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ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 X Travel Brush Set

I haven’t been spotting any interesting magazine recently. All the Japanese magazine and MOOK has been rather boring with the same ol’ freebies. Nothing to shout about with local magazine and seeing imported Chinese magazine is the same as well makes me even more sad. BUT. All that changed when I make a trip to KLCC last Sunday. My first stop was Kinokuniya. I managed to score a copy of ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 that comes with their travel brush set 🙂

ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 X Travel Brush Set
Initially I wasn’t sure if I want to get it. I would prefer a normal brush size than travel size to be honest. I have yet to use my Shiseido travel brush set and I just broke into my MAC travel set. It was the last copy on shelf. For a RM28.90 price tag, I knew I’d regret if I don’t get it. Because I couldn’t read Chinese and the brushes was inside the closed pouch, I have to make sure I wasn’t just paying for the brush pouch. So I squeeze the packaging and confirmed that there was indeed three brushes inside the pouch.

The outer part of the pouch is made of satin while the inside is just the regular cotton material. Inside, there was an ELLE magazine logo stamped on the bottom left corner of the pouch. I don’t quite fancy the purple pouch. Based on the cardboard which the pouch was glued on, there was a selection of two different colors to choose from. Not that I can choose the color anyway since it’s the last copy 😀

ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 X Travel Brush Set Pouch
To be fair, the pouch is quite well-made. The travel brush set comes with three brushes – liner brush (left), eye shadow brush (middle) and powder brush (right).

ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 X Travel Brush Set Overall Look
I like that the brushes came in black. The metal ferrule is in shinny black while the holder is in matte black. Each of the brushes are stamped with the the name of the brush i.e. liner, eye shadow and powder. In terms of the size, I think it’s best for me to compare with Coach brushes that I bought not long ago as I understand that some of you managed to reorder the magazine. The powder brush is larger than Coach brushes and taller by near a cm. The bristles for all three brushes are also softer comparing to Coach. But of course the eye shadow brush is larger than Coach’s eye shader brush 🙂 . Overall I’m quite happy with them!

ELLE Hong Kong July 2014 X Travel Brush Set Closeup
I have no idea why I stumbled upon a July issue on the month of August and sadly it was the last copy on shelf. I never reorder Chinese magazine before so I’m not sure if it’s the same with reordering Japanese magazine. If you’re interested, you can try to ask the Chinese magazine counter if they have any extra or if they can reorder for you 😀

Did you spot any interesting magazine lately? Usually what sort of gift inside the magazine that will make you purchase the magazine?


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  • I’ve been prowling Kino every chance I get and never saw this! I think maybe it was a copy that somebody ordered but didn’t pick up, hence why a July issue is still around in August, lol. I say the purple pouch is quite pretty, unless you’re not a fan of purple. XD

    • Maybe not because usually these Chinese magazine are not as high demand as the Japanese magazine. For some reason Chinese magazine arrived slower than before. I like purple. Its one of my fav shade but this one is too scary for me lol


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