2) Olive & Tebe Hand Moisturising Cream – Got this mini hand cream from Fabulous Finds August 2012 box. Absolutely handy for the handbag.

3) RMK Lip Gloss #H-03 Holographic Strawberry Pink – As pink as it may be…this lip gloss appears just like my lip color, only better. I don’t use this quite often. Sometimes when I feel my lipstick is a bit dry on me I’ll top it up with this lip gloss.

4) Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick #Tiger Eye – This is a part from Michael Kors Gold set that I purchase back in March 2012. Lovely copper color with lots of shimmer. Hard to be removed with tissue. You’d need lip makeup remover for this. I use this on the days where I don’t feel like using a pink.

5) Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick #536 Lucky – My current “red” lipstick. This is a miniature version so it’s small and handy to be in my pouch 🙂

6) Powdered Blotting Paper from Sasa – Finally found a blotting paper with powder at Sasa. This is only RM5.90. Great for nose and inner cheek touch up.

7) Clarins Vanity Mirror – Much more better than normal foldable mirror as the mirror is on both flap. Could also fold it to stand. I have three of these from various purchases GWP thank goodness.

8) Maybelline Baby Lips Limited NY Fashion Edition – So far this is the best lip balm (on a stick) that I’ve used. I’d use this before lipstick.

9) BVLGARI Omnia Coral vial – Absolutely love this perfume! It last whole day on me. Not sweet smelling that can make me dizzy. A bit tempted to get this. I’m calling this my 2nd favorite perfume.

10) Jimmy Choo EDP vial – By far this is my favorite perfume. I couldn’t tell you how much I like the scent. Also tempted to get a bottle when I’m done with the balance 4 miniatures.

11) Kanebo Coffret D’or Liquid Eyeliner # BK-28 – Used to wear this everyday cause it doesn’t smudge except for the wing part as I have happiness tear problem. Now I’m carrying this to touch up if my MAC Fluidline decide to smudge one day LOL.

12) RMK Lip Gloss (shade unknown) – A friend gave me this one day. The color is more milky pink. Another lip gloss that is good to be applied on top of a lipstick or on it’s own.

13) Este Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick #303 Crystal Pink – I call this MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick. I usually wore this in the morning from home to office. When I reached office I’d remove it before breakfast. After breakfast I don’t reapply this again. Which is why I carry a few lipstick with me hehe.

14) Clarins Joli Rouge #724 Simply Nude – If I want to have nude lippie…this is my go-to lipstick. It’s creamy, moisturizing, long lasting and pigmented too.


There you go. That’s the 14 items that I carry around with me every day. Besides that I have another lipstick pouch which I carry another Dior Addict Extreme lipstick lol!!

So girls…what’s in your makeup bag?


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  • Have you tried mylipstuff lip balms before?

    • Not yet Jojo. Currently also using Eve Lom Kiss Mix. I love that.

  • Lipice lipbalm, a packet of tissue and powder.

    • I can’t go out from the house with 3 item nowadays. The sense of needing something but I don’t have it makes me nervous 🙂

  • Hmm, is it normal for a woman NOT to have a makeup pouch/bag in her handbag? Lip balm, and lipstick (I still prefer lip gloss but couldn’t find the color that I actually like, so lipstick will do for the time being). Somewhat low maintenance (lol) but when you look at my skincare products and haircare products, it is really omg.

    • It’s perfectly normal NOT to have a makeup pouch in the bag. I used to be that until I discovered that all my friends have a pouch in the bag and they said it’s weird that I don’t have since I had makeup to work. So here I am 🙂

      Show me your skin care products!

  • Fiona,
    its normal since most friends who makeup do that too. i am somehow slow in makeup so therefore only do the really basic makeup.i have more skincare products than makeup since my skin is not really in good condition.

    • Yes you’re right :). I too started makeup with simple makeup then only proceed from there as years went by.

  • So it is normal. I thought I was the odd one, hahaha. It is always fun to see what’s in a makeup pouch though. When I buy skincare products, I am not keen on pouch/bag as gwp. Prefer travel size items so that I don’t have to lug a bag full of skincare products (clothes not included yet! Oh horror!) when I travel.

    I’ll show it to you later tonight. Hehehe.

    • I’m not keen with makeup pouch ad GWP too but I soon learn every brand gave that out so I gotta make te best of it since I spend a lot on each purchase. Sometimes BA gave me extra pouch :). They have too much in the storage haha!

      Weird enough. I like to travel with full size.

      Email me hehe. I like to see other people’s haul and stocks at home 🙂

      • I don’t know what to do with those travel bag/handbag/clutch/purse/pouch. Besides, I have too many bags at home already. I am a light traveler, and not fond of lugging full size items. My skincare products are in a bag of its own. After packing clothes and everything, it’s as though I’m moving my whole room to the destination. LOL.

        • Skin care needs to be in a separate bag just in case something spills :). My hair care, skin care, makeup is in another bag too.

          • It happened once, i.e. the spilling. I bought a new bottle of cleanser. Usually, it will not spill. But one fine day, it spilled. Whole bottle of cleanser, and it was new (I used it once only). OMG. Talk about wastage. I still put everything in the same bag but I tape it, HAHAHA. Sometimes, I bring those zip lock bags with me, just in case.

          • That is why you must tape the cap before travel. I normally rubber band the cap with paper towel, put in zip lock bag before putting in a makeup bag 🙂

          • Wa, new tip. Next time I’ll rubber band the cap with paper towel then put it in zip lock bag.

          • The paper towel is for just in case it spill :). Taping with plastic also works the same.

  • Angeline,probably you can give away the extra bags or sell it online?i usually put the skincare in the plastic zip bags when i travel. you will be wondering what to bring for travel since you need like almost everything in your skincare right?i have that kind of problems too since its like i need to put tons of skincare on my skin even during travel or my skin will turn really horrible.

    but i am not a haircare person, only use shampoo for my hair. T_T

    • I start off with basic skincare. Then when I go through it for the 2nd time, I’ll start to add more items. In the end, I bring everything with me. I have so many products because I don’t have great skin to begin with. So the only thing I can do is to be hardworking, i.e. bring all the products along and apply it without skipping a step. Re hair care. I am very particular about it. Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair serum is a must on a daily basis. I have different shampoo and conditioner for daily use. I use it based on my hair condition on that day itself. It’s actually the same as my skincare products. Back to hair, I have a bad habit though – I like to blow dry my hair before I go out and see the world. I find wet hair somewhat untidy and not professional. Unless you are at the beach or at home. On the other hand, I think it is normal for people with curly hair to sport a wet look. Otherwise, you won’t be able to notice the curls.

      Don’t show your stash to your bf. You don’t want to scare the living daylight out of him. HAHAHA.

      • You do hair mask everyday? I thought one or twice a week is recommended dear?

        Bf lol. He’s used to it. I showed my haul to everyone each time I came home with something. I have an excuse to go with the haul. It’s “hey I’m a blogger, I need to try for review”. Haha!

        • Yes, I do hair mask daily. I can’t stand bad hair day. Recommended usage is once or twice a week, but you can do it everyday if you have the time. I am used to it because it is part of my routine.

          A valid excuse indeed. Hehehe.

          • Wow. Your hair routine is like my skincare routine 🙂

    • I agree! Give away or sell online haha :). I put skincare in zip lock bag too! Just bring everything when travel. Not that a lot and heavy 🙂

  • Any good skincare products to recommend for dehydrated skin? I have normal to combination skin but my skin gets dehydrated easily. Tried so many products, can’t seem to find one that actually delivers result 🙁

    • Yes I do! Try Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase! I used to have peeling skin although I’m combination. This product saved my peeling problem.

      • Oh I have a sample of it. Will try it tonight. Hopefully, my skin won’t breakout.

        • Shake well before use as it’s bi-phase. Don’t think so this will give you breakout. So far I haven’t heard anyone having breakout from using Clarins 🙂

          • Their new double serum is ok. At the moment no breakout yet. I hope NO breakout. Now I have to look for products to clear my breakout.

          • Clear breakout? Must try Clarins Lotus Oil!

  • Yes, clear breakout. I’ve read your review about the Clarins Lotus Oil but somewhat still unclear on how to use it.

    • There’s a few way to use the face treatment oil. The one I posted and review method is the simplest, easiest and non-oily way. There’s so many step by step picture that I posted dear 🙂


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