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Review: Oil Off Paper – Sweet Fragrance of Mixed Berry & Cherry

I haven’t been using or buying any oil blotting paper since I was 20? RM14 for 2 packs is not too bad though but I was tempted by the fragrance and design of it. To be frank I wasn’t sure the brand name as well but what the heck.

I picked up these facial oil blotting paper from GC Clearance Sales quite some time ago for a special clearance price.

GC aka Golden Channel is a company that brings in Japan products to Malaysia. So there’s no surprise that these oil blotting papers is Made In Japan.

There’s a marker on the other side that says very much about the scent of the blotting paper. Love love loveee the scent.

The paper holding case is made from hard transparent material. I like the way it is that it look clean, neat and simple.

The paper is very thin but don’t judge it’s look as it deliver what it said.

My personal experience?
The paper is very very thin. I still prefer powdered paper over plain paper. However the absorbent power is surprisingly good. I used a piece for my nose and immediately my nose became soft and matte. I was a bit worried that my finger will became oily from blotting as the paper is so thin and smooth shinny type of material. The weird thing is it’s not which is good. But using a few pieces of these for whole face is a must.

Conclusion. Not sure if I would re-purchase this. I’m not crazy over oil blotting paper. I can live without it. I would definitely be buying other brand after this though. I’m still searching for powdered type. Not sure if The Bodyshop still carry those.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Oh the fragranced oil blotting paper sounds interesting 🙂 I’ve stopped using oil blotting paper ever since I use Biore sunblock – because it contains alcohol my face is never a shiny pan these days. I have my Clean & Clear oil blotting film stash and a particular one that I haven’t tried is the Grapefruit one which I bought from Singapore. Hmm, one of these days I have to try it out. Wanted to give my stash to my sister but she was worried that once the oil from her face is absorbed, it will cause more oil secretion. Strange thing is, long time ago, my uni mate told me the same after I recommended to her.

    • Don’t blot too often then it should be fine. Normally I only blot before meeting client. Wouldn’t want the people I’m meeting looking at an oily pan haha. I used to like using tissue to blot hehe but that’s so wrong.

  • Why is it wrong to use a tissue to blot? I don’t understand..

    • Cause you’d lift more oil from your face so your face will produce more oil to keep it moisturize.

  • I have no idea. I do that every now and then. Bad habit. Must change!

    • Doing it is okay once in a while. Not too frequent will do 🙂


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